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Irene's summer dream...

Published in: Travel
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  1. 1. Founded in 1729, Baltimoreis the largest city of US stateof Maryland BALTIMORAIt’s an indipendent cityIt’s the mostimportant seaport inthe Mid-AtlanticUnited State.… Baltimora was once the second leading part of entry for immigrants to the USA and a major manufacturing center …
  2. 2. … On February 7 1904, the Great Baltimore Firedesroyed over 1500 buildingsin 30 hours … Damages were estimated at $ 150 million!!!
  3. 3. … Today it’s a city well developed with many monuments and sites to visit … The Washington Monument National AquariumEmersonBromo-Seltzer
  4. 4. John Hopkins Universityone of the most prestigious in the United State of America The institute offers several courses in undergraduate and postgraduate university and includes the headquarter of Baltimora and other university in Washington DC, China and … Bologna
  5. 5.  INNER HARBOR Hotels, Shops , Museums FELLS POINTRefurbished and Gentrified LITTLE ITALY Italian Restaurants
  6. 6.  MONT VERNONCenter of Cultural and Artistic LifeWashington Monument BOLTON HILL Artscape Festival
  7. 7.  The BALTIMORE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA is an Internationally Renowned orchestra founded in 1916 The BALTIMORE OPERA is an important Regional Opera Company The BALTIMORE CONSORThas been a leading early music ensemblefor over 25 years
  8. 8. In Baltimore we can find many theaters- Hippodrome Theatre- Everyman Theatre- Single Carrot Theatre- Baltimore Theatre Festival ecc…Baltimore also boasts a wide array of professional and community theatre groups that are famous all around the Country!
  9. 9. Baltimore BasilicaPhoenix Shot Tower
  10. 10. More than 70 percent of the nations Principal common factors:population is located in 11 - Infrastructure systemmegaregions. - Economic linkages - Culture and history
  11. 11. 50 Million peopleAbout 17% of U.S.Population on less than 2%of the nation’s land area20% of the U.S. Gdp.The region is 600 Km inlenght54 of the Fortune Global500 are located in the region
  12. 12. All I knew yesterday about Baltimore was just this picture.