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Template Search Solutions 03 19 09

  1. 1. SEARCH SOLUTIONS David Gomez & Associates Inc.
  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW Executive Summary David Gomez & Associates, Inc. (DG&A) is a boutique retained search firm headquartered in Chicago, with clients spanning multiple industries—Consumer, Life Sciences, Specialty—from the Fortune 500, to government agencies and non-profit organizations. Through our unique, proprietary search process, we deliver only the most exceptional executive and managerial candidates— business leaders adept at navigating the complexities inherent to the global economy. We retain our edge by consistently uncovering high-performance professionals to meet your demands. Our proprietary search process was developed over thirty years ago and has been continuously refined to ensure we meet the latest challenges. We do business with integrity, building lasting partnerships that benefit the companies, communities and individuals we serve. Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide unparalleled services that are enhanced by the value we place on diversity and inclusion. Difference We differentiate our organization through our expertise in workforce diversity as well as our results-oriented process. 2007 2008 In particular, we have spent the last ten years tracking the 95% 90% top diversity candidates from major Conferences, MBA Placement Placement Programs and Associations. This has provided us the Rate Rate opportunity to build a truly inclusive database of top talent. Our balanced scorecard has achieved unmatched results for 50% 40% our clients. Minority Minority Finally, our consultants are bi/trilingual and possess the Candidates Candidates background, experience and outlook to engage diverse candidates at all levels. This capability adds to the distinction we make from any competitor.
  3. 3. BUSINESS SUMMARY Organization Structure Process Model Since its inception DG&A has built and maintained a network Phase I of nationally connected practice groups. These integrated Planning teams are made up of search professionals who have established highly successful personal practices based on experience within specific business sectors. Phase IV Phase II Our recruitment of top leaders in these industries include positions within the functional areas of Sales and Marketing, Retention Execution Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Logistics, Supply Chain and Distribution. Phase III Closing Practice Areas We utilize a highly systematic approach that is inclusive, time-sensitive, and successful. Consumer Life Sciences Specialty Each consultation is a continual commitment to understand our client’s culture and vital business issues. Beyond the commitment and a proven methodology, our consultants themselves make a critical difference, bringing genuine Hospitals, Systems Food & Beverage insight to deliver on our clients' needs. Importantly, the Pharmaceuticals Medical Devices Durable Goods & Diagnostics Government & Services Education Nonprofit same consultants that conduct on-site discussions are Federal/ Retail involved in every aspect of the search through completion. This approach enables us to manage expectations from start to finish.
  4. 4. DIVERSITY/INCLUSION Workplace Diversity In today’s economy, workplace diversity is quickly becoming an organizational strategy for competitive advantage. Companies focused on bringing a broad diversity of thought, input and ideas to the increasingly multi-cultural global marketplace are best positioned to address the wants and needs of their customers. Leading organizations now integrate diversity initiatives into their overall human capital strategies and view diversity as a key component to attracting and retaining top talent. As a minority-owned firm, we are especially mindful of the value of diversity for an organization’s vitality, creativity and success. DG&A is committed to helping our clients reach their diversity targets at both the managerial and executive band widths. 2007 Results 2008 Results MINORITY* FEMALE FEMALE MAINSTREAM MINORITY* 40% MALE MALE 45% 45% 50% 50% 55% 55% MAINSTREAM 60% *Definition for minority varies from client-to-client. Percentages above do not count Anglo Female as a minority.
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