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David presentación music


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My favorite music

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David presentación music

  1. 1.  The music to me is a way to express emotions and to be fun in this life jajaja. The music also is some beautiful because it has a lot of meanings like the love, hate, and other feelings.
  2. 2. Well today´s music is very good, it has a lot of rhythm and some of it has a very strong meaning, but some of it has no meaning, are make only to entertain the public.Well they are a lot of very famous singers and songs too.My favorite singers and songs are:
  3. 3.  Katy Perry The one tah got away Nicki Minaj Starships David Guetta Getting over you Maroon 5 Payohone Eminem Don´t be afraid DaddyYankee Llamada de emergencia Black eyed peace Pomp it Jess y Joy La de la mala suerte Etc… Etc…
  4. 4.  Well other type of music that likes me is the 80´s music because this type of music has a lot of meanings, the meanings were love, disappointed, etc.
  5. 5.  Guns and Roses Sweet child o´ mine Al Corley Squarerooms Madonna Material girl Michael Jackson Heal the world The outfield All the love in the world The police Every breath you take Cindy Lauper Girls just wanna have fun Lionel Richie Stuck on you Etc. Etc.