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Your extra eyes for security


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Looking for the improve your business safety. This project controls the room light using microcontroller based Bidireectional visitor counter. Log on to more details

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Your extra eyes for security

  1. 1. YOUR EXTRA EYES FOR SECURITY Like the two sides of a coin the capabilities that we explore with the advancement in the technology has both positive and negative impacts. Sometimes one able mind works for the betterment of the society whereas the other may use the technology for a different purpose. One such example of beneficial application of a concept would be the People counting system that has the ability to count and decide the direction of the traverse. Continue Reading
  2. 2. The system is deployed over the areas where there is a need to check the number of people and also the direction of their traverse. We have seen these systems working on the public transit areas such as the airports, bus stands and railway stations. They lend a hand to the local authorities to maintain peace in the area. CONTINUE READING
  3. 3. The count is important in many businesses such as the stores where they decide their strategies over the number of buyers or the counting system can be applied over the organizations where it is required to maintain a data for either safety purpose or financial reasons. The trick behind the count system is simple. An infrared beam is used across the entrance which counts every time it breaks and it can be linked to a monitor with wire or wirelessly. The trick being simple provides the advantage that it is inexpensive and fitting is simple Continue Reading
  4. 4. There are few disadvantages for the simple counting systems as it is difficult to deal with high density traffic, it cannot differentiate between the people walking side by side, the sunlight negatively effects the infra-red. One of the most crucial ways to maintain security these days is to use video security surveillance that is to use the video cameras.  Other than preventing crime these services are used to maintain a check on the different parts of a factory floor or some organization where coordination is must. Continue Reading
  5. 5.  The video cameras are fitted wherever necessary and then they transmit the signal to a particular place where it is viewed on monitors. Once employed the technology is simple to use and cost effective.  The surveillance cameras have made a large impact over some high crime rate areas. The parking lots have witnessed a loss of more than 50% in the crime whereas the public transportation areas saw a decrease of more than 20% in many countries since the use of surveillance cameras.  The technology has opened many options still there were incidents of crossed feeds by the hackers. Continue Reading
  6. 6.  The video surveillance software gives us the option of recording the feed even when you are away and therefore, makes your home or work place safer. The ability of the software nowadays is that it can handle hundreds of the cameras and also provides us with the option of recording our feeds over different rates.  There are a number of software's available and hence, it is wise to choose one according to your needs. It is always wise to guard what you hold most dear with as much security as you can.  For more details on people counting & surveillance products visit