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Video tracking an object with advanced technology


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Video tracking an object with advanced technology

Published in: Technology, Business
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Video tracking an object with advanced technology

  1. 1.  The process of dotting on an object which is in motion or capturing multiple objects in motion using camera is called video tracking. This process involves a certain time period. Nowadays in the technological era it is almost a necessity to maintain security at every levels of society. Various methods have been invented which is slowly replacing the traditional human effort in this department. People are using cameras and recording in order to keep up with the security services.
  2. 2.  Generally these recordings are used as references for a number of purposes. Generally various organizations as well as corporate sectors have already adapted themselves very quickly with this new video tracking system and surveillance procedure.  The process of video recording is time consuming as well as involves a lot of data within it. In a number of purposes this process can be used like video communication, video compression, human- computer interaction, surveillance and security, augmented reality, medical imaging, traffic control, video editing etc.
  3. 3. The objectives  The main objective of video tracking is to capture the target object in various consecutive frames. The complexity arises when various object recognition techniques are involved in the process of video tracking. Video security surveillance uses the process of video tracking extensively. When the motion of the objects is very fast then tracking them becomes very difficult. The frame rate is also an important factor in case of tracking the object. The orientation of the object is another important factor while tracking the motion of the object. This also increases complexity. In general cases or in most of the cases the video tracking system utilizes a motion model which is considered as a standard for the estimated path traversed by the object.
  4. 4. Algorithm in video tracking  Algorithm is absolutely necessary while performing video tracking. There are many types of algorithms used in this process like visual feature matching registration, blob tracking, contour tracking, Kernelbased tracking, particle filter and kalman filter.  Thus, if you are looking out for a whole new dimension for your security system and want to enhance the condition of your work place. You can look up over the internet regarding this matter and you will get all the information you are looking out for.
  5. 5.  You can even get the technical details of this process and the various services who have committed themselves in this dimension. You can sort out some of the top listed companies and then opt for the one that suits you the most and reaches your expectations.  Moreover, it is important to make people aware of this process so that they stay more alert and the chances of flaw are less.
  6. 6. It is also important to incorporate video analytics which will actually help to form the entire security and surveillance department without any sort of human effort.  The various videos stored in the server should be locked and kept safely for any further reference. Your security is the most important agenda of life thus get information about video tracking system and get yourself the best in this market.