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Cloud computing is an approach to computing that leverages the efficient pooling of an on-demand,self-managed, virtual infrastructure.

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Cloudcomputing onlinetraining

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Online Training POWERED BY: +1-508-841-6144
  2. 2. +1-508-841-6144 CLOUD COMPUTING TRAINING  Cloud Computing Training, has vast experience and rich back ground in the domain of professional online training services.  We have successfully conducted online classes on various Software Technologies that are currently in Demand. TAKE A FREE DEMO
  3. 3. +1-508-841-6144 Why To Choose?  Cloud Computing Course Trainers are Real Time Professionals.  100% Job Oriented Online Training Course.  Cloud Computing Training Course includes latest updates to improve skills.  Instructor Live LED Face to Face True Live Online Training – Student Interaction.  Special Mock Interview Sessions.
  4. 4. +1-508-841-6144 CLOUD COMPUTING  Cloud computing is a general term used, to describe a variety of computing concepts that involves a large number of computers in a network with an application running on the connected systems at the same time.  In simple terms, it refers a network based service. The server for cloud computing appears to be real but in reality it is virtually set up.  The virtual server can be customized in different ways without disturbing the end user on the fly.
  5. 5. +1-508-841-6144 COURSE SYLLABUS  Introduction to Cloud Computing & Software as a Service (SaaS)  Windows Azure Features  Scalability & Elasticity  Fault Tolerance  Security  Affordability  Windows Azure Platform Architecture  Fabric Controllers  Data Centers & Labs  Windows Azure SDK 1.4 for Development of Azure Programs  Creating Windows Azure Program using Visual Studio 2010  Creating Web Role in VS 2010  Creating Worker Role in VS 2010
  6. 6. +1-508-841-6144 COURSE SYLLABUS  Packaging Azure Project in Visual Studio  Testing & Debugging Windows Azure Project  Using Development Fabric for debugging Azure projects  Publishing Azure Project to the Azure Portal  Configuring Windows Azure Project  Storage in Windows Azure – Blob Storage  Configuring blob storage locally and for the cloud  Adding blob containers  Saving, listing, accessing and deleting blobs  Working with Tables in Windows Azure Platform  Configuring table storage  Creating entities  Controlling concurrency and transactions  Working with Queues Storage
  7. 7. +1-508-841-6144                 COURSE SYLLABUS Configuring Queue Storage Reading and writing to Queue Worker Roles with Queue Storage SQL Azure – SQL Server using Cloud Creating SQL Azure account SQL Azure Vs SQL Server on-premise SQL Azure Tool – Use Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) SQL Azure – Working with SQL Migration Uploading on-premise database to Cloud Creating tables and other objects Connecting to SQL Azure from Web Role Microsoft Sync Framework App Fabric Creating Service Bus on Azure Portal Registering on-premise Services with Service Bus Connecting Cloud App to on-premise Service using Service Bus App Fabric – Access Control Service (ACS)
  8. 8. +1-508-841-6144 COURSE SYLLABUS  Creating Access Control Service using Azure Portal  Using ACS in Cloud Web Role with Shared Key  Introduction Federated Identity and STS  Designing Web Application for Cloud (Windows Azure)  Monitoring and debugging cloud-based applications (Diagnostic Monitor)  Scaling Azure applications  Reconfiguring Azure applications  Hosting WCF services with Azure  Adding WCF services to an ASP.NET application  Creating a WCF Service Web Role Programming WCF interfaces, attributes     and configuration Implementing a WCF service Windows Azure New features Windows Azure Connect Windows Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Role
  9. 9. Register For A Free Demo +1-508-841-6144