Upt Publishing And Direct Marketing Serv. English Version, 10 20 11


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Upt Publishing And Direct Marketing Serv. English Version, 10 20 11

  1. 1. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTSPUBLISHING AND DIRECT MARKETING DIVISION 641 W Heber Street, Glendora, CA. 91741, (626) 914‐6002, david.estrello@gmail.com
  3. 3. ABOUT US Uptrend International Publishing and Direct Marketing Division Management Consultants We are an international management consulting firm of associated professionals offering services to top management in Publishing, Direct Marketing and General Management: Advertising Direct marketing Circulation Editorial content Operating systems Crisis and business development management Mergers, acquisitions, and sale of companies Corporate, labor, and social security legal advice and tax planning and litigation in Mexico “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  4. 4. ABOUT US Uptrend International Publishing and Direct Marketing Division Management Consultants We are an international management consulting firm of associated professionals offering services to top management in Publishing, Direct Marketing and General Management: Advertising Direct marketing Circulation Editorial content Operating systems Crisis and business development management Mergers, acquisitions, and sale of companies Corporate, labor, and social security legal advice and tax planning and litigation in Mexico “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  5. 5. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Advertisement Market research (size, competition, participation, etc.). Penetration or repositioning strategies Reader profile Purchasing influence Rates Sales administration “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  6. 6. OUR SERVICES Direct Marketing Direct Mail: Data bases: supply, analyses, cleaning. Promotion: copy, design, printing. Fulfillment: personalization, processing, mailing. Internet Promotion: Web page and campaign design. Tele-marketing Outgoing campaigns: data bases, design, operation. Incoming campaigns: design, operation, media contracting. “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  7. 7. OUR SERVICES Direct Marketing Printed media: Newspapers Magazines Design, publishing, media planning & contracting. Books Inserts T.V. - Public, cable, media planning, channel selection, scheduling, etc. Radio: Programming, scheduling, interviews “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  8. 8. OUR SERVICES Direct Marketing ANALYSES: Promotional channels Data bases Financial feasibility Production feasibility PROCESS: Tests Performance Evaluation Strategic decisions MEDIA USE: Direct mail Internet Tele-marketing Printed media Television Radio Reps “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  9. 9. OUR SERVICES Direct MarketingBASES DE DATOS: Useful and reliable, guaranteeing the success of promotional campaigns through the use of proven formulas and other tools. Standardized, cleaned, and updated data through the use of variance catalogues. “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  10. 10. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Circulation Suscriptions: paid and/or controlled Newsstand Market research Circulation: audited and/or unaudited Distribution channels “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  11. 11. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Operational systems File updating and control (orders, payments, etc.). Billing (Credit policies, cycles, series, etc.). Controls: statistical and accounting. Processes: input, process, output. Selection and implementation of software packages. “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  12. 12. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Editorial Content Editorial content vs. reader profile Surveys and focus groups Content realignment Sources and collaborators Editorial board “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  13. 13. OUR SERVICES Art and Production Management Consultants Pre-press and production program development Integration of budgets and proposals for customers Production of promotional brochures Search for suppliers and contract negotiations Cost reduction programs Graphic design Press production oversight and supervision “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  14. 14. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Financial Planning Analysis, development and implementation of budgets, financial controls and financial projections Strategic planning Development of business plans Cash flow management and financial packaging Short and long-term investments and risk management Complete panning and implementation of business start-ups in Mexico “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  15. 15. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Mergers, acquisitions and sale of companies Due diligence consulting and execution Findings, recommendations, and negotiations Advice on corporate matters dealing with, labor, finance, logistics, legal, and tax matters Coaching through the transition process Complete management of operations in Mexico “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  16. 16. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Human Resources Executive search Organizational structure development Development and implementation of salary administration, merit evaluation and fringe benefit plans Compliance audits with labor and social benefit laws, assessment and recommendations. Development and implementation of preventive measures and procedures to avoid future legal entanglements with authorities “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  17. 17. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Productivity Improvement Operational analyses and redesign for optimal data flow Selection and carrying out of inventory control systems Design and implementation of production control systems Development and execution of quality control systems Selection and placement of project control tools Development and execution of recommendations for profit improvement “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  18. 18. OUR SERVICES Management Consultants Legal and Tax Issues Design and implementation of complete legal and tax programs to launch a new company in the Mexican Republic Initial assessment, recommendations, and implementation of legal preventive measures in corporate, labor, and social security laws (IMSS, INFONAVIT). Selection of defense mechanisms and case litigation Assessment of status and resolution of corporate and individual’s tax issues (ISR, IVA, IETU). Tax planning, tax return preparation and review, and tax litigation “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  19. 19. "MAXIMIZING YOUR POTENTIAL" The above is not an empty promise Management Consultants We are aware that the effectiveness of OUR SERVICES is only as good as the knowledge and expertise of our experienced consultants. For this reason, UPTREND International, has assembled a groupof expert consultants in all possible areas dealing with yourcompany. Their professional profiles includes an averageof over twenty years in consulting and corporate training. Academically, they have obtained graduate degrees.Most have vast experience as CEOs. Individual résumés are available upon request. To be brief, a few are included in this presentation. “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  20. 20. OUR EXPERT CONSULTANTS DAVID E. ESTRELLO Management Consultants David E. Estrello’s professional experience covers over 45 years in public accounting,management consulting, and general management including managing several companies inthe editorial and publishing business. From 1986 to date, he manages and operates Uptrend International, a managementconsulting firm domiciled in California. Through expert associated consultants, the Firmprovides integral top management professional services in Mexico to both Mexican and UnitedStates companies. The Firm’s newest Publishing & Direct Marketing Division provides skilledservices in: Direct mail, telemarketing, electronic media, and data base management; as wellas in advertising, circulation, editorial, and production activities. Complementing theseservices Uptrend International also provides among other activities: Due diligence evaluationsfor mergers and acquisitions; strategic planning and business plan development; crisismanagement; cash flow planning and financial packaging; legal advice in corporate, labor, andsocial security issues; tax planning; and litigation in both legal and tax disputes. Commencing in mid 2,002 and through March 2007, David E. Estrello incorporated andoperated, marketXL, a B2B sales and marketing services organization, engaged in thedistribution and sale of state of the art medical imagery equipment. During the period ofoperations, marketXL represented manufacturers from Asia, Spain, France and the UnitedStates of America. “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  21. 21. OUR EXPERT CONSULTANTS DAVID E. ESTRELLO Management Consultants David E. Estrello from April 2,000 through August 2,002 successfully launched anadvertisement sales program for a new Internet and CD-ROM version of an industrial directoryfor Mexico, Guía Nei. The directory was an outgrowth of the famous Thomas Register, theoldest and most successful industrial directory in the United States. For a year and a half, through February 2,000, David E. Estrello was Vice President Sales forLatin America at Cahners Travel Group, a company that publishes hotel and meeting facilitiesdirectories for the Tourism industry Worldwide. Mr. Estrello’s publishing industry experience includes (1971-1979) as CFO and subsequentlyas President for the Latin American operations of Reader’s Digest. In addition, commencingon December 1, 1993, and for the next four and one half years, he successfully served asDirector General for Grupo Editorial Expansion. Mr. Estrello practiced management consulting for twelve years both in Los Angeles, CA andin Mexico City. At the latter, in 1979, he founded a consulting firm, Uptrend, S. C., whichprovided services in corporate planning and executive search for seven years prior to hismoving back to Las Angeles, CA. At Los Angeles, he acted as Executive Director of a MinorityBusiness Development Center, a management consulting unit operated for the U. S.Department of Commerce performing management consulting for Minority owned companies “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  22. 22. OUR EXPERT CONSULTANTS DAVID E. ESTRELLO Management Consultants David E Estrello’s experience includes thirteen years in public accounting in the UnitedStates and Mexico where he worked, as audit manager, for the Los Angeles, CA and theMexico City offices of Deloitte, Haskins & Sells (currently, Deloitte & Touche). He also acted asprincipal in Los Angeles, CA for the CPA firm of R. J. Miranda and Company where he foundedthe Firm’s Los Angeles office. Under his direction the Firm was awarded the financial audit ofthe City of Los Angeles for a period of several years. He was responsible for the conduct ofthat engagement, and for the audits of other important clients acquired during his tenure. Previously in Mexico, he also served as Corporate Assistant Controller at SyntexCorporation. Later, he became CFO for Ideal Standard and subsequently, as previouslymentioned, filled the same position at Reader’s Digest Mexico prior to becoming its Presidentfor Latin America. He is a former president of the Pacific Chapter of the U. S.- Mexico Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Estrello’s academic and professional degrees and certifications include a license topractice as a State of California, Certified Public Accountant, Certificate No. 9799E, October13, 1962, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Business Administration, with amajor in Accounting, at the University of California at Los Angeles, January of 1958. He is fully bilingual (English-Spanish) and Bicultural (U.S. – Mexico) and has dual citizenship(US - Mexico). “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  23. 23. OUR EXPERT CONSULTANTS C. JESÚS NÁJERA Management Consultants Without a doubt, Jesús Nájera M. is the individual with the greatest experience andexpertise in magazine publishing in Mexico in the areas of Circulation (subscriptions andnewsstand) and in the selection, implementation, operation, and management of relatedoperational systems and in managing and control of correlated data. His expertise has beenacquired through 25 years of uninterrupted fruitful management positions in well knownmagazine publishers such as Reader’s Digest México, Grupo Editorial Expansión, Time-LifeMéxico, Editorial Televisa, Ideas & Capital and Condé Nast de México. Jesús Nájera’s experience acquired at Reader’s Digest Mexico ranges from improving thenet paid circulation of the Selecciones del Reader’s Digest magazine from 450,000 to 665,000copies per month to the successful conversion of 6,000,000 registers from existing systemsto a more integrated and sophisticated customer system which included service operation,customer satisfaction, and promotion activity features. Additional accomplishments include: the development of the features for a new operations’system and the reduction of the time required for order fulfillment from six days to seventeenhours at Time-Life México. As Marketing Director for Grupo Editorial Expansión hisaccomplishments included the substantial increase in circulation of the Expansión magazine,the selection and implementation of a new system for the control of subscribers, and his verysuccessful participation in the launching of two new magazines: the controlled circulationManufactura and the paid circulation Quién “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  24. 24. OUR EXPERT CONSULTANTS C. JESÚS NÁJERA Management Consultants During his term at Editorial Televisa, Jesús Nájera was responsible for the developmentand implementation of a new subscriptions’ system in Mexico, which included the basicfeatures as well as some complementary units to handle more sophisticated operationsand controls. He was also responsible for the development and implementation of a similarcustomer-subscriber system at Condé Nast de México where he additionally carried outthe training of the personnel involved in the subsequent operation of the system. As general manager for Ideas & Capital, as general manager, he was responsible of allstart up activities necessary to commence operations for which he then became accountable.He selected and implemented a subscriber system which included operations, controls andpromotional activities. This system, in a more sophisticated version, later became the oneinstalled at Condé Nast. Mr. Nájera was also responsible for launching in Mexico theSpanish version of the following magazines: Newsweek en Español, Glamour México,Discover en Español, and the re-launching of Vogue. “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  25. 25. OUR EXPERT CONSULTANTS ENRIQUE CHAO Management Consultants For over thirty five years Enrique Chao, has earned the respect of peers, readers, andpublishers; initially as editor, and subsequently as editor-in- chief of prestigious magazinepublishers such as: Grupo Editorial Expansión – the most respected and best knownpublisher of business magazines in Mexico – where he worked and flourished for 26 years. As Editor-In-chief of Grupo Editorial Expansión he was responsible for the editorialcontent, the edition, and design of all of the Group’s magazines and publications whichincluded the flagship magazine Expansión as well as Obras, El Comerciante Moderno,Manufactura, Información Dinámica de Consulta (IDC), the bulletin: AnálisisEconómico/Business Trends, subsequently entitled Tendencias Económicas yFinancieras; the annual publications: Anuario de la Economía Mexicana and the AnnualOrganizer for Executives, as well as the collectible publication of Harvard Business Reviewas well as the one for the American Marketing Association. More recently, Enrique Chao became an active member of several business andindustrial magazines’ editorial boards. These include: Ambiente Plástico, GobiernoCorporativo, Diálogo Ejecutivo, Bayvet and others such as Quirón, published by thePolytechnic University of Pachuca, published by Medios y Enteros, his own editorialcompany which he currently operates. “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  26. 26. OUR EXPERT CONSULTANTS ENRIQUE CHAO Management Consultants Approximately five years ago he founded the biweekly tabloid publication Anteproyecto,an insert included in the daily newspaper Milenio, which included news and commentarydealing with the construction industry. At the same time, he was also a columnist forContrucción y Tecnología, the official gazette for Instituto Mexicano del Cemento y delConcreto (IMCYC), Simultaneously, he redesigned the editorial content of the magazineOnexpo by incorporating subjects such as: economics, energy, finance, and generalculture articles aimed at increasing the general background of gas station owners. Additionally, Enrique Chao has participated in the launching of numerous books andmagazines, such as Impulso for Confederación de Cámaras Industriales (CONCAMIN) –Confederation of Industrial Chambers. Previously. In 1998 with a partner, he launchedTecnología Empresarial and participated in the redesign of the publication ComputaciónPlanta Industrial. More recently, he developed the editorial content and design of two books: 80 Años de laPublicidad en México and 50 Años de la Computación en México, the latter endorsed bythe Universidad Nacional de México. “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”
  27. 27. Contact us Uptrend International Management Consultants David E. Estrello Managing Partner California: 641 W Heber Street, Glendora, CA. 91741, Telephone: (626) 914-6002, Mobile in México: 044 55 2900-1780 Email: david.estrello@gmail.com davidestrello@prodigy.net.mx For more effective telephone contact, please use the Mexico City numbers shown belowMéxico, City, Through our affiliated company: marketXL, S A de C V David E. Estrello Director General San Borja 504-303, Colonia del Valle, México, D.F., CP 03100 Teléfonos: 011 52 55 5559-4051, 55 5559-0914 “EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT”