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Pianificazione dei giri e gestione dei trasporti

Oggigiorno, l'acquisizione di dati aziendali posizionati geograficamente e la visibilità degli effetti sulla pianificazione dovuta alle variabili logistiche è diventata indispensabile in un sempre più complesso processo logistico. Non basta più rendere disponibili dati elencati in tabelle, "appuntare" giri di consegna sulla carta geografica o cercare di calcolare distanze o costi di trasporti con mezzi inadatti.
L'integrazione in SAP di strumenti di pianificazione intelligenti e interattivi assicura trasparenza e sicurezza nel processo di pianificazione. Questi strumenti sono necessari per superare le sfide sempre più impegnative che si devono affrontare con una logistica ottimizzata. Funzionalità come ad es. un'interattiva gestione dei trasporti su base cartografica, il calcolo di distanze / tempi di trasporto relativi agli autocarri e un potente motore di calcolo e ottimizzazione dei giri, permettono all'ufficio gestione trasporti di eseguire il processo di pianificazione in SAP con rapidità ed efficienza.

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Parcon profile transport_logistics_en

  1. 1. OPTIMAL PROCESSES IN TRANSPORTATION LOGISTICS besmart-add Solution Profile Mobile Data Entry in the warehouse SAP-integrated Transportation Planning and Tour Optimization Communication along the Logistics Chain
  2. 2. LogiX-Net® :The Multi Level Logistics Portal The ParCon solution easyTrack® provides a flexibe planning environment that includes all re- levant functions for an optimal result. Visualizationandinteractiveplanningaresuppor- ted by map display. The integrated, graphical tour planning board allows a quick overview of the allocation of resources. The loading space optimization helps to maximize the utilization of vehicle capacity. Additional potential for improving intralogistics is achieved by ParCon easyWebScan® . For examp- le, the data entry relevant for tracking the pro- gress of the loading/unloading of goods, can be executed by the integration of the mobile solution. The shipping status is indicated directly in the tour monitor and thus can be controlled by the planner. In the LogiX-Net® portal all status information along the logistics chain is centrally consolidated and clearly displayed. The LogiX-Net® Portal is one for all: A transparent platform of interaction and commu- nication where all participants of a delivery can use, communicate and exchange relevant data of the Supply Chain. Forwarders, carriers, dispatchers or the recipients are connected by chat, e-mail and/or mobile applications. LogiX-Net® provides all in one. Thanks to the seamless integration of the ParCon easyTrack® Add-On solution for transportation planning, deliveries planned in SAP can be transferred directly to the portal. Furthermore, LogiX-Net® thus provides the platform for transparent SAP/ non-SAP communication along the supply chain. For more information visit ParCon provides target-oriented SAP consulting and powerful solutions for the optimization of logistic processes with SAP ERP and/or SAP TM. The geofunctional ParCon Add-On solutions can be implemented individually or integrated and provide greater efficiency and transparency. Fully integrated with SAP standard logistics, they cover all processes along the supply chain and increase predictability as well as process speed. More predictability, transparency and speed for your logistics processes SAP-integrated solutions for logistics optimization One for all – all in one for SAP and non-SAP besmart-add
  3. 3. Transport Management for SAP Interactive Tour and Loading Space Optimization ■ More transparency ■ Improved vehicle utilization ■ More predictability ■ Less logistics costs Further information: Mobile data entry directly into SAP Seamless goods tracking for intralogistics ■ Optimal warehouse processes ■ Online data entry ■ Browser-based, zero client ■ Standard scenarios for goods movements Further information: executed. Thus, e.g. combined collection and dis- tribution tours, milk runs and multi-depot scena- rios can be planned manually or automatically. The display of the delivery workload in the inter- active map provides the planner with the optimal overview for an efficient planning process. Loa- ding space optimization and calculation of freight costs utilize the full potential of the solution to reduce shipping costs. customizing. Thus the processes become ef- ficient and transparent. The integrated real- time Track & Race Locating System ensures additional optimization of forklift-operated warehouse processes. For each goods move- ment, the exact storage location is automati- cally determined, and provided to the system for follow on processes. Possible input errors during data entry are thus a thing of the past. The online-solution easyWebScan® based upon SAP Netweaver® , allows to process the data directly in SAP, without any additional interfaces. The modern browser interface is intuitively operable and adaptable via ParCon easyTrack® not only supports the pro- ven scheduling based on SAP deliveries, but also already allows transportation planning for customer orders. With ParCon easyTrack® the most diverse planning scenarios can be Further information: ■ Event-based communication ■ Transparent processes ■ Supply chain services ■ Mobile applications
  4. 4. ParCon provides full service for SAP products and is specialized in innovative Add-On solutions. Our renowned customers from various industries have trusted us to implement perfectly tailored applications and SAP Add-Ons in mission critical areas to help them develop sustainable competitive advantages. Efficient SAP consulting and development are at the heart of the ParCon portfolio. Consistent customer orientation and the willingness to ‚go the extra mile‘ are fundamental principles deeply entrenched within ParCon‘s organization. ParCon Consulting GmbH ■ Neue Ramtelstrasse 4/3 ■ 71229 Leonberg, Germany ■ T +49 7152 928 33-40 ■ F +49 7152 928 33-9 ■ M SAP Consulting I SAP Development I SAP Solutions