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  1. 1. Jordan
  2. 2. Purposes of research and importance in advertising. Know More about your project Learn about your target audience History of your product What is popular in advertising Successful advertising techniques What are people appealing to? To Gain people’s attention
  3. 3. Primary Research Primary research is an investigation or experiments which is carried out to find out about first hand data.
  4. 4. My Primary Research. I shall make a questionnaire about Jordan Products and ask the questions to my sporty friends and my non sporty friends and see if the non sporty group still wears Jordan products, not for sport but for fashion.
  5. 5. Questionnaire 1. Do you own any type of Jordan product? 2. How much would you pay for a Jordan Item? 3. Is Jordan the type of brand you’d wear? 4. Where would you rank Jordan out of Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Umbro? On popularity from 1-4 5. Do you like the style of Jordan trainers? 6. What words would you use to describe the Jordan Brand? 7.Even if you didn’t play a sport would you still wear Jordan Products?
  6. 6. Purpose of my research. The purpose of my research is to find out if “Would people still wear Jordan clothing if they didn’t play a sport’’. This will show how popular Jordan products are in the case that people will still wear Jordan products because they are so popular.