Dow Jones Solutions for Marketing Professionals

                                      “Factiva provides one of the bes...
Dow Jones Solutions for Marketing Professionals

The marketing landscape is rapidly changing as advertising models shift, ...
Dow Jones Solutions for Marketing Professionals

You can’t manage what you don’t monitor.                          New ide...
Dow Jones Solutions for Marketing Professionals

                                       Objective                        ...
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Marketing Brochure - DJ Solutionsfor Marketing Professionals


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Marketing Brochure Dow Jones Insight

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Marketing Brochure - DJ Solutionsfor Marketing Professionals

  1. 1. Dow Jones Solutions for Marketing Professionals “Factiva provides one of the best content and technology solutions available to meet our business requirements.” David Sakayeda, First Vice President, Market Research of the Market Knowledge Group, Countrywide Financial Corporation Powering the Intelligent Enterprise
  2. 2. Dow Jones Solutions for Marketing Professionals The marketing landscape is rapidly changing as advertising models shift, the influence of social media explodes and markets for your products become increasingly complex. Despite these pressures, your main marketing goal remains the same: you must act faster and smarter than your competition. Whether you spend your days driving leads into a new-business pipeline, monitoring media coverage and managing your organization’s reputation, executing communications plans or building differentiation for your product line, you need any edge to set you – and your company – apart. With Dow Jones, you’ll find marketing solutions New products rarely sell themselves. that deliver the tools, technologies and information Sure – you could get lucky and drive sales with a single press release. But for most marketing and sales that enable you to build winning marketing and campaigns, you need to build targeted prospect lists of communications campaigns, strategies and tactics. Dow companies that may actually want to buy your product. Jones is one of the world’s most innovative information And the more targeted the lists, the more likely you are to providers for big and small organizations around the hit your revenue targets. globe. With more than 125 years of editorial excellence and deep experience in developing information solutions Dow Jones includes information on millions of companies that improve the way you work, Dow Jones is the best and millions of executives then helps you find just those company to help you: prospects that meet your unique criteria, from geographic location to industry segment. We’ll even help you find Build better prospect lists and fill new-business pipelines prospects based on triggering events such as management by combining information on millions of companies and moves, mergers, bankruptcies, capital investments and executives with tools that uncover those companies more. And when you know which events actually trigger mostly likely to buy your product or service the best opportunities, you can receive a constant stream Keep executives and others fully informed about your of new companies and executives that meet your criteria, business and competition with a complete range of keeping your pipeline full of relevant prospects. newsletter and information-sharing tools CEOs don’t like surprises. Safeguard your company’s reputation and manage your corporate communications strategy by monitoring Looming mergers, sneaky competitive moves, growing and measuring a global spectrum of media and blog local and global trends – these issues all affect your conversations company’s ability to successfully compete. But keeping everyone informed shouldn’t consume your entire day. Drive opportunities faster through the sales cycle by using rich company, executive and industry data to further Dow Jones helps you deliver the right information to qualify leads everyone in your organization with tools that include simple widgets to post competitive news, highly targeted Uncover emerging industry, consumer and business alerts for senior executives and tools to help teams share trends and find fresh ideas or looming threats worth information and collaborate more easily. We also offer considering a wide range of newsletter options, from simple do-it- “Factiva allows us to distribute newsletters on a more yourself editions to turnkey options that can include timely basis. The streamlined process saves time and original, customized content from Dow Jones journalists. lets our staff focus on other aspects of their jobs.” Beatrice Kerr, Business Information Services Senior Manager for Deloitte & Touche plc
  3. 3. Dow Jones Solutions for Marketing Professionals You can’t manage what you don’t monitor. New ideas could actually grow on trees. Communications challenges come in all shapes and To keep your finger on the pulse of your business, you sizes, from whisperings about product defects to noisy need to know what’s coming next and what everyone is announcements about mergers and launches. But unless talking about – from your brand to your competition to you are listening to all the conversations, you can’t make new ideas for eco-friendly promotions. You need to be the best decisions – or act quickly enough to sidestep scanning the horizon for the next big thing. bigger problems. Dow Jones makes it easy to be the person in the room Dow Jones leverages one of the world’s most with meaningful information and intelligent insights. Along comprehensive global collections of traditional and social with the world’s best collection of leading news and media, including blogs and message boards, to provide business publications, blogs and Web content, only Dow accurate, high-quality media measurement without Jones gives you unique tools and technologies to quickly information overload. Media coverage is analyzed and find and analyze the news that matters to you, with news transformed into charts and graphs so that you can see the radar visualizations and continuous alerting. context of trends affecting your industry, quickly understand From targeted prospect lists to media monitoring to the big picture and make more informed decisions. corporate communications tools, Dow Jones delivers Strong pipelines drive everyone’s success. the news, technologies and resources that you and You can help your sales team sell more and sell faster your marketing team need to significantly improve by arming them with news and information they can your results. immediately use to start conversations, open executive “We use Dow Jones to help qualify accounts—is it the doors and uncover upsell opportunities. proper size; is this a company that is going to spend Dow Jones provides extensive, credible company, half a million on us or $20,000?” executive and industry data for millions of local and global entities, whether you need to find executive connections Alan Groh, Chief Technology Officer, Quilogy that put a salesperson inside a target company or D-U- N-S numbers for cleaning up the data in your CRM systems. And our team of consulting experts can can help improve the performance of your sales and marketing efforts by aligning information with the tasks that sales and marketing perform every day. Best Sales Lead Best Online 100 Companies Best Content Management System: Business Service: that Matter: Aggregation Service: Dow Jones SalesWorks Dow Jones SalesWorks Dow Jones Factiva EContent 100: Fee-based Inside Market Data News Information Service: Provider of the Year: Dow Jones Factiva Dow Jones Newswires
  4. 4. Dow Jones Solutions for Marketing Professionals Objective Solution Dow Jones Factiva Stay informed and ahead of the competition with a range of Offers a comprehensive global and local view of markets, search, alerting, newsletter and information-sharing tools companies and trends from more than 14,000 world-class sources Dow Jones SalesWorks News and business information on millions of companies and executives along with tools for prospecting, territory management and customer relationship development Build high-quality, targeted prospect lists and qualify leads Dow Jones Client Solutions more effectively Team of experts with more than 20 years of experience integrating targeted news, critical business information and business development tools into workflow applications and online channels Dow Jones Insight Create and manage effective corporate communications, crisis Sophisticated tools to analyze, measure and report on management and public relations strategies and campaigns mainstream media coverage and conversations distilled from millions of articles, blog posts and Web sites Dow Jones News Service Award-winning, real-time corporate, economic, market, financial Create and manage effective corporate communications, crisis and political news, reported from nearly 90 bureaus across the management and public relations strategies and campaigns globe, Dow Jones publishes up to 12,000 items each day, in 11 languages, covering all asset classes To learn more about how Dow Jones can deliver tools and resources to customize and distribute news and information that fits the way people work throughout your organization, visit or call us on 800.369.0166 (US), (UK and Europe) or 61.2.8272.4600 (Asia). © Copyright 2008 Dow Jones, Inc. All rights reserved. O-3841 5.08