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Task 5


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Task 5

  1. 1. 70’s and 80’s ArcadeArcade games were the first major milestone in the computer games industry. Games were developed bydevelopers/publishers who then distributed the games via machines throughout various locations across the world.Financial transactions took the form of coins put into the machines and the gain was clear. This involves a largeinvestment but the financial returns were clear.1980-2010 Box, Ship, DoneWith most games now being played on home consoles the gaming industry became very lucrative. Gamedevelopers wouldn’t produce games that couldn’t run on one of the major platforms thus to play the most populargames consumers had to purchase the consoles making Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo powerful driving forces inthe gaming industry as no game could be made for their consoles without their permission. It was around this timethat pc and homebrew consoles games become popular but the inconsistency with pc specs meant that the marketwas to unstable and many of the major developers avoided the area.2010+ Observe, Measure and ModifyWith the number of retail game purchases rapidly declining it is believed that there will soon be no more physicalgoods purchased this means there will be no more need manufacture, transport, store and distribute game contenton disk. This is very cost effective for the publishers but opens the market up to much smaller indie game companieswho could not previously afford to mass market their home made games. Another rapidly growing standard is theuse of player monitoring which allows companies to watch how their players play and react to the games they playand react to them further developing and refining their games. User generated content is another feature rapidlyexpanding in the gaming industry (Skyrim’s Steam workshop recently reached 30,000,000 downloads) which allowsgamers not only to customise their gaming experience but allows game developers to earn more from their gameswithout themselves developing new content (as more people will buy the game for its mod capabilities).Where Will The Income Come From?As digital transactions are increasing in popularity so is online gaming. Games like World Of Warcraft (10 millionsubscribers paying £9 a month) having such success have prompted many companies to opt for a subscriptionmodel of online gaming while others opt for a ‘pay to win’ model where players can only access a games bestfeatures and equipment by paying and many more. is another rapidly growing aspect of the gamingindustry it allows players to rent games for a period of time and play them on the cloud without need fordownloads or consoles.