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Ha3 task 8 deliver the goods


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ha3 task 8 deliver the goods

  1. 1. HA3 Task 8 Deliver The GoodsFor this project I was tasked with researching Iphone and Tablet apps then using marketresearch techniques come up with my own App concept. Through my research I discoveredseveral main aspects on which I based my app. These were competitive play, playing on thego, customizability and fast paced gameplay as you can see the aspects I have chosen arebased around a gaming app as they are extremely popular yet to break into the market itwas necessary to find something unique it was as I was researching themes and topicsaround which to base my game that I came across something interesting “SteamPunk” is aterm referring to Victorian science fiction and is a very popular style as I was searchingforums for more information on the subject I came to realise that the steampunkcommunity is very large and in terms of gaming largely untapped so I set about coming upwith an app concept that I eventually named “Steam Legion” it is a game that focusesaround the main points of steampunk mainly steam mechs, Airships and crazy designs whilepresenting them in a way that would appeal even to people new on the subject the gamerequires the player to play fast paced minigames each with its own play style andleaderboard which unlocks new features and earns resources and then use those featuresand resources to construct a fully customisable army of steam tanks, mechs and airshipsthen use that army to fight in real time battles with other players or an AI which wouldunlock more levels in minigames to play.
  2. 2. Steam Legions The Main MenuI tried to keep the interface as consistent as possibleduring production and the main menu is verysimplistic each button is labled clearly and alsoprovides some basic user stats it also allows access tothe players personalized and fully customizableAirship as well as the options menu which containseverything from sound controls to multiplayeroptions such as filters. Though the main menu is verysimple I decided to include a help button which willhelp new users get started and give basic directionsand descriptions of what the different buttons do.
  3. 3. The Build ScreenThe Build Screen deals with the creation of newmechs and designing the set up for battles the playerwill be limited to 5 different unit types per battle.The load button opens a small pop up menu whichallows the player to load, delete and edit otherdesigns and will also come with a few pre-sets tostart the player off every unit is fully customisableand is made modularly allowing the player to choosea hull, weapon, utility, movement (for examplewheels, legs or wings) as well as extra options forspecialized hulls.
  4. 4. The Resources ScreenResource management is a small but importantaspect of the game each resource has its ownminigame and completing levels on the minigame willsupply short term boosts (and can be replayed) aswell as their own production facilities which produceresources over time (completing higher levels of theminigames allows the building of more productionfacilities) the main use of resources are buildingrobots as they are permanently destroyed duringbattle and must be rebuilt but every bot lost in battlewill be placed on the players scrap heap so that aportion of the resources spent on them will berecovered over time. Each resource has its own pagewith more detailed information. The resources pagealso has access to the Leader Boards for theminigames and the Blue Prints page (blue prints arehow the player unlocks new parts for airship and unitcustomization) Blue prints are earned at random afterminigames and battles regardless of whether theplayer wins or looses however there is a greaterchance if the player wins.
  5. 5. The Battle ScreenThe Battle Screen is where the player battles using his customized units in real time theimage below only has a minimap yet other interface features such as command bars areunder consideration. Aside from the minimap the screen also contains a menu buttonwhich will allow the player to change various options or exit the battle and a timershowing how long the battle has lasted. The player has a “Strength Cap” which theycannot breach this cap means that those with stronger units must fight with fewer thansomeone who has weaker units and many factors are considered when deciding a unitsstrength. Battles are won by catching the enemy Airship (the Airship being the only unitthat cannot be destroyed) the Airship also acts as a special unit with abilities varyingdepending on its customizations
  6. 6. BiblographyMinimap - Background - wass all taken from Hogs Of War a game from the PS1the screenshots were taken myself.Build Screen Robot -