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App concepts


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App concepts

  1. 1. Pizza Ninja – player must deliver pizzas to Brew Database – hungry workers keeps a database of without being Bulletcam – camera what people drink for detected by bosses or app that simulates example tea or coffee snitches player will weapon effectson a and how many sugars have special tools such when taking an and how much milk as pizza shuriken and image, app also combine with voice salami katanas includes sound effects commands to make and material searching quick and detection. easy. Timed Crisis – allows the userSteam Legion – player to set up a prank on theirbuilds a legion of phone to go off at a certainsteam punk robots to time with a special code tofight real time battles App turn it off this app could bewith other players, the Concepts used to do anything fromgameplay is simulating a broken screen tosupplemented with opening up a specific websitecustomization or image and locking it on theelements and screen.minigames that can bereplayed and have Technobug – playerleader boards. plays as a living silicon Bulletcam – camera chip and can take over app that simulates mechanical objects to weapon effectson a solve puzzles. when taking an image, app also includes sound effects and material Urban Thasaurs – detection. enter in words and phrases and the app will convert them into their slag equivalent and if non exists, create one.