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Look To The Future


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8 Port Gigabit Security Router

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Look To The Future

  1. 1. Gigabit WAN – 8 Port Home Router8 Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN<br />Bandwidth is ever increasing, look to the future speed of the Internet, and get ahead of the competition.<br />2010/09/13 Revision 1<br />David Tickner/TPS<br />
  2. 2. Common problems with conventional home routers<br />Not enough ports for today’s home or small office. Imagine having two access points, and three computers all requiring wired Internet access at the very least in the modern home, or small office. Four ports doesn’t cut it.<br />With the advent of faster Internet connections our competitors are beginning to offer WAN ports with speeds of 300Mbps – Linksys, D-Link – to cope with faster subscription services.<br />With fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Gigabit services already exist, but the ‘conventional router’ only supports a 10/100Mbps WAN connection.<br />Ultimately these problems cause a throttling of bandwidth, leaving the home or small office user frustrated, and searching for an alternative solution.<br />Blockage<br />from<br />Conventional<br />Router<br />Service Provider<br />High Data Throughput<br />Home/<br />Office<br />
  3. 3. Solution<br />Currently my research has found only one company looking to the future already – Cisco – RVS4000 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN.<br />Cisco’s Linksys design is a conventional router with a Gigabit WAN port, but only four Gigabit LAN ports.<br />We can go one step further…. Simple…. Make it an 8 port Gigabit router with Gigabit WAN port and VPN feature.<br />Our solution: Cost-down, cost-effective, low enough price to undercut Cisco’s 4-port version, or at least equal it.<br />
  4. 4. Leverage and Market<br />We are not talking about re-inventing the wheel here. We already have the box design for eight port switches with an additional RJ-45 console port.<br />We have router board designs by the bucket load.<br />This concept takes minor re-modeling and re-design.<br />Cisco’s retail price ranges between US$111~150, dealer dependent.<br />This is our opportunity to get ahead of a soon-to-be rapidly evolving router market.Branded Business<br />OEM <br />