AIESEC alumni international awards


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AIESEC alumni international awards

  1. 1. 2011-2012 AIESEC in TaiwanAIESEC Alumni International Awards AIESEC in Taiwan
  2. 2. An overview about network’s size, structure, impact and external relevance.Alumni Network Summary
  3. 3. Mission of AIESEC Alumni TaiwanAn collaborative alumni network toconnect and give out positivechanges to the world continuously.
  4. 4. Structure of AIESEC Alumni Taiwan President General Manager Web Marketing External Finance and Public Relation Event Manager RelationAdmin Manager Manager Manager Manager
  5. 5. Impact and External Relevance Car Membership for AAT – Industry distribution 2% Manifacturing 1%Biotechnology Others Electronic 4% Food 14% 22% Sales 5% 2% Wholesales Banking Consulting 3% 20% 12%Education 3% Tourism Transportation Internet 1% 3% 8%
  6. 6. An overview about AIESEC in Taiwan Alumni network development.History and Milestones of Alumni Network
  7. 7. • The AIESEC Alumni Taiwan is built up in 1960s. Year Milestones 1996-1998 Set up from nothing. 1998-1999 Build up national alumni database. 1999-2001 Taiwan-Japan connection event. 2002-2004 Cross industry connection strategy. 2004-2010 Start to grow on membership for AAT. 2010-2012 Focus on branding and marketing strategy for AAT.
  8. 8. Overview of all the service/project/activities run by AAT.Impact and Activities
  9. 9. Activities- Alumni to Alumni•Dr.Wu’s Birthday Celebration Party Dr.Wu is the founder of AIESEC in Taiwan. Each year, AAT will host Birthday party for Dr.Wu to appreciate the efforts that has done by Dr.Wu. Also, it is aimed to create a “Alumni to Alumni” platform for alumni to connect.
  10. 10. Activities- Alumni to Alumni•High Level Manager Gathering High Level Manager Gathering aims to connect alumni profiled CEO or general manager above.
  11. 11. Activities- Alumni to Alumni•Monthly Alumni Gathering Monthly alumni gathering is initiated by AAT and in collaboration with each LC in Taiwan to create a “Alumni to Alumni” platform as well as a empowerment for LC to know how to keep life-long connection with alumni. The theme will change each month to be more fun to attract alumni to join and it will be hosted by each LC. “Working at day, and Halloween at night!”
  12. 12. Activities- Alumni to Alumni•Alumni Golf Gathering Alumni golf gathering is initiated by AAT. It aims to build up a platform for higher level alumni to connect with each other. Also, AAT will host connection game with alumni from AAJ sometimes.
  13. 13. Activities- Alumni to AIESEC•Alumni sharing both in national and local level.•Alumni training both in national and local level.• Alumni is also participating the selection board of LC/MC leadership body and Student Review Board for GCDP/GIP OGX and national conference chair.
  14. 14. Project-•AIESEC Career Coach Project Alumni to AIESEC •Objective is to support current AIESEC member to get career consulting.•AIESEC Mentoring Project •Objective is to have personal mentoring from alumni to support leader’s personal growth•Alumni Fund Project •Objective is to use alumni fund to finance those who cannot go on X, International conference due to limited financial support.
  15. 15. Project- Alumni to Alumni/AIESEC/World•Special Project – Alumni Voice Topic “What can we learn from “Alumni voice” is a special project run by economic tsunami?” AAT. The objective of the project is to share the voice from alumni with experience and give impacts on other alumni or AIESECers insights on different kinds of topic. Topic “Talks on setting up own business?” Topic “1st lesson as a fresh graduate?”
  16. 16. An overview of the sustainability and perspectives of the relationshipbetween the Alumni Association and Organized Group and the student body; governance and involvement of both parties’ in each other’s activities Collaboration
  17. 17. AIESEC Entity AIESEC Alumni AIESEC in Taiwan MC – VP ER Network sharing Resources sharing AIESEC in Taiwan AIESEC Alumni LC – VP AC Taiwan Organization positioning “The bridge between AIESEC and Alumni, Alumni and Alumni”Involvement1. MC with AAT – Have MC VP ER as the bridge to AAT and share information/resources to support national alumni contribution.2. MC with LC – Have LC to plan and implement general alumni coordination strategy.3. LC with AAT – Have LC human resources to support service/activities/project delivery.
  18. 18. The partner and role to support alumni network.Partner Engagement
  19. 19. Rong-I Wu, as well know as Dr.Wu, is the founding father of AIESEC in Taiwan and also an excellent and prestigious business leader. Over the past years, he has endeavored to support the alumni initiatives and project to spread out more positive impact and it is a tradition that the biggest annual alumni gathering isRong-I Wu on Dr. Wu’s birthday.
  20. 20. Information on how the alumni network was funded and why do you consider it will be self- sustainable initiative in the future.Sustainability of the network
  21. 21. Revenue Source Current Financial Status 1,300 Euro in total Monthly Gathering 38%High Level ManagerGathering/ Big event 62% Why is AAT a self-sustainable initiative in the future? – Clear responsibility division between AAT and MC. – Financial capacity is growing due to more and more alumni join activities/event. – Healthy leadership pipeline due to professional learning experience provided from the position in AAT and it is seen as a promising job after AIESEC experience.
  22. 22. An overview about alumni recognition and methods of showcasing alumni activities and impactShowcasing Alumni Impact
  23. 23. •2012 AIESEC in Taiwan Alumni Awards It is a special initiative this year in Taiwan to recognize and showcase the alumni impacts. We’ve divided the awards into Alumni Hall of Fame, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Contribution and Young Alumni Contribution award. (It’s done in our national conference) We’ve received 16 applications from 15 LCs. And in the end, 9 are rewarded.
  24. 24. An overview about alumni recognition and methods of showcasing alumni activities and impactExternal Visibility
  25. 25. AAT on Social Media Facebook Website