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Plagiarism and how to avoid it


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Published in: Education
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Plagiarism and how to avoid it

  1. 1. Plagiarism and How to Avoid It
  2. 2. Plagiarism is a form of theftIt is stealing the intellectual property of another.
  3. 3. Plagiarism is a form of theftIn school, plagiarism mostoften occurs when a writerpresents as his or her own information created by another person.
  4. 4. Sadly, plagiarism is unnecessary• Class assignments are designed and intended to provide the student with opportunities for deep understanding and critical thinking about a specified topic.• Generally, these assignments ask students to find information about a topic and then use that information to create an original response.
  5. 5. Sadly, plagiarism is unnecessary• These responses demonstrate that the student understands the main ideas and issues of the topic.• Plagiarism robs the student of the opportunity for meaningful learning and understanding.
  6. 6. Courtesy of the Alexandria (VA) Country Day School
  7. 7. Avoiding Plagiarism• The best way to avoid plagiarism is to look closely at the information, identify the key points, then summarize the main idea(s) in your own words.
  8. 8. Avoiding Plagiarism However:• Even if you put the information into your own words, you must cite the source of your information (more on that later).
  9. 9. PracticeHere are some facts about a famous person (at this time we are not going to worry about citations):• Head Coach Mark Richt came to Georgia with the goal of taking the lid off a program that had not won an SEC title in 20 years.• After 11 seasons between the hedges, hes demonstrated what that means by winning two SEC Championships (2002, 05), four SEC Eastern Division titles and tied for another.• And his emphasis on graduation has come to fruition as 221 Bulldog players have earned their degrees during his tenure.Consolidate this information into your own words in two or three sentences.