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  1. 1. Citation Basics
  2. 2. Important Terms• Citation – A reference to a source of information• Periodical – A newspaper, journal, magazine, or other regularly produced publication• References – A list of the sources. It is the last page of a research report or research-based essay.
  3. 3. Basic Citation Requirements• Author• Title of the work• The copyright date of the work, including month or quarter
  4. 4. Periodical Citation Requirements• Author• Title of the work• Date of the periodical, including month or quarter• The name of the publication• The volume and issue number of the publication• The page numbers of the article
  5. 5. Book Citation Requirements• Author• Title of the work• Copyright date of the work• The name of the publisher• The place of publication
  6. 6. Web Citation Requirements• Title of Website• Title of page• Copyright date of the page• The name of the posting organization• Date the information was retrieved• The Web address of the page
  7. 7. Citation Formats• In-text citations – direct quotations• In-text citations – paraphrased information• Reference list format
  8. 8. In-Text CitationsShort direct quote and paraphrased:According to Hopkinson (2012), “We now knowthat the Titanic was about thirteen miles closerto the Carpathia than anyone realized at thetime” (p. 94).Pattern:Author (year) “ “ (p #)
  9. 9. In-Text CitationsLong direct quote:According to Hopkinson (2012): Captain Rostron had no way of knowing how many survivors he might have to take on – or what condition they would be in. He gave orders for the cooks to prepare warm beverages: tea, coffee, and hot soup. The gathered all the extra blankets they could find. All of the public rooms, and the cabins belonging to the officers and to Captain Rostron himself, would be turned over to the survivors. (p. 168)Pattern:Author (year), Block, (p. #)
  10. 10. Reference List Format ReferencesBerg, I. (1912, April). Titanic: My side of the story. Icebergs Illustrated, 45(2), 66-78.Hopkinson, D. (2012). Titanic: Voices from the disaster. New York: Scholastic Press.Ship, D. (1985, September 1). What took you so long? Retrieved February 4, 2013, from