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Writing Review and Practice


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This PPT gives a brief overview of the IELTS Writing Task 2, intended as a refresher for students who've already studied it a little. It gives a guided approach to doing the exam, as well as a practice question at the end.

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Writing Review and Practice

  1. 1. Review and Practice for Task 2 IELTS Writing _ Free PowerPoint Templates, Diagrams and Charts
  2. 2. IELTS Writing Task 2 Overview You have 40 minutes to write an essay that is at least 250 words. It should be written in a formal style, organized into clear paragraphs, and directly respond to the given question. Aim for 4-5 paragraphs. It is worth more marks than task 1.
  3. 3. Hints and Tips How to Succeed at Task 2 1. Understand the timing • Essay planning 2 – 10 minutes • Writing 25 – 32 minutes • Editing 5 minutes 2. Maintain formality • No slang • No exclamation marks!!!! • No overly personal or emotional sentences. 3. Stay on-topic • Read the question carefully • Make a plan • Make sure you paragraph correctly
  4. 4. Hints and Tips How to Succeed at Task 2 4. Practice • Regularly write practice essays • Read sample essays • Work on your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary 5. Avoid Repetition • Don’t repeat words or ideas • Practice paraphrasing • Build your vocabulary to find synonyms
  5. 5. The Question There are different types of question: • To what extent do you agree… • Advantages and disadvantages… • Causes and solutions… • Discuss both sides… • Two part questions… Make sure you are familiar with all these question types.
  6. 6. Analyze the Question First, you must know what the question means Look at this example: In some countries, teenagers are encouraged to have part-time jobs. Many people view this as a good thing, but others disagree. Give your opinion and explain both views. What is the topic? What are the keywords and micro- keywords? What do you need to do?
  7. 7. Analyze the Question The key ideas are: teenagers and jobs. The topic is society. Your task: explain good and bad, and give opinion.
  8. 8. Brainstorming Think of ideas to include in your essay Look at the question again and think of ideas you could include in your essay: In some countries, teenagers are encouraged to have part-time jobs. Many people view this as a good thing, but others disagree. Give your opinion and explain both views. Remember, not all ideas are equal and you cannot include everything. Only include the best ideas.
  9. 9. Brainstorming Here are some examples: For part-time jobs Against part-time jobs Learn responsibility Distract from studies Earn extra money Expose to adult problems Learn real-world skills Too much pressure Get more freedom Too boring Remember, some ideas (like “too boring”) are not equal to the others.
  10. 10. Developing Ideas Ideas must be develop You can’t simply say, “Jobs help students earn extra money.” You must develop this over several sentences. For example: Jobs help students earn extra money, which they can use for many different purposes. They could use it to help fund their studies, or put it towards their future. After all, the cost of education often leaves graduates with large amount of debt.
  11. 11. Organizing Arrange your ideas into coherent paragraphs All IELTS essays must have a clear structure. Typically, you will use 4-5 paragraphs. Introduction paraphrase question, outline essay Body para 1 discuss first idea Body para 2 discuss second idea Conclusion revisit main points without repeating
  12. 12. Practice Look at this question and analyze it Nowadays, most people in cities live in large apartment blocks. Does this kind of accommodation have more advantages or disadvantages? You can read my sample answer here.