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Vocabulary for Dr Cal Newport's TED Talk


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I was teaching an IELTS lesson recently that involved an interesting TED talk by Cal Newport. I made this PPT to pre-teach essential vocabulary. Learn more at and

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Vocabulary for Dr Cal Newport's TED Talk

  1. 1. Vocabulary for Dr. Cal Newport’s TED Talk
  2. 2. Millennial A term for people born between 1981-1996
  3. 3. Social Media
  4. 4. Hermit • Noun – a person who lives alone, far away from society
  5. 5. Social Stance • A person’s opinion on society, or one particular social issue.
  6. 6. Gambling • Using money to bet on an event with an uncertain outcome.
  7. 7. Nonsense • Something that is not true or of little value.
  8. 8. Addictive • Adj – causing a strong need to do something again and again, and hard to stop
  9. 9. Canary in the Coalmine • An idiom meaning a test or warning for something potentially bad.
  10. 10. • Now watch the video and do some IELTS practice questions. Teachers, check out www.ielts- .