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Talking About Work for IELTS


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This PPT gives some essential vocabulary to help students talk about work in the IELTS Speaking Exam (it may also help for the Writing Task 2). See for more IELTS materials.

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Talking About Work for IELTS

  1. 1. IELTS Topic: Work Why you need to be able to talk about work and jobs
  2. 2. Why? O Work is one of the most common topics in the IELTS exam. You are very likely to be asked about it. O It is most common in the IELTS Speaking Test.
  3. 3. How O It could appear in any of three sections of the speaking test: O Part 1 and 2: Personal experience O Part 3: General discussion
  4. 4. Personal Experience O In part one you may be asked some simple questions like: O “Do you have a job?” O “Do you work or are you a student?” O As you are students, you can say you don’t work and are in full-time education.
  5. 5. Personal Experience O However, if you said yes, you may be asked: O “Why did you choose that job?” O “Do you enjoy your job?” O “Do you get along well with your co- workers?” O “What responsibilities do you have?” O “What would you like to change about your job?” O etc
  6. 6. Personal Experience O In Part 2, you may be asked about: O A job you have done in the past O A job you would like to do in the future O Your dream job O An interesting/challenging job you know about
  7. 7. Personal Experience O Here’s an example: Describe a job that you would like to do in the future. You should say: O what the job is O how much training would be necessary O what is so special about this job and explain why you are attracted to this job
  8. 8. General Discussion O These topics may be raised in the IELTS Speaking Test Part 3, or the Writing Test Task 2. O You will be asked about difficult social or ethical issues.
  9. 9. General Discussion O Possible topics: O Sexual equality O Should men and women get paid the same? O Can men and women do the same work? O Ageism O Should people be forced to retire at a certain age? O Work-related health O What can employers do to safeguard their employees’ health or reduce workplace stress?
  10. 10. General Discussion O Other workplace issues: O What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniforms at work? O Will more people work from home in the future? O Should co-workers spend their leisure time together?
  11. 11. Essential Language How to talk about jobs
  12. 12. Current Job O What do you do? What’s your job? O I’m a dentist. O I work as a lawyer. O I work in an insurance company. O I’m unemployed right now.
  13. 13. Current Job O Be prepared to give more details: O Tell me about your job. O My job involves… ing O My job involves giving presentations. O My job involves meeting people. O My job involves tracking sales. O I have to … and … O I have to fix computers and set up networks. O I have to meet guests and organize files.
  14. 14. Future Jobs O What are your career plans? What job do you want to do? O I’m hoping to be a chemist. O I’m studying to be an accountant. O I plan on becoming a programmer. O As you are students, you may also say: O After graduating, I’d like to…
  15. 15. Future Job O Tell me about the job you hope to do. O You have to… and … O You have to call people and collect information. O You need to have … O You need to have patience. O You need to have a lot of energy.
  16. 16. Future Job O You need to be … O You need to be cautious. O You need to be highly motivated. O Note: We use “you” to refer to people in general.
  17. 17. Practice Mind mapping aspects of a job
  18. 18. Job Boss/ Colleagues Personal Qualities Training/ Qualificatio ns Best/ worst Things About the Job Place of Work Duties/ Hours Vet Many years of training Must be very caring and patient Work with other vetsWorst thing is seeing animals suffer Work at a pet hospital Work long hours caring for animals
  19. 19. Questions and Answers 1. Complete a mind map for a job you would like to do. 2. Ask your partner questions about the job they have chosen. O Example: What sort of personal qualities do you need to do this job? Why?