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How to Describe Movies - an ESL lesson


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This PPT works best when downloaded because it is designed to elicit vocabulary from students which then pops up on the screen to show form. It contains numerous genres and gives hints how to describe films better (especially for IELTS). Check out for more free ESL and IELTS resources!

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How to Describe Movies - an ESL lesson

  1. 1. Movie Genres Talking films
  2. 2. Discuss • What are your favourite English-language movies? Why?
  3. 3. Genre Genre - noun /ˈʒɒnrə/ Genre is most popularly known as a category of literature, music, or other forms of art or entertainment.
  4. 4. Action I like action films because they are… • Exciting • Exhilarating • Enthralling Remember to upgrade your vocabulary for better IELTS results.
  5. 5. IELTS Questions Here’s a part one speaking question: A. What kind of movies do you like watching? B. I really like watching action movies like the Avengers because they are enthralling. Note: “kind of” = genre
  6. 6. Animated Animated films are interesting. Animated films are captivating. Interesting is not a high level IELTS word.
  7. 7. IELTS Questions Another part one question: A. Do you like watching movies? B. Yes, I do. I particularly like watching animated movies, which I think are captivating. PPT made by David S. Wills
  8. 8. Biopic Short for “biographical motion picture” – aka a biography Biopics are fascinating; however, some of them distort the truth. positive negative Don’t be afraid to give alternate views.
  9. 9. Comedy How can you describe a comedy movie without saying “funny”? Comedies are hilarious! Comedy films also make me laugh. Other synonyms: • amusing • humorous • hysterical
  10. 10. IELTS Questions This is from part three: A. Why do you think people like watching films? B. Well, there are many reasons. It might be to escape reality for a while, or experience some strong emotions. Other times, you just need to laugh-out-loud for a while, so you pick a good comedy.
  11. 11. Disaster Disaster movies are: • Exciting • Riveting • Gripping • Compelling • Dramatic They make me feel amazed. Some adjectives describe the film, and others describe your feelings.
  12. 12. Documentary Documentaries are informative. What else can you say about them? They are:- • Educational • Engaging • Challenging They can:- • Teach us about our world • Open our eyes to important issues • Inspire us to action
  13. 13. Fantasy Fantasy movies involve magic, supernatural events, mythology, folklore, and exotic worlds and characters. You don’t just have to say how you feel; you can talk about what a movie involves.
  14. 14. IELTS Language Involve:- • Comedies involve ridiculous situations and hilarious characters. • Disaster movies involve lots of dramatic action and terrifying scenarios. • Action movies involve incredible stunts and fast-paced action. You can use this language in book reviews
  15. 15. Horror The movie is scary. It made me feel scared. These are ok… but what are some better words? Horror movies are:- • Frightening • Terrifying • Creepy • Spine-tingling • Bone-chilling • Horrifying
  16. 16. Science Fiction or Sci-Fi Science fiction movies are imaginative. Synonyms for imaginative:- • Creative • Inventive • Original • Fanciful
  17. 17. Thriller These are often called “suspense films” because they use suspense and tension so much. Some people think thrillers are the most exciting movie genre because they involve such dangerous situations, and often people die. For part 3, you may talk about what “some people think”.
  18. 18. IELTS Questions Part three: A. How has the cinema experience changed in recent years? B. Some people think that movies have become too violent, and they may be right. You can see far more on screen today than you used to. I don’t know if this is necessarily a bad thing. After all, they say that “art reflects life” and so movies should depict reality.
  19. 19. More • Chick flick • Crime • Drama • Gangster • Historical • Kung fu • Mystery • Noir • Romantic • Satire • War
  20. 20. Good luck with your English journey. Check out and for more free English help! 