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ESL Vocabulary: Musical Instruments


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This Powerpoint presentation gives essential ESL vocabulary for the topic of musical instruments. It looks at string and wind instruments, and has discussion questions. Check out for more.

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ESL Vocabulary: Musical Instruments

  1. 1. Musical Instruments Vocabulary for ESL learners
  2. 2. Guitar Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar
  3. 3. Piano Keyboard An electric piano is called a ….
  4. 4. Violin
  5. 5. Banjo
  6. 6. Bass A bass guitar or double bass has thicker strings than a guitar or banjo.
  7. 7. String Instruments
  8. 8. Language When talking about music, we always say “play + (the) instrument”. • I can play the guitar. • I want to play the piano. • My sister can play the bass.
  9. 9. Discuss 1. Can you play any musical instruments? 2. What musical instrument would you like to play? Why?
  10. 10. Drums
  11. 11. Trumpet Saxophone
  12. 12. Flute
  13. 13. Discuss 1. What other instruments do you know? 2. What instruments are popular in China?
  14. 14. Music Around the World
  15. 15. Bagpipes Didgeridoo Pan Pipes
  16. 16. Making Music with your Body
  17. 17. Voice Whistle Finger click/snap
  18. 18. Take a look at my websites for more IELTS and ESL materials.