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Cooking and Kitchen Vocabulary for ESL


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It's great great teaching ESL students about cooking and kitchen stuff, but you need the right PPT to show them everything. This one contains all the best verbs and nouns to get your intermediate level students talking about cooking and kitchen.

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Cooking and Kitchen Vocabulary for ESL

  1. 1. Let’s Talk About COOKING
  2. 2. Verbs for Cooking
  3. 3. Bake To cook something in an oven
  4. 4. Barbecue (BBQ) To cook on a grill over charcoal or wood (usually outside)
  5. 5. Beat To mix something (like eggs) in order to get air into the mixture
  6. 6. Boil Took cook something in very hot water, or to bring water to 100 degrees celsius
  7. 7. Broil To cook something underneath a heat source (also called “grill”)
  8. 8. Chop To use a knife to cut something into small pieces
  9. 9. Combine Too add two or more ingredients together
  10. 10. Fry To cook in hot oil
  11. 11. Grate To shred food (usually cheese or carrots) with a grater
  12. 12. Knead To prepare dough with your hands
  13. 13. Marinate To leave meat in a sauce for a long time to gain more flavour
  14. 14. Roast To cook for a long time in an oven to get a crispy outside
  15. 15. Simmer To cook over a stove at low heat
  16. 16. Squeeze To collect the juice from something (like a lemon or orange)
  17. 17. Toast To lightly heat something (like bread) on the outside
  18. 18. Around the Kitchen Nouns you need to know
  19. 19. Chopping Board (and knife) A wooden or plastic board for cutting on
  20. 20. Dishwasher For washing dishes in after cooking or eating
  21. 21. Frying Pan A metal pan for frying food in oil
  22. 22. Microwave For quickly cooking some simple foods
  23. 23. Pot A metal container for boiling things in
  24. 24. Recipe Instructions how to cook something, including ingredient list
  25. 25. Stove Oven
  26. 26. Wok A large frying pan used in Asian cooking
  27. 27. MORE VOCABULARY To Learn More English Words and Phrases, see here: • •