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Adjective Clause Taboo Game


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This game is intended for use in ESL classes. First, teach your students about adjective clauses. (Check out and search for "adjective clauses" in the search bar.) Then, play this game, based upon the classic board game, to practice using adjective clauses. Taboo is perfect because you need to describe words carefully without saying certain words or phrases. Also check out my teaching blog for more ESL ideas:

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Adjective Clause Taboo Game

  1. 1. TABOO for adjective clauses
  2. 2. Rules: You should describe the image without using any of the words on screen. Try to use an adjective clause to describe it.
  3. 3. “It’s an animal that lives in your home. People find it adorable. This animal, which is very loyal when it’s an adult, can be very playful when it’s young. You can’t say: Dog Pet Cute Baby EXAMPLE Puppy
  4. 4. Don’t say: Paris France Tall Tower Eiffel Tower
  5. 5. Can’t say: President USA White House Black Barack Obama
  6. 6. Airplane Don’t say: Fly Airport Sky Pilot
  7. 7. Great Wall of China Can’t say: China Long Beijing Wall
  8. 8. Cookies Can’t say: Sweet Chocolate Baked Snack