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The Dragline training GAP

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The Dragline training GAP

  1. 1. Mining Company The Rebuild Training Company The Rebuild Training Company The training GAP How to plug the gap in training competency and save millions. Dragline Fitter Competency With thanks to you
  2. 2. Mining Company The Rebuild Training Company The Rebuild Training Company Dragline Numbers • Cost of a new dragline $100M. $7M/yr @7% = $800 per every hour. • Removes 30,000,000 Bank Cubic meters per year of overburden. • 8750 weighs 7500 tons., has boom length 120 meters. • Bucket of 110 cubic meters. • Total maintenance cost per year: $2,100,000 • • Ropes cost per year $300,000 10-15%.
  3. 3. The Rebuild Training Company Mining Company Opportunity cost of a dragline • Each dragline operates for between 300 to 320 days per year. • At 24 hours per day that’s 7200 to 7680 hours per year allowing for down days every 3 weeks and a major shut of 60 days each 5 yrs, plus mini-shuts. • The total bearings, seals, couplings and PT spend on a dragline over 5 years is between $1M and $1.5M. • That’s $200,000 to $300,000 pear year per dragline. ($100,000 to $200,000 per shovel). • Or between $24 and $42 per hour total spend on all bearings and PT per dragline. • So if we can provide products and services that can reduce maintenance, downtime and breakdowns costing a few thousand dollars, we can save you $34,000 for every hour. .
  4. 4. The Rebuild Training Company Mining Company The working dragline • Draglines are working harder today, RSLs up to 130%. • Increase the load on a bearing by 10% and its life goes down by half. • Hoist and drag gear-cases are being pulled out of shape by the loads. • Swing cassettes are being distorted. Swing shafts snapping. • Gearing is being specially hardened to give up to ten year life. • Dump blocks are lasting between days and months due to incorrect preload setup. • Swing rack Open Gear Lubes are being contaminated with swing bearing lube. • Dust is working its way into sheaves and fans, grinding them away. • Gear-cases are full of metal wear debris causing bearings and gears to fail.. Dragline can earn $34,000 for every hour. .
  5. 5. Mining Company The Rebuild Training Company The Rebuild Training Company What is happening? 1. Work is being done on draglines by experienced fitters who need to be trained in the fine technical skills to fit bearings correctly and identify faults. 2. The failure rate is variable on draglines. 3. Failures are often not fully analyzed and knowledge GAPS identified. 4. Experts who have identified the GAPS , can help fix the problem.
  6. 6. Mining Company The Rebuild Training Company The Rebuild Training Company The solution is available. 2. Fitters must undergo additional blended training in bearing hands-on fitting. 3. Fitters must then be assessed and passed competent by dragline experienced bearing experts before they touch equipment. 4. The Fitters work must be monitored by dragline experienced bearing experts and work signed off on all large bearing fitting jobs. 5. Condition monitoring programs to be supported by experienced dragline bearing experts.
  7. 7. The Rebuild Training Company Mining Company More cost-saving ideas.. • Magnetic oil filtration ($12,000 per single unit). On hoist, drag, swing boxes. • House fan solutions: ($1400 per fan). • Sealed lower swing bearings ($20,000 each) • One piece cage CRB on input shafts (no extra cost) • Correct dump-block preload set-up. • Correct alignment of motors, couplings, shafts and gearboxes ($135 per hr). Save $34,000 for every hour. .
  8. 8. Mining Company The Rebuild Training Company The Rebuild Training Company What’s next? • Contact David Whiffin on +61 421 553 112 and arrange a meeting to show you some of the rebuild training procedures developed and how we can help you improve reliability of your equipment. • There is no obligation and if you do not want to enter into a service contract then you can engage us on an hourly rate. • The most effective way to get value out of us and to maximize the effectiveness of your workforce is to let us conduct basic bearings and lubrication for your fitters and to spend a week in your workshops or on the shut pad rebuilding equipment. • You WILL receive a full rebuild report after each rebuild job and will see immediate benefits. • The real benefit you will get immediately with us is the 25 years of knowledge and experience gained that will be fully available to help you. Thank-you

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