Organizational Performance Catalyst, LLC


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Details of consulting and operational support experience at Organizational Performance Catalyst, LLC.

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Organizational Performance Catalyst, LLC

  1. 1. Organizational Performance Catalyst, LLC Helping small organizations optimize performance through practical consulting and operational support services.
  2. 2. Dave Wartel, Principal • 20+ years’ experience: ▫ implementing and managing a wide variety of programs and projects in complex organizations ▫ providing insightful governance to private, governmental, non-profit and educational organizations • Extensive and varied professional practice: ▫ helps guide sound business strategy and decision-making ▫ generates creative, practical and impactful programs in support of organizational mission
  3. 3. Practice Areas
  4. 4. Planning & Governance Systems • Organizational Assessment • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting • Budgeting and Business Planning • Policy and Procedure Review and Development • Process Mapping and Reengineering Governance: The planned, strategy-based system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled.
  5. 5. Strategic Human Capital Management • Staff Performance Planning and Management • Strategic Candidate Selection and Onboarding • Organizational Structure and Position Description Development • Organizational Climate Measurement • Professional Development Planning • Training Delivery and Job Aid Development Human Capital Management: The planning and coordination of the activities of a business in order to leverage the collective value of the experience, knowledge, skills and abilities of the organization’s people.
  6. 6. Business Operations Support Services • Technology Needs Assessment and Planning • Management Systems Implementation and Optimization • Business Analytics and Reporting • Technology User Job Aid Development • Public Relations and Communications Planning • Board Briefing and Internal Communications Business Operation Support Services: Activities required for successful completion of the functions and tasks that drive a program, project or organization.
  7. 7. Experience
  8. 8. Past Project Highlights • Instituted selection and performance management programs to recruit, retain, and reward high-performing employees • Implemented comprehensive staff training and development initiative serving 200 employees • Created plans and managed restructuring to meet budgetary constraints • Conducted strategic and business planning for a major non-profit community event
  9. 9. Past Project Highlights (continued) • Guided process review in preparation for implementation of new computerized systems • Initiated and oversaw information system replacements, re-development, and conversions • Revamped agency communication plans • Developed required materials for compliance with directives of various state agencies • Created knowledge bases, functional content sites and libraries, data queries and reports • Solicited and evaluated proposals for various services
  10. 10. Value Statement Small business leaders are often so busy working in their business that they are unable to work on their business. Our practical service offerings in the areas of planning & governance systems, human capital management, and business operations support provide the necessary catalyst to help optimize organizational performance.
  11. 11. Organizational Performance Catalyst, LLC CONTACT INFO: Dave Wartel (614) 282-4046