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SharePoint Column Formatting Introduction


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Introduction to SharePoint Column Formatting. Enhance the style and functionality of your column data within SharePoint Lists & Libraries.

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SharePoint Column Formatting Introduction

  1. 1. Column Formatting • What is Column Formatting? • How can Column Formatting be used? • Where can you apply Column Formatting? • How does Column Formatting compare? • Useful Links • Preview of next video M365.VIDEO SharePoint Short
  2. 2. Styling Enhancements Update the look and feel of the content and the HTML. Numeric Calculations Apply mathematical calculations using content between columns in the same row. API-Like Imports Consume data from other sites & services that provide repeatable patterns for providing data. What is Column Formatting? Column Formatting allows you to use JSON to customize how SharePoint Site Columns are displayed in Lists, Libraries and Web Parts
  3. 3. • Site Column – Site Collection or Web (SubSite) –All lists or libraries using this column will inherit the Column Formatting enhancements • List Column – Only the list where the Column Formatting enhancement was added will be affected Where can you apply Column Formatting?
  4. 4. Site Column Formatting Enhancements Comparison Modern Classi c SPFx Development Required JavaScript Required Full Control JSLink NO YES N/A YES YES SPFx Field Customizer Extension YES NO YES YES-ISH YES* Column Formatting YES NO NO NO NO
  5. 5. • Column Formatting Documentation – • Column Formatting GitHub Samples – • Chris Kent Column Formatter: Web Part – Column Formatting Useful Links
  6. 6. • Use existing Samples •Column Formatter (Web Part) – Chris Kent •VS Code and using Intellisense Next Video: Column Formatting - Getting Started http://Warner.Digital