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B2B Search Marketing - Six Struggles & Six Solutions | Integrated Marketing Summit 2014 #IMSKC


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Presented by David Vogel at the Integrated Marketing Summit on 9/23/2014. This short presentation overviews six common search marketing struggles faced by Business-to-Business organizations, and six SEO/PPC solutions.

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B2B Search Marketing - Six Struggles & Six Solutions | Integrated Marketing Summit 2014 #IMSKC

  1. 1. #IMSKC B2B Search Marketing Six Struggles | Six Solutions David Vogel | Datapipe
  2. 2. #IMSKC David Vogel I lead digital marketing at: I’m social at: @DavidVogelDotCo +David Vogel /in/dlvogel Deck:
  3. 3. #IMSKC
  4. 4. #IMSKC Struggle 1: Ambiguity
  5. 5. #IMSKC Struggle 1: Ambiguity Cover-all messaging often used by B2Bs with broad service offering.
  6. 6. #IMSKC Solution 1: Clarity + Keywords • Research keywords used by potential customers when searching for your solution • Make content speak the same language as your audience • Architect site to support these keywords Tools: • Google Adwords Keyword Tool • Auto Suggest ( • Your Chat, Support and Request a Quote logs
  7. 7. #IMSKC Solution 1: Clarity + Keywords
  8. 8. Struggle 2: Proving Search ROI #IMSKC
  9. 9. #IMSKC Struggle 2: Proving Search ROI Initial search More targeted search, clicks ad, visits site Branded search, clicks organic result Served retargeted ad, visits site Types in site url, completes contact form 5,428 sales and lead nurturing touches Contract signed Sees news about company, clicks to site Prospect lifecycle (web traffic analytics) Lead lifecycle (CRM)
  10. 10. #IMSKC Solution 2: Full-Funnel Reporting Tie visitor data to lead/customer data by integrating web marketing software with CRM. Tools: • Act-On • Pardot • HubSpot • Etc…
  11. 11. #IMSKC Solution 2: Full-Funnel Reporting In case you’ve never seen this before…
  12. 12. #IMSKC Struggle 3: Wasted Homepage Strength
  13. 13. Struggle 3: Wasted Homepage Strength #IMSKC • For most websites, the homepage has strongest link metrics, and has best opportunity to: • Rank for highly-competitive keywords • Drive indexation and rankings for deeper content • However, many B2B homepages are image-heavy and text-weak, and don’t include optimized internal links.
  14. 14. Solution 3: Homepage Optimization #IMSKC • Identify your 2-3 most important keywords (high traffic and highly-relevant) • Include keywords in your homepage title and headlines • Add optimized body copy to page • Add keyword-optimized internal links to content optimized for next tier keywords.
  15. 15. Solution 3: Homepage Optimization #IMSKC
  16. 16. #IMSKC Struggle 4: Building Links
  17. 17. Solution 4: Start with Low-Hanging Links #IMSKC • Your vendors and partners • Provide testimonials for their website • Offer to be featured in online case study • Guest posts on how you use their solution • Guest posts on how your solution helps their customers • Charities you support • Organizations your executives chair • Executive/Board Member bios on other websites
  18. 18. Struggle 5: Staying Top-of-Mind #IMSKC During Long Buying Cycles
  19. 19. #IMSKC Solution 5: Remarketing • Once implemented, Remarketing will likely become your highest-ROI PPC tactic. • Incredibly easy to implement: • Create text ads, image ads, and landing page(s) • Place remarketing code on site • Google will cookie visitors, then show them your ads on other sites in their network • Start with Google Display Network, expand to cross-network platforms (AdRoll or Bizo)
  20. 20. #IMSKC Struggle 6: Wasted Paid Search Spend
  21. 21. #IMSKC Solution 6: Negative Keywords Implementing negative keywords… • Is the fastest way to improve your PPC ROI • Eliminates wasted spend and improves Quality Score • Helps you avoid spend on B2C searches
  22. 22. #IMSKC Solution 6: Negative Keywords To get started: • AdWords > Keywords > Details > Search Terms: All • Select and exclude irrelevant searches. • Make broader rules using library: “Campaign Negative Keywords” Great list of B2B negatives to consider: keywords-to-consider-for-b2b-ppc/
  23. 23. #IMSKC Favorite Tools Analytics & Tracking SEO Online Advertising
  24. 24. #IMSKC Favorite Resources Introductory: (David Mihm) Daily Reading: (Rand Fishkin et al) (Brad Geddes) (Larry Kim)
  25. 25. #IMSKC Thank You! @DavidVogelDotCo +David Vogel /in/dlvogel Deck: