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eToro DevOps presentation


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What is it and how does it help us?

Published in: Technology, Education
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eToro DevOps presentation

  1. 1. DevOpsWhat is it and how does it help us?
  2. 2. What is it?DevOps is an approachto bridge the gapbetween agile softwareDevelopment andOperations (IT).
  3. 3. What are our problems today?● Poor Quality - no much unit tests, no automated testing.● Long releases - it usually takes about 2-3 weeks to release.● Dependencies - QA, DBAs, IT, others.● Environments - limited number of static environments, no staging (integration).● Configuration Management - almost all done manually today.● Deployment - manual and prone to human mistakes.
  4. 4. What does it take?(What are we doing in eToro to make it happen?)● R&D standardization - SVN dismiss, development standards, one branching model, design reviews, DBA standards, IT standards, etc...● Monitoring and Measuring - LogEntries, New Relic, Mixpanel, eToroLogs, Nagios, etc.. (TVs in every room with these tools)● Test Driven Development - write unit tests before code, code reviews.● Test automation - integration tests, UI test, manual.
  5. 5. What does it take?(What are we doing in eToro to make it happen?)● Simplifications of our Ecosystem - on Application and IT sides, write/use APIs, create Mocks to be independent.● A/B testing - On/Off flags on features, gradual deployment, measure everything.● Environment creation - create your own full working environment with click of a button. Includes Build Automation and Configuration Management.● Staging environment - for integration check between teams.
  6. 6. What does it give?(What are we trying to achieve?)● Power to developer● Non blocking development● Quality improvement● Continuous Integration● Continues Deployment