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Broken lb

  1. 1. BROKEN LINK BUILDING• Broken link building how-to:  Tools you’ll need:  Xenu - download at  Domain Hunter Plus - chrome store  Web spider - chrome store - not necessary really only if the other tools fuck up  Check my links - super cool tool - chrome store  Site evaluation tools you already have    Why is it good? 2 things come to mind:  Reach out to get a link to replace the broken one OR  Support your reachout with a broken link you found on the site of a high value link target
  2. 2. Process:-You wanna build links to a client. Let’s say rayotec.-You wanna look for blogs that are covering yourniche. Rayotec - green blogs, DIY blogs whateva.This is a crossroad in the process:4 different ways to continue
  3. 3. 1st way: Hunt for them on usual blog directories like invesp, and the like. Hunt for them with scrapebox. Use custom footprints or blogengine or wordpress Compile a list of your targets in a csv or txt Check the domain pagerank Filter Copy paste or export to a txt Add the whole bunch to Xenu / Screaming Frog / You’ll see broken links after X hours of waiting where X is correlating to the number of targets you found Reach out and ask for a link. Voila!
  4. 4. 2nd way: If you prefer a visual check: Go visit a particular blog you’d like to guest post on . Check their blogroll with Check my links. See any red ones? Those are broken. Reach out and tell them : “BTW I found some broken links in your blogroll. Google hates those. No need to thank me just post my article. Bye.” Tada!
  5. 5. 3rd way (for ninjas): Find really high PR targets. Check some of their relevant content Check for Broken links in the Content Found one? Great! Go to the broken link url, and check the content that used to be there. Order an article with the same topic from your writer, and tell her to write something 99% similar to the one that used to be there. Post the article on the clients blog. Reach out and tell them: “your shitty resource is not there anymore. Here is the one I found that is also better. Bazinga!
  6. 6. 4th way (for rich ninjas): Try to find a broken link in your niche. High PR target. Use domain hunter plus or a normal br.checker and godaddy to find out if the domain is for sale. Check the backlink profile of the domain. Analyze it. Wayback machine would be good. Buy the domain. Rebuild it with some of your content. Recreate the pages that the other sites are linking to. Internal link it to the homepage. From there link to your client. Heureka!