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CloudCamp Moscow - 20% Technology and 80% Everything Else


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David Szabo's presentation on CloudCamp Moscow on the 9th April on Cloud business models and service-oriented thinking.

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CloudCamp Moscow - 20% Technology and 80% Everything Else

  1. 1. Your SaaS Business: 20% technology andthe 80% other stuffDavid Szabo, Regional Cloud Strategy Advisor, Microsoft Corp / Central & Eastern Europe
  2. 2. Cloud = Azure = SaaS
  3. 3. Service Product
  4. 4. 20% technology Brand UX Your product Competition 80% Marketing1 SaaS Vs your company2 Your Invoicing model ...
  5. 5. The cherryThe cream
  6. 6. ? ? ? ? ??What is What can I do How do I doCloud? with it? it?
  7. 7. Listen Upda tes 24/7 SupportYour sell your product on amonthly basis …
  8. 8. Listen MUST.Upda tes 24/7 (period) Support
  9. 9. Listen Upda tes 24/7 SupportChange isyour best friend
  10. 10. SaaS update model Listen Upda tes Jan Feb Mar Apr May 24/7 Support V2 V3 V4SP3 SP1 SP2 SP3 SP1 SP2 SP3 SP1 SP2 SP3
  11. 11. Listen “ I called them on Monday and they implemented aUpda tes new feature by Thursday ” 24/7 Support”Listening to your Customers is the startof building your brand.” David Szabo
  12. 12. Lot of Lots oftraffic scans Lots of steps
  13. 13. Single Tenant architecture Variable monthly fee – based on usage Your Fixed other costs Base +20% price Your Azure billJan Feb Mar Apr Jan Feb Mar Apr Jan Feb Mar AprTraditional SaaS variable Customer’sflat invoicing invoicing model Revenue Vs yourmodel service’s costs
  14. 14. Multi Tenant architecture Your other costs +20% Your Azure billJan Feb Mar Apr Jan Feb Mar Apr Jan Feb Mar Apr Jan Feb Mar AprTradicionális Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3konstrukció
  15. 15. Azure Cloud SaaS 20% technology Service-oriented thinking Brand UX Sell on a monthly Your product basis Competition 80% Marketing SaaS Vs your company 1 Understand your 2 Your Invoicing modelCustomers’ business ...
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