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Game Store GAMA 2016

What you should know when opening a specialty retail game and comic store. Tips and advice for the business minded passionate gamer.

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Game Store GAMA 2016

  1. 1. Store Opening Checklist A Checklist of Necessary Stuff!
  2. 2. You think you want to own a Game Store… I Own 2 Stores Currently… I have Opened or moved 3 times in 7 years! This is about all of the items you need to take care of before you open your doors for the very 1st Dollar! This is not about whether you SHOULD... Why are We Here?
  3. 3. David Steltenkamp • Own Dragon’s Den in Poughkeepsie, NY • Own Gamer’s Gambit in Danbury, CT • MBA, 15+ Years in Retail Mgt. • 10 Years in Publishing, Sales • Started in Gaming with D&D Purple Box Background
  4. 4. Legal Banking/Capital Commercial Leasing Prepping Your Physical Space Equipment Setting Up Vendor Accounts Human Resources Store Policies Advertising What Areas are We Covering?
  5. 5. What type of Structure? Sole, LLC, Corp Who owns it? What State? Sales Tax/Local Laws Insurance Find a Good Lawyer/Accountant Legal
  6. 6. Open Corporate Account Establish Signers Loan Bank or Different? Corporate Debit/Credit Card Set Up Credit Card Processing Separate Accounts for Taxes/Payroll? Banking
  7. 7. Location, Location, Location Term & Amount per Square Foot (Per Month/Per Year) Common Area Merchant Fees Taxes Contacts at Landlord There is another Session on Commercial Leasing Thursday, 10 AM Commercial Leasing
  8. 8. What do you need to do? Paint, Flooring, Ceiling, Electrical, Plumbing, Security Fixtures Grid Wall, Slat Wall, Bookcases, Shelving, Hooks, Display Cases, Cash Wrap, Register Stand, Filing Cabinets, Desk, Storage, Tables, Chairs, ETC. Prepping Your Physical Space
  9. 9. Point of Sale Computer, Cash Drawer, Credit Card Machine, Receipt Printer, Label Printer, Counterfeit Detection Office Computer, Cash Box, Filing Cabinet General Store Vacuum, Stapler, Tape, Ladder, Garbage Cans Equipment
  10. 10. Basic Utilities Security Credit Card Processing (Merchant Services) Goods Wholesale/Distributors Direct With Manufacturers Local Vendors (Food, Crafts) Set Up Vendor Accounts
  11. 11. Terms COD Certified Credit Card COD Due on Delivery Net ?? Days Deposits Set up Vendor Accounts, Part 2
  12. 12. Non-Goods Organized Play - Friday Night Magic Store Locators - Steve Jackson Games Demo Copies - Fantasy Flight Demo Programs - Press Gangers National Days - International TableTop Day Set Up Vendor Accounts, Part 3
  13. 13. Make Sure You Check Legal Issues!!! eg NJ Owner must be covered by Workers Comp “Volunteers” like Wizards Judges Minimum Wage, Working Papers Interview Check References Beware Family & “Friends” Human Resources
  14. 14. Basics Days & Hours, Checks, Events, Buybacks Employee (Possible Handbook) Discounts, Uniform, Standards Customers Code of Conduct, Volunteers Cash How and Who Store Policies
  15. 15. Social Media Broadcast Print EMail Direct Mail Flyers Billboards Guerilla Advertising
  16. 16. Your Grand Opening
  17. 17. Gamer’s Gambit, Danbury CT Before Photo Gallery
  18. 18. Gamer’s Gambit, Danbury CT After Photo Gallery
  19. 19. Dragon’s Den, Poughkeepsie, NY Photo Gallery
  20. 20. Thanks for Coming!