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How to clean inside and out your home


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How to clean inside and out your home

  1. 1. Look at your home! Do you like it? Do you think that it can look better? How much will thatcost? Is there a cheaper way?If you want your place to look, feel, smell etc. better, than you need to clean it well and there is nobetter time to do this than now. The spring temperatures allow the work to be done easy and fastwithout being too exhausted at the end of the day.So, what do you need?1. A mop2. Dry cloth3. Bucket of water4. Small hatchet5. Small hatchet (will talk about later, dont need to panic)6. Mould cleaner7. Mask8. Liquid soap9. Old newspapersHaving all these by your hand means that you are ready for the big cleaning.• Start with some preparation. Play some good music, become in a cleaning mood. Becomeinspired for cleaning.• Eat something. It is very hard to clean your home if you are not feeling well. After all youwill need to have the power to clean the whole house and the garden. The tools are prettyheavy too, so you have to be prepared.• Wait around 30 minutes after eating in order for the food to settle. Otherwise you will notfeel very comfortable during the cleaning.• Dress in clothes that are proper for the cleaning. You do not want your new jeans or shirt tobe dirty so put something old and ragged. (You will thank me later)• Prepare the house for the cleaning. You need to put a cover on the ground. This will preventthe place to become messy. There are plastic covers that are extremely cheap and will do thejob just great for you. Put one of these in the room where you will start the cleaning.• Be careful with the slippers. If you walk everywhere with them, you will make a mess sotake them off when you go out of the place which you clean. At the end of the procedure youwill have to clean them very well or wash them. Either ways you need to be sure that theyare as clean as possible.• Make a small list with the things that you have to clean. Try to think logically. See the placeswhich you have to start with and the direction in which you have to move during thecleaning.• Open all the doors and the windows. During the cleaning a lot of dust and vapours from thecleaning solutions will go in the air so you may start feeling a bit dizzy. In order to preventthat, allow enough oxygen to enter the room.• Make sure that the cleaning will not disturb the neighbours. If you want to drill somethingetc, you have to make sure that no one in the neighbourhood will be disturbed.• Prepare different bags for the different types of junk. At the end of the day you will have tothrow them in different containers and the junk that is more special, like after builders junk,
  2. 2. needs to be taken with a lorry and moved to a special area.• Relax a bit before the cleaning and focus. You need your full concentration.• Safety is always first. Make sure that youve got your goggles and gloves with you. Neverrisk your health when cleaning.After all that preparation you probably will not have enough time for cleaning, so hire professionalcleaners like for the job and go ourt andhave some fun. You deserve it after a whole day of preparations.Hopefully, this article was helpful or if not, it at least made you laugh. Take care!