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IBM i at the heart of Cognitive Systems


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Shorter presentation about Cloud, IBM Power Systems Enterprise for Cloud, PowerVC and OpenStack, Hybrid Cloud, IBM i, Retail examples and challenges, PowerAI and POWER9

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IBM i at the heart of Cognitive Systems

  1. 1. © IBM Corporation, 2016 IBM i at the heart of Cognitive Systems 8th June 2017 Presented by David Spurway IBM Power Systems Product Manager IBM Systems, UK and Ireland
  2. 2. 2 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Since the IBV 2012 study, the cloud technology has become much more mainstream 1IBV report: “The Power of Cloud - Driving Business Model Innovation”, 2012. Link: Today, 78% says cloud initiatives are coordinated or fully integrated In 2012, only 34% said they had a solid plan in adopting cloud1 10%0% 30%20% 50%40% Fully integrated as part of an overall strategic transformation Multiple related initiatives within a coordinated program Ad hoc initiatives with some coordination among business group Ad hoc initiatives with no coordination among business group 44% 34% 3% 19% 10%0% 30%20% We have redesigned our business process due to cloud We have redesigned out IT infrastructure due to cloud We have adopted or plan to adopt cloud 21% 7% 6% How enterprise cloud initiatives are viewed within respondent’s organization Level of cloud adoption in respondent’s organization
  3. 3. 3 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Though cloud adoption is maturing, nearly half of workloads are expected to remain on on-premise dedicated servers 45% workloads will continue to be on dedicated servers demanding executives to be fully cognizant of what value an optimal combination of cloud and traditional IT can deliver Third party hosted cloud Self hosted private cloud On-premise dedicated servers 10% 0% 30% 20% 50% 40% 60% 80% 70% 100% 90% 2 years ago Today 2 years from now 26% 30% 44% 25% 31% 44% 25% 30% 45% Percentage distribution of respondent’s IT infrastructure workloads
  4. 4. 4 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Hybrid clouds use cases SoR-SoE Integration Independent Workloads Portability & Optimization Application and/or data are portable and can go to and from public and private for improved optimization Link new social and mobile systems to core business systems Able to be implemented quickly, without infrastructure or application changes Choose private, public or hybrid cloud based on independent workload requirements More complex deployment, possibly requiring infrastructure or application changes Disaster Recovery Reserve for capacity (bursting) Backup and Archive Use private cloud normally and switch to public cloud to recover files and data Tap into public cloud resources dynamically when a shortage occurs on private cloud Leverage off-premise resources for backup and archiving of on-premises resources CRM HR ERP Systems of engagement Systems of record PrivatePublic Traditional IT Private Public Private Public Data sync Private Public PrivatePublic Dev/Test Prod Hybrid Cloud Brokerage & Management Planned or Policy based Management and sourcing across multiple environments (infrastructure, platform & app)
  5. 5. 5 © IBM Corporation, 2016 IBM Power Systems Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure On-Premises Cloud Hybrid Infrastructure Complementary Built-in Cloud Deployment Service Options Transform traditional infrastructure with automation, self-service and elastic consumption models Securely extend to Public Cloud with rapid access to compute services and API integration • OpenStack-based Cloud Management: enabling DevOps to Full production • Open source automation (installation and config. recipes) • Flexible elastic private cloud capacity and consumption models • Cross Data Center Inventory and Performance Monitoring via the IBM Cloud • Manage VMs across on and off-premises clouds with a single pane of glass (e.g., VMware vRealize) • Securely connect traditional workloads with cloud- native apps (Power & API Connect, BlueMix) • Optional DR as a Service (GDR for Power) • Free access and capacity flexibility with SoftLayer - Free SoftLayer starter pack (12 server months) - Flexibility to run capacity On Premises or in SoftLayer • Design for Cloud Provisioning and Automation • Build for Infrastructure as a Service • Build for Cloud Capacity Pools across Data Centers • Design for Hybrid Cloud with BlueMix • Deliver with automation for DevOps • Deliver with Database as a Service
  6. 6. 6 © IBM Corporation, 2016 CCI (VMs) Off-premise On-premise AIX X LINUX IBM i VPN Intel SecurityServices SecurityServices Nova PowerKVM PowerVM 2.5 1.3 Novalink HMC Pre-POWER8 Nova Partition OpenStack Services Nova API Nova Core POWER8 Power & Hybrid Cloud Architecture for IaaS with PowerVC & IBM Cloud Orchestrator POWER8 PowerVM LINUX Baremetal Intel PowerKVM Nov a LINUX AIX X IBM i
  7. 7. 7 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Off-premiseOn-premise AIX X LINUX IBM i VPN Baremetal Intel SecurityServices SecurityServices IBM PowerVC Cloud Edition (openstack liberty) PowerVM Power & Hybrid Cloud Architecture for IaaS with Openstack Novalink Nova Partition OpenStack Services Nova API Nova Core PowerKVM Self Service Catalog Metering Multitenancy PowerVM HMC Nova PowerKVM LINUX AIX X IBM i LINUX Pre-POWER8 POWER8 POWER8
  8. 8. 8 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Off-premiseOn-premise AIX RHEL IBM i Power & Hybrid Cloud Architecture for PaaS VPN Baremetal Intel SecurityServices SecurityServices Patterns Creation & Deployment Middleware& Software Service Middleware & Software Engine Patterns Designer Service Patterns Engine UrbanCode Deploy Power KVM CCI (VMs) Intel Novalink Nova Partition OpenStack Services Nova API Nova Core Power KVM
  9. 9. 9 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Instant Runtime M Q T T / N O D E . J S ™ Container MQTT Broker Send wishes + GPS DB2 Get html page Bluemix Bootstr ap f ram ew ork On-premise Users (MQTT + JS in Browser) Restful Server (API provider) Data Centric Solution Find nearest Store and direction to it Receive store and direction Intranet Vendor’ iPads (Mobile App.) Let vendor know Query Twitter DMZ (SoE) (SoR) API Consumers Partner solutions C.Lalevee Example of Retail scenario: Global Architecture Overview
  10. 10. 10 © IBM Corporation, 2016 My recent buyer’s journey…
  11. 11. 11 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Some challenges… 06524979412201&invite_code=7fc292525ac44aafa6736bdec95dd1b5 Speziale Floral Lace Fit & Flare Dress Items in this section are temporarily out of stock
  12. 12. 12 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Where I ended up going… Petite Clothing Update your wardrobe with Wallis' stunning must have petite range. Designed for women who are 5'3" and under
  13. 13. 13 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Example of Datasets available
  14. 14. 14 © IBM Corporation, 2016 DeepFashion: In-shop Clothes Retrieval Details In-shop Clothes Retrieval Benchmark evaluates the performance of in- shop Clothes Retrievel. This is a large subset of DeepFashion, containing large pose and scale variations. It also has large diversities, large quantities, and rich annotations, including • 7,982 number of clothing items; • 52,712 number of in-shop clothes images, and ~200,000 cross-pose/scale pairs; • Each image is annotated by bounding box, clothing type and pose type.
  15. 15. 15 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Introducing PowerAI: Get Started Fast with Deep Learning Enabled by High Performance Computing Infrastructure Package of Pre-Compiled Major Deep Learning Frameworks Easy to install & get started with Deep Learning with Enterprise-Class Support Optimized for Performance To Take Advantage of NVLink
  16. 16. 16 © IBM Corporation, 2016 IBM i Support and Extended Support Roadmap • 3 Releases currently available and under normal support and service IBM i 7.1 EoS 30th April 2018
  17. 17. 17 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Processor Technology Roadmap Continued Investment in POWER 2014  12 Cores  SMT8  2X DPFP  PCIE Gen 3  Coprocessor (CAPI)  Enhanced Prefetch  NVLink 1.0  2X CAPI 2020+  24 Cores  New µArchitecture  Direct-attach DDR4  Gen4 PCIe  CAPI 2.0  OpenCAPI 3.0  NVLink 2.0 650mm2 POWER8 22 nm POWER8 w/ NVLink 22 nm POWER9 14 nm 659mm2 2016 2017 POWER10  48 Cores  New µArchitecture  Enhanced Memory  OpenCAPI 4.0  Future NVLink 695mm2 Future POWER11  >48 Cores  New µArchitecture  2x SIMD width  Future NVLINK  Future OpenCAPI
  18. 18. 18 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Watson Puts On A Show At COMMON • From Therese Eaton’s Pick ‘n’ Mix • watson-puts-show-common/ • “…mentioning the introduction of Power9 servers would come late in 2017, with IBM i versions unavailable until early 2018.”
  19. 19. 19 © IBM Corporation, 2016 IBM, Mellanox, and NVIDIA awarded $325M U.S. Department of Energy’s Super Computer bids Two super computers for Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore Labs in 2017. Sequoia (LLNL) 2012 - 2017 Mira (ANL) 2012 - 2017 Titan (ORNL) 2012 - 2017 Current DOE Leadership Computers 5x – 10x Higher Application Performance versus Current Systems >100 PF, 2 GB/core main memory, local NVRAM, Mellanox EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand, IBM POWER CPUs, NVIDIA Tesla GPUs
  20. 20. 20 © IBM Corporation, 2016 “ZAIUS”, the next Google machine fueled with IBM POWER9 April 2016, during OpenPOWER Summit 2016, Google annonced a partnership with Rackspace to develop a new server plateform, based on IBM POWER9, code-named ZAIUS. More information: google-rackspace-power9-system/ ummit_power9/
  21. 21. 21 © IBM Corporation, 2016
  22. 22. © IBM Corporation, 2016 Questions? David Spurway – IBM Power Systems Product Manager Email: Phone: 07717 892 896 Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  23. 23. 23 © IBM Corporation, 2016 IBM i Page
  24. 24. 24 © IBM Corporation, 2016
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  26. 26. 26 © IBM Corporation, 2016 Special notices This document was developed for IBM offerings in the United States as of the date of publication. IBM may not make these offerings available in other countries, and the information is subject to change without notice. Consult your local IBM business contact for information on the IBM offerings available in your area. Information in this document concerning non-IBM products was obtained from the suppliers of these products or other public sources. Questions on the capabilities of non-IBM products should be addressed to the suppliers of those products. IBM may have patents or pending patent applications covering subject matter in this document. The furnishing of this document does not give you any license to these patents. Send license inquires, in writing, to IBM Director of Licensing, IBM Corporation, New Castle Drive, Armonk, NY 10504- 1785 USA. All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only. The information contained in this document has not been submitted to any formal IBM test and is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees either expressed or implied. All examples cited or described in this document are presented as illustrations of the manner in which some IBM products can be used and the results that may be achieved. Actual environmental costs and performance characteristics will vary depending on individual client configurations and conditions. IBM Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit Corporation in the United States and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to qualified commercial and government clients. Rates are based on a client's credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type and options, and may vary by country. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension or withdrawal without notice. IBM is not responsible for printing errors in this document that result in pricing or information inaccuracies. All prices shown are IBM's United States suggested list prices and are subject to change without notice; reseller prices may vary. IBM hardware products are manufactured from new parts, or new and serviceable used parts. Regardless, our warranty terms apply. Any performance data contained in this document was determined in a controlled environment. Actual results may vary significantly and are dependent on many factors including system hardware configuration and software design and configuration. Some measurements quoted in this document may have been made on development-level systems. There is no guarantee these measurements will be the same on generally-available systems. Some measurements quoted in this document may have been estimated through extrapolation. Users of this document should verify the applicable data for their specific environment.