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Social Media in the Marine Industry


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An introduction to using social media to communicate with Australian boating enthusiasts. Targeted at marine brokers and service providers including yachting / sailing and powerboats.

Presented to members of the Boating Association of NSW at Middle Harbour Skiff Club in Sydney, Australia.

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Social Media in the Marine Industry

  1. 1. Social Media in the Marine Industry
  2. 2. Australian Community Manager for Tibbr– Social media for the enterpriseCo-founder of Evelops– Web development agencyBarCamp Organiser & Speaker– Free Sydney tech conference
  3. 3. Social media ispeople talking online
  4. 4. StumbleUpon
  5. 5. 100,000+Australians joined last month
  6. 6. 14% of people trust advertisements78% of people trust consumer recommendations
  7. 7. Non-Financial Impacts Email Signups / Open Rates Website Visitors Facebook Likes Word Of Mouth Positive PressLink Click-Through Rates Reputation Brand Awareness Blog Comments Retweets Youtube Views Twitter Followers
  8. 8. Financial Impacts Walk-Ins Phone Enquiries ReferralsTriggering Purchasing Decisions
  9. 9. Wealth Managers Industry Perspectives Bakeries Fresh BreadFood Trucks Today’s Location Fitness Trainers Personal Bests
  10. 10. 5,476,528 likes
  11. 11. Campaign: Free coffee samples for bloggersResults:1,500+ participating blogsCoverage in print media2 awards
  12. 12. “Just booked Northern Lights yesterday for 9 nights,only 4 days after posting her availability in NewEngland on my FaceBook wall.” Shannon Webster
  13. 13. 70% of high net worth individuals use social media LinkedIn usage is strongly related to income Everyone has internet on their mobile
  14. 14. The most popular social network for over 50s One million users in Australia 40% of them earn over $100,000 / year
  15. 15. 58% of Twitter accounts are used for business 44% of Twitter users have recommended a product
  16. 16. Over 2 billion videos watched every dayThe 2nd biggest social network in Australia
  17. 17. 11% of all Australian website visits come from Facebook links
  18. 18. Building A Community Difficulty: Hard
  19. 19. Organise Your Own Events Boat Shows Competitions Races / Crewing Harbourside Food Blogging Extreme BoatingSecret Harbour Spots Anecdotes Photos Cool Videos
  20. 20. Sailing Flashmobs?
  21. 21. The future is already hereIt’s just not widely distributed yet
  22. 22. What Can I Do?1. Setup Google Alerts for your business2. Use LinkedIn for customer recommendations3. Use Twitter for potential buyers, advice and news4. Use Facebook account to build a sailing community5. Invest in professional videos for YouTube
  23. 23. Questions?
  24. 24.