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My trans kit checklist gw1 ds1_gw3


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My trans kit checklist gw1 ds1_gw3

  1. 1. Net-Translators May 15,2014 Page 1 of 1 My TransKit Checklist High-level list: Specific items vary per customer Files, Instructions, Contacts, and Resources 1. Source Files a. Word docs, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Flare, HTML files, UI strings, etc. 2. Instructions a. Languages and Locales i. E.g. Spanish (Mexico), French (Canada), English UK, etc. b. What to translate/not to translate c. Deliverables i. Formats 1. Graphics localization instructions 2. Expected output (RoboHelp, Flare PDF, compiled help, etc.) ii. Naming conventions iii. Technical details d. Limitations 3. Training and resources (This can be a one-time item for each product) a. Training documents, WebEx recordings, videos, etc. b. Software build 4. Reference material a. User guides b. Previously translated material (if done by a different agency or translator) 5. Glossary/TermBase 6. Translation memory 7. Style guide 8. Contact information / Preferred communication channels (Email, Skype, Web portal, etc.) a. For customer b. For translators c. For Project Manager 9. Deadlines a. Word count or estimated word count b. Drop schedule 10. Payment / budget information