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Summer Union 2020 - Innovation is no longer a contact Sport

At our inaugural online Union we share insights from speakers, and attendees on the topic "Innovation is no longer a contact sport".

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Summer Union 2020 - Innovation is no longer a contact Sport

  1. 1. 18th June 2019 Innovation is no longer a contact sport.
  2. 2. 100%Open Our Mission We connect the suits with the sneakers.
  3. 3. Summer Union’s Suits...
  4. 4. Union Attendees By Region
  5. 5. 16.00 – Welcome and Lockdown Learnings. 16.15 – Give Get Introductions. 16.45 – Pitches. Part 1 Agenda 17.00 – Panel. 17.15 – Non-contact Innovation Brainstorm. 17.45 – Open Social. 19.00 – Close. Part 2
  6. 6. Lockdown Learnings. Summer Union
  7. 7. Summer Union Lockdown Learnings ● What have you learned about innovation in lockdown? ● Please post your top tip in the box below.
  8. 8. ● Geographic level playing field ● Online can work! And for me can be more efficient ● People who are reluctant to speak up in person feel more comfortable doing so in chat online ● blended is the future: opportunity for post workshop follow up via Zoom ● Community can adapt different forms ● an HR colleague says IT devs are loving it as they prefer to focus alone and not get dragged into physical meetings ● New routines, regular social check-ins, keeping well and looking after my mental and physical needs. Helped by A good playlist! ● ironically I've been a lot more communicative than ever before ● Connection with clients is more focused ● Commuting I now realise was exhausting. ● Time to learn to paint.... not in 4 to 8 countries a month anymore ● Never going to complain about travelling again Pros and Cons of Online Lockdown Learnings Highlights Behaviours and Skills. ● You will either become a Monk, Hunk, Lump, or Drunk. ● That eating cake makes your clothes shrink. ● no online workshops for more than 2 hours without a mental break ● The importance of having people around you ● I was not born to be a teacher! ● Heading to the fridge is my favourite commute ● Zoom fatigue is a thing - and we don't have to be on video all the time just because we can ● buy a decent microphone! don’t rely on built in pc mics. Invest in noise cancelling headphones :) ● If you don't trust your employees - the problem is that you don't trust your employees - not that they are working at home... ● very difficult to sleep and work efficiently in the same room! ● When you go out once a day, follow dog walkers to find new routes ● I think I am working later that ‘office work’, so need to find ways to ‘close’ the at-home office. ● having a physical differentiation between working/home space
  9. 9. ● We are physically prevented from meeting ● We’re getting used to it ● It might even be better ● Let’s help each other learn, adapt and succeed Innovation is no longer a contact sport. Sumer Union Theme.
  10. 10. Domestic Missions in Lockdown. More Focused. More Inclusive. More efficient.
  11. 11. Give Get Intros. 15 minute breakout. In your breakout groups please record and discuss why you’re here! What have you got to Give in a gathering like this? What might you expect to Get?
  12. 12. Summer Union Give Gets
  13. 13. Pechakucha! Summer Union Pitches Let’s hear it for our three fine speakers! We’ll be having a panel afterwards - please record your questions in the Q&A pod below, live as people are speaking.
  14. 14. Beth Susanne. International Pitch Coach, Visions in Focus S.L. New Rules for Uncertain Times…. Summer Union Pitches
  15. 15. bethpitch bethsusann e m Crisis Danger Opportunity
  16. 16. bethpitch bethsusann e m
  17. 17. bethpitch bethsusann e m
  18. 18. bethpitch bethsusann e m Online Voice Tone Message Body Language In Person Voice Tone Message Body Language
  19. 19. Estelle Blanks. Executive Director, SuperNetwork North East England. Challenge led innovation during COVID-19. Summer Union Pitches
  20. 20. Innovation is no longer a contact sport 18th May 2020 Challenge led innovation during COVID-19 Estelle Blanks – Executive Director, Innovation SuperNetwork
  21. 21. • Overview of Challenge led innovation • How do we normally do it? • What can’t we do? • Can we still innovate? Context
  22. 22. Rural movement and mobility design sprint Postpone or redesign? HOW DO WE KEEP PEOPLE ENGAGED AND DELIVER THE 3 DAY DESIGN SPRINT? From... …To ?
  23. 23. SETUP / RE-ENGAGE Stakeholders and participants CALLS / RESEARCH AND INSIGHTS Stakeholders and participants SYNTHESIS Collate understand and interpret COMMUNICATE / WEBINAR Frame and share opportunities EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Receive Redesign - Process/Timing/Tools Timing 1 week Tues 24/03 Wed 25/03 Thurs 26/3 2 weeks Mix of ToolsDelivery team 6 5 4 6 3 To do from 16th March
  24. 24. Outcomes Team working with stakeholders 5 18 Discovery interviews 16 External organisations 29 Explored user stories 2.5hrs On each interview 45hrs Total Use cases and opportunities5 9Expressions of Interest
  25. 25. PROCUREMENT CELL: Remit: to support the logistics of supply National Need AHSN Remit: - Find alternative suppliers - Undertake due diligence - Lead horizon scanning - Take requests / capture offers - Keep a local log of supplier offer - Share intelligence on forthcoming needs NELEP Growth Hub / ISN / CPI / Supply Chain / etc Remit: - Support the identification of alternatives that can't be sourced - Support the assessment of horizon scanning - Support sustainable supply chains and ensure diversification is commercially viable - Signpost SMEs to help meet requirements / identified needs – i.e. finance / facility expertise / business support NHS Organisations Direct request Specification of requirements Daily Supply Issues Alternative Suppliers via networks to find alternatives Offers Due diligence 1. Where supply can’t be found from the traditional supply chain 2. Due diligence 3. Horizon scan Response to request
  26. 26. Ask(s): Support for capacity building/Sharing best practice and knowledge Reflecting on geographies and a new level playing field
  27. 27. RESILIENCE 1. ACCEPTANCE 5. REFRAMING 4. UPSKILLING 3. INGENUITY bethpitch bethsusann e m 2. VISION
  28. 28. Mark Famy. Innovation Development Manager, Saint-Gobain. How focusing purposefully on constraints can lead to important (and often surprising) innovations. Summer Union Pitches
  35. 35. Design the best non-contact innovation programme. Summer Union. Breakout 2. 1. Explore phase - having creative ideas and building networks. 2. Extract Phase - selecting the best ideas. 3. Exploit Phase - building business models or routes-to-market.
  36. 36. Non-contact Innovation Brainstorm How do we Explore new ideas Explore Mix it up - make sure that creatives are diverse Hold spaces like Union, for example, where people can come together online. The spiderweb of connection - if each person invites someone relevant this is double the connections Join Linkedin groups Learn how to communicate better online - and give each other validation Linked In: connect personally (write a message) and join groups that pertain to my work and interests. Social distancing workshops Use social listening to see what the public is saying about the subject Using polls, social media, outsource to people you otherwise wouldn't; be able to reach due to geography, timing etc: lean into the change rather than trying to mimic 'old; ways Use of digital technology for creative purposes (more open to it now than pre March 2020) PR Online Serendipity AI analysis of Twitter feeds- apparently there is a hedometer looking at twitter to gauge the mood of the country shared whiteboarding Database extraction of data, trends. Social listening on social media using clouds solutions to co-work with team members Virtual events Crowdsourcing platform/programme dimensions/outside perspective Break from your normal community to increase diversity across all dimensions offer to swap into another group Direct contact through Linkedin or website Use consumer groups to prioritise ideas to become more demand led Outbound campaign
  37. 37. Non-contact Innovation Brainstorm How do we Extract the best ones? Extract send an email around with a spreadsheet and scores on For small teams, we just have a chat, research the ideas and then make a decision. My team meets online. We meet every few days to touch base and get updates Can select 50 to 100 clients to test ideas and ask for feedback...with tracking for who opens what, for how long and when. First using unpaid campaigns and then paid for potential clients. ONline concept testing 360 and Diversified R&D process best practice sharing to develop GTM options Commercial and Sustainable relevance and synergies Missing personal chemistry, validating process, facial cues. online-offline pilots tweet your ideas out and see what gets the best reaction Online Crowdsourcing programmes with load of read users Expose people to the different options available- let them play with the tools to see what is possible e.g. sticky notes, group conversations online hype from early stage: expose your process Have a hypothesis, and test it online. and document learnings remote 3D printing printing - think of the mass of face shields being made live streaming as a form of ethnography crowdsourcing vote online debate (in a box) Camera diaries online video diaries blogs Online interviews virtual office tour Camera with trigger Online crowd source platform democratic votes Judging panels Crowds are a great way to extract the best ideas, or anyway to find out what's popular
  38. 38. Non-contact Innovation Brainstorm How do we Exploit them as innovations online? Exploit Using online version of the business canvas fast iterative business model development - 30 mins at time building business models / routes to market Am seeing a lot more augmented reality going on- can be used ask people/businesses to put money down kickstarter/IndieGoGo What's;s the equivalent for B2B? online prototyping lofi, hifi, etc. Speculative Design proposals to prompt insights give participants / co-creators opportunity to have a stake in the success of the programme, so they have the motive to support implementation and uptake Connect with your existing supply chain
  39. 39. Thank You! To our speakers. Our flexible events team! To you, Unionistas, for trying something a bit different. Summer Union
  40. 40. “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” BILL JOY, SUN MICROSYSTEMS 100%Open The Open Innovation Imperative.
  41. 41. Thank you for attending Thursday 18th June 4pm