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Opus Life Stories -

Opus creates a new revenue stream for recording artists where they can license the use of popular songs for use in videos created by their fans. There is an explosion in images. Every year, an unprecedented number of images are taken on mobile devices and cameras - more than the total number of photographs in recorded history. How does anyone share them? We sync these images with beautiful transitions and titles to create unique multimedia stories that people can share.
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Opus Life Stories -

  1. 1. celebrating the people we love with the music we remember CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS PLAN 06.05.2015 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 Nowanyonecaneasilycreateandshare expressivemultimediastoriesaboutthepeople, placesandtimestheydeeplycareabout. • user-generated content drives meaningful social sharing • sharing adds incremental sales and growth • rapid intrinsic market growth with a highly scaleable model 2
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 Shared Multimedia Celebrations 3 Most of our customers will share multiple life events over time, reducing our marketing costs to retain customers. WEDDINGS People are looking to create new forms of social expressions that go beyond the printed photo album and videos almost no-one sees 2.6 M /Yr BIRTHDAYS Celebrations of important birthdays can easily be the subject of an ongoing series of life stories 360+ M Everyone has a birthday, every year GRADUATION Expansion to life events that encompass rites of passage including confirmations and Bar Mitzvahs, as a time to reflect on the progress of life. 17.5 M grads / Yr MEMORIALS There is no significant player in this space. Our products compliment the funeral and memorial business 2.4 M funerals/Yr
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The quality of music drives emotional impact. Opus will have some very special music that no one else can offer for legal syncing to video. Our application guides user's through the process of creating life stories and celebrations of events. It easily combines users’ cherished photos with a high quality soundtrack -showcasing their memories with dynamic transitions and title effects. 4
  5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 My Selections MUSIC TYPES RELIGION CULTURE MOOD Play samples : Total Time: Mouring Celebration Son Loss Sorrow Inspiration Hope Sadness Gratitude Song Title, Artist 3:1 Song Title, Artist 3:2 Song Title, Artist 3:3 Song Title, Artist 3:4 Song Title, Artist 3:5 Song Title, Artist 3:6 Song Title, Artist 3:7 Song Title, Artist 3:8 Song Title, Artist 3:9 3:15 OPUS: the application an intelligent music discovery engine helps people find the music they love and makes creating a professional quality video tribute possible for anyone. • easy to use • intelligently searchable music • curated music lists • dynamic visual effects and transitions • collaborative application model 5
  6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 OPUS: streaming tribute pages We are offering a hosted website destination for each tribute that streams the multimedia lifestory, hosts comments from social media connections, friends and family,and contributions and promotes sales of highly valued products. These include compilations of the selected music and photo-books. 6 DEMO PAGE:
  7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 Music licensing for video syncing is unique: both a hurdle and a significant barrier to entry. 7 Artist-to-Fans Model TIER ONE Curated Selections TIER TWO Major Labels TIER THREE Artists can open their catalogs to their fan base for the creation of synced multimedia. Immediate revenues are many multiples of other channels. Launch We are bringing new revenue streams to independent music publishers and can leverage these models Year 1 Leverage our momentum to secure sync rights with major labels & publishers Year 2
  8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 Opus allows fans to create and share their own multimedia content. We then set those animated stories to life with soundtracks from favorite artists. In this way, an artist can open their catalog, or selected songs to their fanbase. It creates a substantial new royalty revenue stream that amounts to many multiples of other sales and distribution channels. Artists have an incentive to introduce Opus to their fanbase through fan clubs, websites and concert promotions. This is a unique and frictionless market, with low cost of customer acquisition. We are adding value with video production and bringing it all together with music people love. In addition to the new revenue stream, there is an added bonus for the artists, as the user-generated-content promotes the artist and broadens the fan base. 8 Substantial New Revenue Stream for Artists
  9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 Distribution partnerships We are looking at partnerships with large user-bases with customer images, but who do not have rich multimedia offerings. Our leverage in these relationships are the music licenses and the application. Opus represents additional, non-competitive revenue streams for these partners, including; revenue sharing, additional traffic and purchases of merchandise. 9 We have ongoing relationships with these companies
  10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 Financials / Use of Funds $500-700k Angel Fund Round Technology Development Roadmap/timelines $200k tech development Marketing/Customer Acquisition partner support, promotion $150k Legal/ Management Expenses $50k -100k Possible License Fees $50 -100k for minimum guarantees etc. (may be zero) 10 Revenues Projections Multimedia Life Stories $30 - $70 + each (creator plus follow on family sales) Revenue share - with strategic partners for books etc. Phase One - 2015 Product development and market testing $ 500k Phase Two -2016 Second stage product and expansion with multiple artists $ 1M - 1.5M Phase Three -2017 Expansion with major labels and broad distribution $ 3- 5M
  11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 Management 11 David Hakan, Founder, CEO marketing executive in the music industry, serial entrepreneur and leader. David Shantz, acting CMO over 20 successful start- ups, including consumer facing multimedia ventures. Mickey Mantle, acting CTO previously CTO/VP Product development for Pixar, Broderbund and Gracenote and founder Wanderful Storybooks. Chet Paulsen, advisor founder and CEO of Avinci Media. Pioneered software for rich multimedia video automation. Craig Forney, advisor serial entrepreneur and tech founder. Opus Systems, Mockingbird Networks
  12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL 06.05.2015 Uber, is now the world's largest taxi service – and it owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world's most popular media enterprise, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory and AirBnB, the world's largest accommodation provider, has no real estate...   In a similar way, we are a media company that is enabling user-generated content to sell music.  We enable people to share their fondest memories with the people they love. The music makes the content connect emotionally, and the movement of images and titles makes it engaging. 12