Success in Interactive Marketing


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A practical guide to Success in Interactive Marketing. Master Inbound Marketing, Online Promotion, Social Media, Search Optimization and content creation. A great place to get started. Innovative new ideas and practical tips.

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Success in Interactive Marketing

  1. 1. Interactive Marketing The evolution of marketing... from mass communication to conversational engagement
  2. 2. THE START OF A CONVERSATIONAL RELATIONSHIP INDEX The marketer is hosting a party Social Animals ................................................... 3 Future of Media ................................................. 4 Imagine the role of marketing as being less about The Party Principal : content vs. pitch ............. 5 crafting clever mass communications and much more a How to connect with customers ........................ 6 role of social director, who engages guests to participate, The Big Idea ....................................................... 7 interact and share. Community and 7 Ways to Go Viral .................. 8 What are people really looking for? .................. 9 Social Media at your Company..........................10 • Join people’s lives rather than intrude on them. Questions to ask your company ........................11 • Participate in open discourse. Success on Twitter .............................................12 • Make it fun, educational, informative. Widgets ..............................................................13 PR and Conferences...........................................14 • Contribute to the wealth of the whole first Search Guide .....................................................15 • Respect and understanding is earned, not by pushing Mobile Platforms ..............................................16 messaging, but by standing for something real and Retention and Metrics ......................................17 Build it with APIs / Partnerships .....................18 being consistent with integrity. page 2
  3. 3. NEW MODEL Social Animals It is remarkably difficult for We are social animals. Organic and interdependent. companies to credibly evangelize Communities revolve around understanding and their own products on social self expression. They depend on the contributions of members. Participation is the greater reward. networks or communities. Marketing in this environment is not about peddling Companies can start and host - there is a much greater opportunity in terms of developing enduring relationships which will deliver the conversation, but ONLY dividends over time. customers can evangelise with integrity. FRAMEWORK FOR THE SOCIAL WEB Emotional Connections vs. Data The challenge in front of Entertainment and Mutual gain vs. Messaging marketing now is to secure Relationship vs. Transaction relationships with customers so that they in turn communicate about your company, brand or product. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 3
  4. 4. Future of Media If there is one over-arching and self-evident truth about the path of progress, it is that people eventually get what they want. No matter what. Inefficient, broken systems get replaced by something better. So let’s take a look at what’s broken: FUTURE OF ADVERTISING Because people really don’t want irrelevant, pre-canned messages thrown at them out of context, interrupting their entertainment, the current linear advertising model is going to BE broken. FUTURE OF MEDIA Because people want to belong and participate, rather than simply observe, social networks and interactive digital content syndication will effectively replace broadcast media. Its simply more rewarding to play than to watch RICHER RELATIONSHIPS WILL EVOLVE Marketing MUST become conversational – because no one really wants to invest in a relationship with a loud- mouthed robot, you know, given the choice.... The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 4
  5. 5. The Party Principal You must design and build your company’s external communications infrastructure to connect with all your constituencies. To do this you must invest more than mere money. You must participate and invite participation as if your were inviting people to a party. Don’t try to sell anything. Offer ideas, entertainment, inspiration, relevant information and community as currency. Invite people to share and most importantly, contribute. Participate in open communities on the web as a good citizen. The model below is essentially a customer model. There will be other groups, Investors, employees etc. Digg Upon StumbleUpon Yelp Applications Mobile Entertainment Widgets a Wikipedia YouTube/Vimeo and Shows Web Applications Search Direct Current TV Mobile Search Engines Last FM Episodic features Social Bookmarks Marketing and designed to develop Catalogs Widgetized interaction and Wikis Direct Mail Content interest Coupons email WebSite Ning W WebPresence Facebook mySpace Communities Brand Advertising Twitter Social / Professional/ Related Interact Broadcast Linkedin News / Feedback Loops Inform / Transact Paid Search Yelp Informational Services Hi5 Community of Customers Web bebo Partnerships Referrals UGC Affiliate Marketing Brand and News Messaging Content Twitter / blogs VARS podcasts Retail Channels Product Video / Shared LiveCast RSS etc. Services YouTube Pictures SMS /Voice Events Blipp Crowdsourced Rever Content eBooks Port tal Portal News Crow Crowd Sourced Content The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations Blog Communities page 5 Broa Broadcast and Print
  6. 6. Managing Conversational Relationships Developing conversational relationships with customers is somewhat pointless unless there are systems in place to effectively interact with those customers. We have an approach that directs traffic towards zones in your website and within your organization. This methodology starts with the idea that the most important information is not demographic or transactional data, but that which defines the state of the relationship. The objective is to move customers up towards the top of the chart on the left. 5- 7 Rewards Create and manage status and evangelism Exclusive Club rewards programs, community and special communications for these VIPs 7.0 Love / Blind Faith Curators: Hosts of events, wikis, blogs etc. EVANGELISTS Referral 6.0 Evangelism Programs Love 4-5 Retention Producers: Creates content on your behalf Select ACTIVE Site and content CUSTOMERS Features SALES / SERVICE Offerings 5.0 Preferred Commentator: Shares and comments broadly Events Service Blogs 4.0 Valued Likely to share, depending on opportunity COMMUNITY News, RSS, Services DIRECT MARKETING SOCIAL NETWORKS 3.0 Known Differentiation WEB FRANCHISE Opportunity: Build relevant audience by converting passive users to active users and focus on the needs of best perform- May share, depending on faith ing customers. Common Objections ADVERTISING / PROMOTION 2.0 Skeptical Will visit a site, request info, brochure Value Proposition: IDEAS 1.0 Noticed 2 - 4 Communication Watches and reads content Relevant communication that relates to a value for the recipient rather than noise. Informational and conversational. 0.0 Unknown PR/ ADVERTISING / DIRECT MARKETING Product announcement and features Inactive untapped potential Trial offers, Direct Mail and Promotion -1.0 Misunderstood REPUTATION MANAGEMENT / PR Likely to share, depending on opportunity 1. Get Noticed Sponsorships, cause marketing, paid search, SEO, viral content, -2.0 Distrusted/Disliked advertising and brand promotions that open conversations and Commentator: Shares and complains broadly invite interaction. The goal is to get permission to make contact and introduce the VALUE to that customer. Valued is the point where a transaction takes place. Be cautious of a tendency to label and categorize people. It is a hold-over from mass-marketing practices. De- CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Share ideas, Solve problems, make mographics have little to do with effective relational marketing People play varying roles depending on their introductions, make friends, create community. momentary relationship with the brand. The approach detailed here is about routing traffic, not labeling. page 6
  7. 7. So what’s your Big Idea? One of the most important elements of effectively driving conversations is to have a theme - a position, a reason. The conversations and opinions can sweep broadly, but in the end, everything people are talking about should circle the Big Idea. Everything (meaning your brand) must have real integrity with this central theme. The nature of this will determine your success. A weak, diluted idea will net weak results. An idea that has little integrity, may undermine your own brand. This needs to be a big, big idea. Your organizing principal. The thing that makes you better or different. • Provocative • Educational • Righteous • Entertaining • Amazing • Cool • Greatly improved • Game changing The big idea needs to be sustainably differentiated and needs a huge element of human emotion attached to it. It’s what everyone else ISN’T. It’s what the competition NEVER DOES, its the opposite of what everyone ALWAYS DOES. Your Big idea is central. If you don’t have it, practically everything is a waste of time... The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations Apollo 11 Moon Landing, July 1969. Courtesy of NASA page 7
  8. 8. What drives Community ? Each community has its own reason for being, it is a constantly growing and changing landscape that is impossible to define with any exactness. However, there are consistent organizing factors that fuel these communities: 7 ways to go viral 4. Platforms Consider Ebay: perhaps the best example of a strong franchise where use of a platform drives further adoption in a Entertainment 1. Communication Messaging virtuous cycle. Get your users to do something that involves others in a way that engages them Belonging within communities and networks has driven to use the platform. Then get them involved in virality for companies like Skype, Facebook, building the community. Shared Purpose MySpace, and even Fax machines. Since you can’t communicate with others who have the Participation and Ownership tool until you get it, communication works to drive virality where the medium requires some 5. User Generated Content When you give people an opportunity to contribute sort of membership. content, the result can be high levels of traffic. This We build on these fundamentals. Finding a successful sort of traffic uniquely drives results in organic formula that organically achieves sustainable growth is key search. YouTube, Wikipedia and Yelp are probably to everything. Once that’s working, we continue perfecting 2. Invitations Make it easy for users the best examples of this. to invite all their friends. Give the membership the engine of adoption. reasons to send messages to friends for something other than invitations to join. Possibly even make it hard for them not to. 6. Emotional Connections Countless Facebook and OpenSocial applications Email, IM, VM and community apps. have taken advantage of surveys, comparisons and other fun games designed to drive virality. Big growth can be realized from getting users to 4+ M 130+ M 3M 3. Widgets Reid Hoffman refers to this input some data and gave them information about themselves (whether it be an IQ test, which sort of as “invading a community”. Rockyou, Slide, Superhero you are, or contact info on old friends). Photobucket and a host of others have done a great job here. Increased penetration in an 26+ M 2+ M existing community makes it more likely that a 7. Paid There have been several businesses 200K new user will see one of your widgets and want to get something similar. Increasing returns that successfully grew by paying both new and to scale means that the big get bigger faster. inviting users. The economics can make this more 12+ M 60+ M 26+ M The challenge here is in effectively seeding difficult for media models than commerce models. distribution of widgets amongst opinion However, it can drive a lot of new adoption and leaders and early adopters etc. did for AllAdvantage and Paypal. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 8
  9. 9. What people are really looking for when they view viral content... The most common fallacy with viral content development is that with a small budget, it is possible to create a bit of content that results in millions of views overnight. The “Mentos and Coke” sensations can happen - but you’d be missing the bigger opportunity in that pursuit... Recently, one search engine has quietly become the second most popular site for SEARCH on the internet: YouTube... it turns out that millions of people are looking for find out about things with video. The opportunity is to take your product, service company or entertainment and to create content that people will want to watch and share. This content is widgetized, by which we mean it can be posted on people’s own sites and blogs and can can be distributed via Pod casts, which make the numbers of potential viewers rise exponentially. • Don’t describe the benefits of the new vacuum, show them - or better yet let the viewer discover them • Instead of just publishing a new cake recipe, create a humorous video detailing each step etc. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 9
  10. 10. How to get started with social REPORTING: We are offering a monitoring and reporting service that media at your company will keep you informed of what is happening, areas of concern and adjust strategies. For most companies, adopting Social media will be nothing short of a major change in operating procedure. The biggest SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING mistake would be to launch a blog or two, and add a couple of • Company and product names community pages and perhaps a twitter page. • Key Industry Sites • Newsgroups This is not a new media, it is in fact a new approach to • Key executives and Figureheads integrating customers. We have social media thought leaders • Competitor companies and Brands who can take your company through this process, and make • SERPs it inspirational, fun and engaging. • Blogs / Micro blogs and Communities 1. Analysis of your company’s reputation and development of a proposal for a comprehensive program. 2. Definition of organizing principals 3. Management buy-in , internal briefings 4. Systems, Processes and Materials 5. Seminars and online resources/ systems and courses etc. 6. Monitor/ Manage/Track/Optimize The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 10
  11. 11. Questions to ask your company 8. What do you do when the conversation turns critical? Your people need to be trained and coached on how to handle these situations. 9. How do you clarify corporate versus personal participation? 1. How do we control the message? The lines here are not black and white. We recommend that people have separate personal and company A: After spending considerable time and effort crafting a finely honed, targeted message, on the face related accounts, where possible - but this is not always best. of it interactive social media would appear to be a threat to that effort. Of course, there has always been information from customers that could contradict the marketing message of a given company, but 10. How do you coach without dictating? never before has one voice had the power to amplify and repeat a message to so many. Truth is, you That is essentially the only way to pull it off. don’t control this media. But that does not mean it controls your company’s image either... Start with damage control. The worst damage comes from vocal critics. They need to be listened to, 11. How can you be transparent and honest about what the company is doing? acknowledged and understood. It might be all it takes to fix the majority of these problems . You should in fact go looking for controversial commentary.. regular search of social networks for key- words that relate to you products and services will turn up positive as well as negative information. You can only supply information, value and learn. Digital media for the most part is not most effective 12. Are there policies in place to avoid violating privacy or confidentiality policies? as a broadcast medium. Open the channels, empower your people to connect and try not to dictate any Acceptable practices should be similar to those in the workplace. A guide to online conversations could be terms. In the end, the customers will be your voice. distributed to clarify any areas of ambiguity. 2. How do we measure the results 13. How do we know we are succeeding? Digital marketing is infinately measurable. Metrics are key to understanding traffic, flows and motiva- The companies that see the greatest ROI by using social media will be the ones who focus on providing the tions. We can help. best service instead of getting the most followers. We don’t care if you are social media famous– we care if we get value by using your goods and services. By listening and valuing our customers whether it’s via social 3. How do we overcome cultural inertia? media, the phone, or in person, we can foster sustainable brands that will always survive in the future. Most new ideas require change - often the greatest challenge in the equation. The upside is that gener- ally speaking, once people get started with social media, it takes on a life of its own. 14. What Communities should we focus on? The results of keyword searches may is a good starting place for what should become a consistent meth- 4. How do you empower everyone to engage responsibly? and how can you be odology for finding the networks and communities that you should most actively participate in. Industry sure to comply with business conduct policies? communities, specialized marketplaces, broad consumer and focussed niches should be blended and Our advice is not to push, but to empower. Not to monitor, but to educate and share experiences. An prioritized continually. You may even want to begin your own communities. open discussion of what is going on may be an interesting and exciting way for people in your organi- zation to connect. 15. Are there systems in place to correct mistakes? There will always be elements that are unpredictable. A knowledge base with links, ideas and coaching 5. Will you give employees the choice to participate? should be available to make it easier. Regular evaluations are vitally important. We find it helpful to remind our selves to keep the subject of the conversations fun, lively but produc- tive and focussed on the customer wherever possible. 16. How do you monitor what’s happening ? Regular monitoring of key names, products and related terms will turn up commentaries which can be 6. What are the keys to maintaining credibility online? categorized and analyzed into a report that summarizes activities, sentiments and will direct social media Integrity, direct honesty and generally a lack of sales messaging. activities. With this information we can define problem areas, and neutralize them and identify successes 7. Is there a formula for adding value to the conversation? and support those. It is vital that there is an open, natural and un-forced flow to conversations. Links to information sites should be readily available so that points of contact can be light. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 11
  12. 12. WHAT IS A TWITTER CLIENT? Find a Twitter client that works for you, but watch for new tools. Tweetie and Tweetdeck Success on Twitter are popular. Twitter tools, services and products are coming out daily: once a month do a “best Twitter client +[your OS] search just to stay in the loop. GENERAL TIPS TAGGING: HASHTAGS ARE A KEY TO THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT - Its OK to follow and un-follow people you do not know on Twitter. Twitter searches are indexed by keywords and tags. The tags are by far the most effective. - To send a direct message to anyone (following or not) put an “@” before their ID. Simply take a moment to consider the one or possibly two words that most people would - You can Direct Message people who follow you, its private (the world sees@ messages) enter into the search box if they wanted to find out about the information you are giving. - Its OK to have multiple identities: Company, Personal, alterego etc. Each key word should be added to the end of the twitter message (tweet) and be preceded - If you want to Re-Tweet a message, add “RT” before the name of the person who wrote it. by a hashtag “#”(number symbol). No space #TAGGING - Customer service and company accounts generally re-follow everyone, otherwise you don’t have to follow anyone that follows you. RETWEETS ARE THE KEY TO EVERYTHING - Promoting others is a great way to participate in community While the average twitter user influences about 500 people a day, that’s a number that is - The more commercial your intro/bio is, the fewer people are likely to follow you calculated based on everything they do in a day You might have a couple thousand people following you on Twitter (1200 is an active/engaged user average) Only the crazies reads HOW TO BUILD A VALUABLE FOLLOWING it all. Your impact in a single message is likely to encompass only a few dozen people. Take time to sort through who’s following you. Be picky. Discard the purely promotional, This is where the goal to create messages that are taken and passed along. When you see a banal and grossly unrelated. Spend time finding interesting people to follow, and hope message preceded by RT, it has been copied or “re-Tweeted”. Several factors contribute to they like you enough to follow you back. News sites and celebrities are probably not retweeting: going to follow you. If they are, nobody is reading it. Good followers are active, have a few • Create a headline Re-tweets and seem to be generally engaged. Perhaps they have under 2,000 followers. • Consider asking a question Following 20 people to follow a week, you will develop a solid following in 6 months or • If it works, use a number (top 3 reasons men are late more than women) so. Don’t automate this process. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY MESSAGE PEOPLE WHO • Make it provocative (see above example) FOLLOW YOU. If you do nothing, the account will be a sad, lonely thing that may mis- • Don’t take yourself or the subject too seriously represent your company’s efforts to be interactive. • Look for the humanity in the subject. USING SEARCH MANAGE TOPICS Twitter Search is your friend. It will find the people who are talking about your product, Find the right mix of Twitter topics to tweet, retweet and follow for your online brand. In concerned with the problem domain it addresses (whether that’s running an agricultural the same way you should be focusing your company’s blog, focus your company’s micro- co-op or improving worker satisfaction or any other imaginable thing), people who just blog. This is particularly important once you hit the Dunbar Limit of people you follow: might do business with you if they knew you existed. Search is a great way to find people there’s no way to comfortably absorb all the tweets that will appear in your personal to follow. Broad single keywords around the subject are often best. Twitter timeline. You need to focus. TIMING Birds sing in the morning. Unless you want to drive yourself crazy, you already have ADD VALUE TO THE CONVERSATION regular times in the day when you check and process voicemail and email. Adding Twitter Don’t market at people, talk with people. Whether it’s pointing out a good movie to those same periods works surprisingly well because you’re already in “communication (personal), steering a prospective customer to the right tool for what they want – be it mode” and squeezing in a few DMs and RTs (direct messages and retweeting tweets of yours or a competitor’s, add value to the conversation. By all means share with them about value) is easy while on hold returning a call. the things you’re passionate about, but listen to what they’re saying too. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 12
  13. 13. Stand-alone Widget Applications Instant on-board diagnosis Because widgets are embedable, you can use them to create connections that are capable of being replicated all over the internet; across communities, blogs and forums, mobile platforms and desktops. The right widget strategy, effectively implemented can drive an entire business model. You only have to look at the 150+M registered users of’s widgets to realize the power of this. Widgets can deliver INSTANT GRATIFICATION > no downloads, no registrations, no delay. If you The essential secret to success with widgets is that like most can figure out how to deliver something with value immediately and deliver it like this, you will have effectively started a conversation based on solving a problem. things on the internet - it takes investment of time and imagination. Magnity has a great deal of experience with widget development: strategy, design, coding and distribution. Impulsive Fun GUIDELINES TO SUCCESS • Create widgets that are fun, useful, vital and/or cool. • Develop, test and refine User Interfaces • Seed distribution channels with user Blogs. • Use your registered users to drive deeper adoption. • Distribute via partner communities. This widget allows you to choose an image of a politician to have fun vandalizing it and then puts it on a shirt for you. You start by choosing the politician to pick-on by hitting them in the face with a cream pie. Irresistible fun. Immediately finds an audience and closes the deal based on instant gratification. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 13
  14. 14. New Breed of Public Relations Conferences and Events There is a new breed of Public Relations that goes beyond Magnity has experience with taking clients to conferences. integrated marketing. Because the nature of media is These conferences are very cost-effective, build credibility, changing, the opportunities, challenges and activities have extend a network of contacts for partnerships and associations changed also. We understand the opportunities around and set the stage for funding options. integrated digital marketing. We help prioritize and plan conference attendance. In addition 1. Pre-seed credibility with coverage by leading tech press. to technology conferences, we would add a mix of more specifi- 2. Create pre-launch buzz. cally relevant venues. It is possible to attend and present and/ 3. Get reviews by early adopters and key influencers. or exhibit. We can help plan those decisions. The best way to 4. Blogger sites, both grass roots consumer and broadly attend one of these conferences is as a guest speaker. We have relevant industry opinion makers. people that can effectively guide you through a conferences and 5. Create links from stories and discussion groups from even attend with you, making sure you get to connect with the media to build on search results. right people. 6. Build worldwide audience numbers through influencers. 7. Find a voice with consumer-oriented mainstream media. 8. Founder interviews build credibility and funding options. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 14
  15. 15. Site optimization for Effective search is VITAL conversational marketing Building strong online brands is all about search optimization We offer a range of comprehensive and pragmatic solutions and owning the right keywords and search terms – these can to help you and your team to evaluate and optimize interfaces be built into every touch point. for usability, revenues and conversion objectives. Effective search optimization goes so far beyond Meta-tagging With conversational marketing the number of constituencies and back-link. A deeper strategic approach is required: interacting with your site are likely to increase – it all gets more interesting, the challenges remain: - Advantages of PPC /paid search to advance organic results - Importance of integrated key words across all digital media • Effectively connect people with the information they want - Strategies that understand, anticipate and capitalize for the stage of their relationship with the company. on competitive positions. • Routing flows and landing pages to optimize performance - Planning and managing paid search • Prioritize productive activities by users. - Effective use of landing pages and sub-domains • Achieve SEO goals. - Local vs. Global • Optimize site based on actionable metrics. - Enhanced search with social networking and blogging • Perfect the elements that are driving adoption. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 15
  16. 16. Mobile Platforms New Revenue Streams How many agencies do you know of that monitor the Mobile Platforms already far out-number desktop computing effectiveness of what they do? Ask for sales figures? It is devices, they are also set to take the lead as the most dynamic possible that the development of web applications, mobile media for interaction. Many of the same principals apply, technologies and solutions and embracing new approaches to with the added benefits of knowing location and being able customer relations will open doors to new revenue streams. to incorporate features such as IM/Text Messaging, cameras, We are an entrepreneurial agency that is geared towards unique micro-payment options and geotracking... helping to identify those opportunities. Year-end 2009 outcomes are predicted as: MEMBERSHIPS / MERCHANDISE AND SUPPORT U.S. mobile subscriber penetration will exceed 90%, or 275 million people. • Systematize tracking and profitability of revenue streams to U.S. mobile revenues are on target to exceed $148 billion this year. prioritize resources and UIs. $45 billion of that will be just for data services, up from $23.2 billion in 2007. • Partnerships and revenue sharing deals. 2.3 trillion minutes of use (talk time). • Price point analysis and optimization. 1.7 trillion text messages. ADVERTISING / SPONSORS U.S. customers are the most talkative in the world, with 829 talk minutes a year in 2008. Next is Canada, with 444 minutes per • Co-promotions and advertising sponsors on promotional subscriber in the same period. platforms. • Explore ways to improve value to advertisers. • Sponsored content/ applications/ widgets and sub-sites. • Incentivise promotion of advertisers where it develops traffic. DIRECT SALES • Develop credible sales platforms that motivate with interaction. • Help to interface what’s learned in messaging with sales management. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 16
  17. 17. Retention: Actionable Metrics MEASURE ONLY WHAT YOU CAN ACT ON WHAT MAKES USERS RETURN? Without effective retention and devices to excite users, Metrics are actually vital to conversations. Systems, real growth may be exponentially reduced. We can help processes and technologies can get as sophisticated as your to develop and execute on retention plans: requirements will allow. Its all changing constantly. There are some common sense rules to guide you: • Making an emotional connection • Carefully planned and managed automation e-mails. 1. Measure what’s important and measure it in a • Planned events, changes, updates and news. way that is usable: • Merchandising and sales messages worked into real 2. Hypothesise customer life cycle value for customer. 3. Test, measure iterate and improve • RSS/ News feeds tied to updates on site. 4. Target conversion metrics that are actionable • Track impressions and CTR on Widgets. • Incentivised and paid referral programs. METRIC Conv. % Est.Value Site Visits 100% $0.01 Acquisitions Not Abandon 70% $0.05 Successful 1st 30% $0.25 Retention Viral Activity 5% $2.50 Refer 1+ users 3% $2.00 Referral Refer 10+ 0.2% $15.00 Minimum 2% $5.00 Revenue Break Even 1% $30.00 The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 17
  18. 18. Beauty of APIs Partnerships Increasingly, companies are building products and services With hundreds of potential partners on the web, effective as composites of the products and services of others. In the channel marketing is based on building deep symbiotic digital world, this practice is rapidly accelerating. relationships with the right partners. Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs are commonly We can help your management team to plan and prioritize published as a way to connect internet properties for everyone’s these relationships so they go deeper than simply trading benefit. Its an open model that allow the free flow of information eyeballs and registered users: along web services. In the simplest terms, it means that parts of your site and community can be delivered in conjunction with components from other companies. The terms may be published along with the codes for access, so no negotiation is needed to make • Match channels to revenue potential things work. The value of this can not be underestimated. • Prioritize and define: users, channels and costs • Low hanging fruit We can help you to understand the opportunities of APIs as part of • Partnership landing pages your marketing strategy. The Evolution of Marketing into Rational Conversations page 18
  19. 19. Integrated Marketing Campaigns Social Media Planning and Implementation Development of Web Sites and Web Applications Public Relations SEO/ Paid Search Multimedia Content Development Events Naming and Branding Contact: David Shantz 415.455.0995 ext. 401 1800 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94109