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Buyer First Business Plan / Funding Deck


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Business Plan / Funding Deck: Totally disruptive real estate brokerage model focused on the buyers. We developed all aspects of the launch of this new venture. This is the funding deck.

We also developed UI/UX for a matching engine that dialed in the specifics of what home hunters are looking for that takes the guess work out of matching buyers with the properties they really want to see.

WildOutWest specializes in all aspects of marketing for launching new ventures. We develop funding decks and can help make connections with Venture capital and Angel fuding sources.

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Buyer First Business Plan / Funding Deck

  1. 1. We’ve defined a market opportunity in a highly fragmented, trillion dollar industrywhere half the customers are underserved...
  2. 2. The ProblemNo other industry allows agents to systematically represent both $1 trillionsides of a transaction... because of this, NFL ICTEDNo one brand is specializing in appropriately servicing and COprotecting the buyer - the entire brokerage industry is seller- BIASEcentric, with no clear choice for buyers. D OLSOnline search, based on information supplied by SELLING AGENTSis biased and misrepresents the underlying truth of properties. NO TOSearches are hit-and-miss because there are no tools, systems orprocesses in place that define what the BUYER really wants. C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 2
  3. 3. The industry revolves around listings Listings Servicing Seller MLS DataRe-marketing and Marketing Properties Re-pricing Showings Ad Placement Staging Open Houses C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 3
  4. 4. as a buyerWhich brokerage would you choose? TRADITIONAL BROKERAGE 80% focused on Sellers 100% focused on BuyersSeller focused – sees listings as currency Only represent buyersClosed and competitive model A collaborative team vs. single agentAgency conflicts Matching engineLimited data from MLS/ prohibited from real vs Unbiased property evaluationsunbiased comparative analysis No listing conflicts Market Research Market Research Buyers Admin Buyers ListingsAdmin C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 4
  5. 5. Competitive vs Collaborative listings Shared Market Knowledge market buyers knowledge buyers market listings knowledge listings market knowledge buyersagents are isolated in informational and experiential open and collaborative agents work together forsilos with their individual clients, market knowledge the buyer as a team with advantages of and are protective of their listings specialization and shared market knowledge C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 5
  6. 6. eHarmony for Home BuyersStyle  Preferences move  the  sliders  to  help  us  match  to  your  styleArchitechture Once a buyer has established a price and a location - there are numerous subjective factors that now become the most important - we are no yes no yes no yes quantifying those factors and making themInterior actionable. We are modeling our technology services after no yes no yes no yes dating sites rather than existing real estateinterior search models. We go beyond price, location and size to drill down deeper into a buyer’s unique preferences. no yes no yes no yes Se arch hB eats C O N F I D E NT I A L M atc 0512.2012 6
  7. 7. Technology Platform Mobile technology for agent-generated property reviews designed to create clear visibility into the inventory in a market. Matching engine determines what a buyer is looking for: Their MUST- HAVE’s and where they are flexible. Gives the agent actionable data so they don’t have to guess. Better Buyer experience and customer satisfaction. $ 500 k $1M $2M + IES PricePROPERT 35 sie daisy $7 99k Optional Important K? whoop tchen $6 99k Starirs O Location m shared ki 1 bedroo Transport / Schools / Parks etc. None Epic View Unique Features - Garage / Architecture etc. $500k Bathroom Amzing k ns $500 Average Special ss to trai Privacy and acce Style/Quality Features/ Build Quality / Garage / Architecture etc. k stmen t .. $ 900 Good inve , affordab e .. $ 60 0k C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 7 Practical Contact
  8. 8. Data that matters We deliver unbiased market knowledge gatheredby professionals with deep local market experience. Enhanced data specialized to Buyer’s needs. Gathered by unbiased agents with local knowledge specifically for comparative analysis MLS data and Public information hybrids (Zillow/Trulia etc.) used for consumer searches and other broker lead-gen sites Generic MLS data from listing agents (this is what most brokers use) C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 8
  9. 9. Agents drive ScaleThere are several factors that will enable the model to scale quickly What makes us more appealing to agents? Greater Deal Flow / Faster Cycles Buyers buy in 8-10 weeks Listings take 22-28 weeks to Sell. Consistent agent revenue from property ratings Higher Commission Structure – no overhead associated with marketing listings Better lifestyle and culture – Agents prefer working with Buyers as opposed to servicing listings that may never sell. C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 9
  10. 10. Marketing Properties vs Brand Building $$$Marketing Funds Advertising and Promotion of Company Listings Value Servicing Listings Properties sold Social Buyer Market Brand Media Advocacy Data Building Brand Marketing awareness Minimal ROI Exponential ROI Minimal brand equity C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 10
  11. 11. Revenue Forecast Scaleable model with solid, sustained growth$m 300 20k 225 TRX $ 87.5MM BF 10k 150 TRX $ 48.8 MM BF 10k 75 1000 TRX TRX $21.9 MM BF $4.4 MM BF 0 year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 Gross Revenue Gross Revenues based on 5 TRX per agent /year C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 11
  12. 12. Can’t click your way to buying a home Real estate is a people business - it cannot be entirely replicated online Our technology initiatives serve buyers: - Match-beats-search - unbiased property reviews No cost to the buyer We offer an irresistible value proposition to buyers C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 12
  13. 13. A better way to buyComprehensive Matching Agents with aAgent Property Reviews + Engine + Single Purpose80+ measures of value 50 + measures of preferences Buyers Agents are professional specialists with purpose built Must-haves and points of tools and proprietary dataUNBIASED evaluations compromise definedby paid professionals Relative Value Comparisson C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 13
  14. 14. Management TeamGeoff Bundschuh........CEOSteve Buerger.....COODavid Shantz.....CMOWayne Boatwright......General CounselBen Staker ..... SVP, Agent Development and TrainingMario Paez .... SVP, MultiCultural C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 14
  15. 15. Huge Recurring Market No pre-existing brand preference Current model leaves no time to ANNUALFIRST TIME appropriately service this group BUYERS 40 % BuyerFirst value proposition tailored to this segment C O N F I D E NT I A L 0512.2012 15