Kushner Chukat - lessons


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Kushner Chukat - lessons

  1. 1. 1KWL Chart – I will conduct a KWL chart for the class about background knowledge the class has ofMoshe hitting the rock. Everyone will have their own KWL chart, and the K and L sections we willdo as a class (they will record our class notes on their own personal charts), while the W section willbe filled out by the student alone. For the K section, I will ask them if any of them have learnt thestory, and if they can share the details they remember. I will be jotting the details on the board,and when a student comments on something they have learnt, I will either ask them where theylearnt that, and/or to prove their point. We will then cluster the information into categories, sothat it becomes clearer what know about this story. To begin the W section, I will point out anycontradictions that were stated in the K section (ex. if 1 student remembers Moshe hitting the rock,while another remembers Moshe speaking to the rock). I will tell them we should all be interestedin resolving these contradictions, so that we have a clear understanding of the story. I will then tellthe class to take 3 minutes to write down whatever questions they have regarding the story.Although the article made it seem like the L section should be completed by the individual without aclass discussion, I think it would be more beneficial for the class to collaborate and do it together. Iwould want to make sure that they have learnt that which I want them to learn and that they havethe correct information. As a class, we can also raise questions that one person may have that isunanswered, while other students may be able to help fill in the missing information. I will askthem to fill in our class notes for L on their individual sheets, and I will collect them after theexercise.
  2. 2. 2-
  3. 3. 3Jumping Ahead to Chapter 201. Where were they and what specific group of Bneiyisrael was there? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________1. The entire congregation of thechildren of Israel arrived at thedesert of Zin in the first month, andthe people settled in Kadesh.Miriam died there and was buriedthere.The Entire Congregation – The fullcongregation, the people who weredestined to die in the desert hadalready died.2. The congregation had no water; sothey assembled against Moses andAaron.3. The people quarreled withMoses, and they said, "If only wehad died with the death of ourbrothers before the Lord.
  4. 4. 42. How would you feel if you were Moshe? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. What areBneiYisrael complaining about? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. When did we see this reaction of ?_____________________________4. Why have you brought thecongregation of the Lord to thisdesert so that we and our livestockshould die there?5. Why have you taken us out ofEgypt to bring us to this evil place; itis not a place for seeds, or for figtrees, grapevines, or pomegranatetrees, and there is no water to drink.6. Moses and Aaron moved awayfrom the assembly to the entranceof the Tent of Meeting, and they fellon their faces. [Then] the glory ofthe Lord appeared to them.
  5. 5. 5________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What Hashem CommandedPlease underline/highlight the words in the pasuk that show what Moshe is supposed to do5. What was he commanded to do? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________7. The Lord spoke to Moses, saying:8. "Take the staff and assemble thecongregation, you and your brotherAaron, and speak to the rock in theirpresence so that it will give forth itswater. You shall bring forth waterfor them from the rock and give thecongregation and their livestock todrink."9. Moses took the staff from beforethe Lord as He had commandedhim.10. Moses and Aaron assembled thecongregation in front of the rock,and he said to them, "Now listen,you rebels, can we draw water foryou from this rock?"
  6. 6. 66. What did Moshe do and say to BneiYisrael at this stage? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-7. According to the Rambam, What was Moshe’s mistake? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________From this rock water shall come forth– Since they didn’t recognize the rock,since the rock went and mixed itselfin amongst the other rocks, once thebier (well) was gone, and BneiYisraelsaid, what difference does it makewhich rock gives us water, therefore,Moshe said “listen now you rebels”The sin of Moshe was that hewrongfully called them rebels.Hashem was meticulous with such agreat man like Moshe for gettingangry at bneiYisrael at a time when itwas not befitting and he desecratedthe name of Hashem by doing so.11. Moses raised his hand andstruck the rock with his staff twice,when an abundance of watergushed forth, and the congregationand their livestock drank.
  7. 7. 78. What did Moshe do? Where did he differ from what Hashem commanded him? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________9. According to Rashi, what did Moshe do wrong? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________12. The Lord said to Moses andAaron, "Since you did not have faithin Me to sanctify Me in the eyes ofthe children of Israel, therefore youshall not bring this assembly to theLand which I have given them.Twice – Since the first time he hit itonly a few drops came out, sinceHashem only commanded him tospeak to the rock and not to hit it,they also spoke to the wrong rock andnothing occurred, they said perhapswe should hit the rock just like we didthe first time
  8. 8. 810. According to Rashi, what was Moshe’s sin? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Originally Hashem told Moshe (Shemot:17, 7) to hit the rock with his staff, bysaying My great name will be exaltedthrough this, and he only hit it one timeand the water came out, but here, thiswas not his command, and his sin wasthat he hit the rock twice, therefore,Hashem said, “because you didn’t believein Me,” and through his emunah themiracle would have occurred.If it weren’t for this sin, they wouldhave been allowed to enter IsraelTo sanctify me – Had Moshe spoken tothe rock and water come forth from it,Hashem would have been sanctifiedbefore all of BneiYisrael, and they wouldhave said. This rock which cannot speakand cannot hear and doesn’t needsustenance fulfills the word of Hashem,how much more so we should fulfill theword of Hashem
  9. 9. 911. According to the Ramban, What was Moshe’s mistake? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________12. What is the place called and why? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________----:-------13. These are the waters of dispute[Mei Meribah] where the children ofIsrael contended with the Lord, andHe was sanctified through them.
  10. 10. 10:---: --: