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  • Keyword DensityQuantity over QualityKeyword stuffing White texting Meta TagsAlt tag Anchor Text LinksQuantity over QualityIrrelevant Link sourcesLink exchanges
  • Think holistically. Your SEO, social, and interactive folks need to be looking at and working towards the same holistic conversion funnel for online. Secondly, the digital folks in your organization cannot be the last ones to know Think holisticallyOptimize your profilesLink your webSocial media is shareable and has viral potential. Tap into the networks of all the real people who your link building campaign should be targeting. A social link can prove many times more effective at achieving your business objectives than a followed link. What's more, search engines are increasingly looking to social signals to replace links as the primary ranking signals. 
  • Page Title Tag: similar to the page title tag on one of the pages of your website, search engines pull the main name of your Facebook page as the page title tag. Although you can work keywords into your page name it's best practice to establish the branding of your page with your official company name.Page Meta Description: the 'About' field on your Facebook page acts as the meta description for your page, so it appears in search directly below the page name. This is your opportunity to describe your page with the use of some target keywords, keeping in mind you have 140 characters to do so.Keyword-rich Posts: everytime you make a new post on your page is an oppotunity to work in the use of target keywords, so ensure your posts are always keyword-rich without going overboard.
  • Page Title Tag: companies most commonly use their formal company name for their Twitter profile/username, which appears as the title tag for the profile in search, but some have chosen to also work in the use of keywords with their company name if they're available.Page Meta Description: the 'Bio' field on your Twitter page acts as the meta description and is the best place to optimize with a keyword-rich description for your profile.Inbound Link: although it's considered a nofollow link make sure you include the link to your website or blog, which can be good for referral traffic.Keyword-rich Posts: the same rule applies here; everytime you tweet is an opportunity to work in the use of target keywords.
  • Page Title Tag: it's been said that Google isn't as lax about the use of keywords in your page/profile name, so stick with using your actual company name.Page Meta Description: the 'Headline' and 'Introduction' fields act as your page's meta description in search, so once again be sure they include the use of keywords.Inbound Links: Google+ pages present the option to embed links within your profile's introduction in addition to the ability to feature numerous "recommended links". Although these are nofollow links this can be a great way to drive traffic to your site, blog and other social media profiles.
  • Page Title Tag: knowing YouTube is owned by Google and Google's position on the use of keywords in your profile name, it's best to stick with your company name which acts as your page title tag in search. This will also ensure people will find your channel when they search your company.Page Meta Description: your channel description acts as the meta description.Inbound Link: once again this is a nofollow link but it's worth adding for potential referral traffic.Keyword-rich Copy & Tags: as you build out the profile on your channel take the time to work in target keywords.Optimized Video Postings: similar to every post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, every new video post on your channel should contain an optimized title and description, and use appropriate tags. Read our post on 5 Ways To Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO Success.
  • NuSkin has some very creative, fun boardsCreative Memories has a great Pinterest with over 14k followers, 36 boards and along with amazing creative boards it has a board of inspirational quotesXango did a great job with a board dedicated to “Did You Know’s”, this one speaks to the opportunityBeachbody, 37 boards, great product testimonials and ways to make their products tremendously relevantVelata, a recently launched Scentsy Family brand created this one to speak to the Hosting opportunity
  • What do SE use from fb?The reason I say that is we have by and large the publicly shared information on Facebook, so your Likes and your public shares and your profile information, and your friends. We don’t have all the private stuff, such as the things I only shared with my mom. So, it’s hard for us to gage whether or not it’s ten, twenty, or seventy.
  • One morning SEOMoz, an SEO blog, tweeted a link to their “A Beginners Guide to SEO” and before noon they were the 4th rank for the term “beginner’s guide”, a term that had never ranked for prior to that day for which they had done no traditional SEO. Brand-rich Staples, Elf Yourself, didn’t drive a lick of increased revenueQDF - Make timely, relevant, fresh contentEasily shareableQDF – Query deserves FreshnessEver wonder why it seems like certain SERPs are constantly up to date, when other take eons to get any movement?  It often has to do with QDF, or Query Deserves Freshness; a component of the Google algorithm that pays special attention to queries that may need frequent updating, such as breaking news stories.When the engines recognize that the "best" results for a certain search may change drastically from day-to-day, or moment-to-moment, they may mark the search QDF, which will help promote new, related content from trusted sources to the top of the SERP, even if that content doesn't yet have any links. There's more to QDF than that but that is it in a nutshell.
  • Social links are typicallynofollow but Google will value the trafficRelevancy of who you follow and who you are connected to and relevancy of your content
  • Google Panda, Penguin, Rise of Social Searc

    1. 1. Game Changer:How to Beat Google’s LatestUpdate and Improve YourCompany’s Online ReputationDave Sattler, Digital Marketing Manager, Scentsy
    2. 2. 1.Change is Good Panda, Penguin2. Democratized Search Relationship Era, 3 E’s3. Social Search Marketing Conversion, Content, Connections
    3. 3. Quality over Quantity Influence, frequency ofYour friends opinions social “signals”On-site experience Relevancy of link sourceSocial “signals” of site QDF - “Freshness” of link source Your friends opinions
    4. 4. RELATIONSHIP ERA- People everywhere, and all the time, spontaneously announce their love/hatred for brands- Millions of people talk about your brand, NOT about your last ad- These online conversations are your brand
    5. 5. “So today, the algorithm is flavored by people. Thatwas our first step. As we worked more withFacebook the conversation became more and moreinteresting.”
    6. 6. Enemies Exploiters Evangelists
    7. 7. Social Search Marketing
    8. 8. Dave Sattler Dave Sattler Dave Sattler
    9. 9. Dave Sattler Dave SattlerDave Sattler Dave Sattler Dave Sattler Dave Sattler Dave Sattler Dave Sattler Dave Sattler
    10. 10. Dave Sattler
    11. 11. Dave Sattler Dave SattlerDave Sattler Dave Sattler Dave Sattler
    12. 12. Tag your images, videos, etc.Edit your profilesLink your presences
    13. 13. “… when you say stuff wherepeople tend to re-tweet you itbehaves a bit like a link.”
    14. 14. Case StudyQDFReal PeopleLong-term
    15. 15. Connections1. Authenticity “The typical network on Twitter (Pinterest, fb, YT, etc.) has characteristics that are hard for people to emulate artificially. These (artifical networks) are unnatural…”2. Author Authority Reach Relevancy Engagement3. Level of effort “Effort of social action affects the signal strength. For example, a Like is very little effort, a Share requires a bit more effort.”
    16. 16. 1.Change is Good Panda, Penguin2. Democratized Search Relationship Era, 3 E’s3. Social Search Marketing Conversion, Content, Connections