AT&T Hosted and Application Management Services


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AT&T Hosted and Application Management Services

  1. 1. PrOductBrIEfAT&T Hosting and ApplicationManagement Services BeneFits • A full range of hosting andWe Take Care of Your Systems – You Take Care of Your Business application management services to match business and IT needsIs your data center bursting at the seams You can trust AT&T to help you tackle your • Combined power, protection andas you try to bring new applications online, toughest business and IT challenges head on reliability of AT&T’s global networkexpand into new markets or consolidate – and with less headaches. So, you can focus and enterprise-class InternetIT resources? less on managing IT and more on maximizing Data Centers worldwide its value across your enterprise. • 99.9 percent availability withIs your internal staff feeling drained by industry-leading SLAs forday-to-day application management tasks Flex Your Options business-critical environmentsthat take them away from more critical work? A wide range of AT&T enterprise hosting and application management services make it • Hosting and applicationEither of these situations can have a profound expertise to optimizeeffect on the quality and consistency of the easier than ever to find the right combination infrastructure and applicationsIT services you deliver, as well as the morale of internal and external resources to for a higher return onof your staff and your ability to move forward accomplish your goals. investment and lower TCOwith key initiatives. Enterprise Hosting Services • Scalable performance andThat’s why there’s a growing trend towards Get the highest levels of availability and security, bandwidth options to meetmeeting hosting and application management changing demands delivered via our managed hosting, colocation,challenges with a mix of internal and external or remote infrastructure hosting services. Add • Time to focus less on daily tasksresources to match your business and your the benefits of dynamic, on-demand utility and more on critical IT initiativesbudget needs. computing with our Synaptic Hosting services.But who can you trust with your criticalapplications? How can you maximize the Cloud Computing Services Featuresprotection, availability and reliability of systems Gain the massive scalability and cost-saving • A global footprint of 38 AT&Toutside the realm of your own data center? advantages of cloud computing with our enterprise-class, fully redundant Compute as a Service or Storage as a Internet Data Centers Service offerings.Go with a Proven Leader • Connection to AT&T’s globalThe answer is to work with a proven provider network backbonethat thousands of customers around the world Application Management Servicesrely on every day: AT&T. With AT&T, you tap into: You can get more value from your software • Comprehensive 24x365 investments when AT&T monitors and manages monitoring and • 10 years of hosting and application your enterprise, eCommerce, messaging, and management options management experience for other key applications within our data center • Award-winning customer portal mission-critical solutions or remotely at your site. for control and visibility • The enterprise-class availability and We can provide an end-to-end global solution, • A single point of contact for hardened security of 38 AT&T Internet Data taking full responsibility for hosting and less finger-pointing and faster Centers worldwide managing your enterprise-wide infrastructure problem resolution and your applications throughout the lifecycle. • The vast AT&T network – the world’s No. 1 • Account support staff for Or, we can host, manage and provide access to global IP network round-the-clock assistance specific business applications or solutions for targeted business units or regions. The choice is yours.
  2. 2. Product Brief - at&t Hosting and application Management services ___________________________________________________________________________ att enterprise Hosting services ATT Synaptic HostingSM ServicesATT enterprise hosting services can help With this utility hosting solution, you tap Web Hosting for small oryou boost computing capacity while you into virtualized resources within five, globally Midsize Businessescurb spending. located ATT Internet Data Centers to quickly scale compute capacity up or down. We if your small or midsized businessInstead of large capital investments, you pay manage and support the infrastructure. You wants to create an online presenceper-month, per-user, or per-usage, depending pay for the capacity you use each month.on the hosting service you choose, while you without the cost of buying orenjoy these benefits: maintaining your own systems, att ATT Colocation Hosting Services web hosting services are for you. • Rapid Implementation – Applying proven If your own data center is too crowded, but best practices, the latest technologies you still want to own your systems, you can We can help you build a website that and the expertise of our ATT Internet use space in our highly secure ATT Internet attracts attention, holds interest and Data Center staff, we quickly and smoothly Data Centers. You still gain the advantages of keeps customers coming back. implement a solution to meet your the powerful ATT network. You can manage performance, scalability and the infrastructure, or we can do it for you. att Professional services availability demands. ATT remote Infrastructure Management Whether you want to put an end-to-end • Proactive Infrastructure Management If you opt to host solutions within your own solution in place or manage one critical – We manage, monitor, and maintain the data center, ATT can ease IT burdens by task, att’s professional services hosted infrastructure and network on a managing the infrastructure remotely for you. consultants can help. 24x365 basis. This includes on-going hardware provisioning and management att cloud computing services these services can help you save money, and database support up through the Now you can gain the dynamic scalability avoid unnecessary customizations, operating system. and cost advantages of cloud services with and develop fully integrated, seamless ATT. With this approach to computing and solutions for long-term benefits. • High Availability – With 99.99 percent availability, industry-leading service level storage, you access IT services over the Internet or your own private network, and • discovery workshops and requirements agreements, and built-in system and they’re delivered on demand from the gathering engagements to define network redundancy, employees, partners world-class ATT network cloud. projects, goals and next steps and and customers will be able to access the data and information they need to keep promote buy-in ATT provides and manages the virtualized your business flowing. infrastructure, including network, servers • software implementations using • Tight Security, Easier Compliance – To and storage. You provide and manage the best practice methodologies and protect infrastructure and ease regulatory database and application. It’s all done simply, innovative toolkits compliance, we employ the latest security quickly and affordably via an Internet portal. technologies, backed by SAS 70 Type II And, you pay only for the compute or storage • upgrades and migrations examinations and SysTrust and PCI audits capacity you use. • customizations and enhancements throughout ATT Internet Data Centers. • Provision Simply – Go to the portal, to meet specific feature and • Comprehensive Support – Round-the- provide payment information and access functionality needs clock support from an assigned technical cloud services within minutes – anytime, staff streamlines troubleshooting and anywhere, and from multiple devices. • custom application development frees you for other IT projects. Easily provision servers and storage, choosing images from an online library. • systems integration • Visibility – Remotely access system • Scale Instantly – Tap into the portal to • it strategy and business information and detailed reports through scale up quickly when business booms, process transformation the ATT BusinessDirect® portal. then scale down just as quickly when the rush is over.ATT Managed Hosting ServicesWe can take responsibility for hosting ATT Compute as a Service • Pay as You Go – ATT cloud computingand managing all, some or many of your This is a great way to get more capacity services involve no upfront charges ormission-critical solutions in our ATT Internet without buying hardware. You provision long-term commitments. You pay for theData Centers. We own and manage the quickly and scale flexibly to meet cloud services you use on a per-hourinfrastructure for a predictable monthly fee – unpredictable demands, like holiday sales. basis, charged at the end of each month.whether it’s one server or thousands around You enjoy the autonomy of self-service,the world – to save you time and money. the ‘elasticity’ of cloud computing, and the reliability of ATT.
  3. 3. Product Brief - att Hosting and application Management services ___________________________________________________________________________ ATT Storage as a Service • Critical 24x7 Support – A round-the-clock,Access a highly secure virtualized on-demand designated support team is ready to respond Why choose att for Yourstorehouse that lets you expand capacity on to issues and take the actions to keep cloud services?the spot, then shrink storage consumption if users productive and business flowing.and when you need to later. You can use this With att, you benefit fromservice no matter where your primary data is • Change Management – We apply prompt, the availability and security ofhosted – in your own data center, with ATT accurate and documented system enterprise-class cloud services,or a third party. changes to reduce disruption. We manage plus the legendary reliability of patches, fixes and updates to keep your the att network. applications current and allow you toatt application Management services take advantage of new features as they since we own and control the networkWith 10 years of experience managing a become available. (unlike many cloud providers), werange of solutions – including enterpriseapplications, eCommerce, and messaging and • High Availability – Our application can deliver the exceptional levels ofcollaboration solutions – you can trust ATT management services are fully integrated service quality and protection yourwith the software that drives your business. into ATT’s robust, reliable and secure business needs. global infrastructure and network, whichSince we monitor, maintain and support Pull new ideas from the cloud operates at a 99.9 percent availabilityapplications for hundreds of clients, our supported by service level agreements. With cloud computing and storageapplication experts know how to implement,tune and manage your solutions and to services, you can think about it insolve even the most obscure problems. As ATT Enterprise Application Management new ways. What would you do witha result, you can get a better return on your We manage the world’s leading enterprise extra at-the-ready compute capacity?application investments. applications, including SAP®, Oracle®, and Ariba®. We also support hundreds of You could create sandboxWe can take responsibility for every layer of application management clients and over environments for testing, upgrades,the environment, from the network through 1,000 aggregate instances of ERP, custom, or developing new applications,the application, and every phase of the and eBusiness applications. We apply without worrying about the impactapplication lifecycle, from implementation to our expertise to integrate and streamline on production systems.on-going support. Or, we can supply services processes across your company to speedto address specific phases of the application information to decision makers, reduce You could provide your company withlifecycle. Either way, flexible pricing options overall costs and maximize your enterprise new it services that may have beenand predictable monthly fees bring a new level application investments. too expensive or time consuming forof cost control to application management. you to take on before. ATT eCommerce Application ManagementSo, leave application management to ATT We can help you prevent costly downtime in short, with att cloud services,and free your staff to focus on what matters and maintain a dependable online presence you can approach business needs inmost to advance your business. for web-based transactions. Our in-depth new ways for novel results. • Fast Deployment – Whether it’s a new knowledge of the latest web technologies implementation or a migration, we get and our scalable architecture helps ensure that you up and running quickly, hosting your site is up to every task. Our services range ATT remote Application Management the solution in our secure, world-class from implementation and store development If you want to host solutions on your in-house Internet Data Centers. We can also for IBM WebSphere® Commerce to application systems, you can still benefit from our expertise develop and manage critical interfaces development, integration and consulting. as we manage the applications remotely for you. between applications to streamline business processes. ATT Messaging and Collaboration Ease Your Workload Application Management It’s hard to focus on strategic IT initiatives • Continuous Performance Monitoring – Take advantage of ATT’s comprehensive set when you’re struggling with daily hosting and Proactive monitoring and maintenance of solutions for streamlining and mobilizing application management tasks. ATT can free of systems, networks, applications and communication and collaboration across your you to focus on more value-added work while interfaces on a 24x7x365 basis keeps company. We apply the know-how, resources we take care of the rest. Find out how ATT service levels high. and tools needed to implement, manage, and hosting and application management services maintain a complete, highly reliable environment can help you respond quickly to the needs of for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Office the business, raise service levels, and lower Communications Server. total cost of ownership across your enterprise.For more information contact your att representative or visit us at AB-1817© 2010 ATT Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. ATT and the ATT logo are trademarks of ATT Intellectual Property.