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Exploring the mark of cain connection to the mark of the beast

In this essay we will study similarities that could bookend the Mark of Cain with the Mark of the Beast. To do that, we must establish what that Mark of Cain was, and that his Line survived the Flood. We also ponder the path to their salvation, a path of embracing the ethics of shepherd service founded in the Garden of Eden when our sovereignty passed from Angels to Man; ethics many of the Angels refused to embrace, not realizing the endless torment that choice would reap. We will study how they bound us in a beatific dystopia, ensnaring us by smoothly flipped oaths, and ever demand our obedient deference to a hijacked genealogy.

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Exploring the mark of cain connection to the mark of the beast

  1. 1. Page 1 of 30 Exploring the Mark of Cain Connection to the Mark of the Beast. Written and Copyright © 2017 by David Ross Goben. All rights reserved. July 4, 2017. Version September 3, 2017. In this essay we will study similarities that could bookend the Mark of Cain with the Mark of the Beast. To do that, we must establish what that Mark of Cain was, and that his Line survived the Flood. We also ponder the path to their salvation, a path of embracing the ethics of shepherd service founded in the Garden of Eden when our sovereignty passed from Angels to Man; ethics many of the Angels refused to embrace, not realizing the endless torment that choice would reap. A host of the Angels saw this superior peerage granted Man as an unmitigated affront, and so a third of their number rose up in rebellion. They boldly declared God unjust, and have endeavored ever since then to rob Him of His Power and to hijack His Plan. These seditious Angels wrought calamitous war on God in a battle to restore their standing over Man. As Heavenly war raged, these Angels seduced opportunistic men to join in their cause by distracting their devotions to Eloi with the alluring enticements of glorious power and entrancing technology. Ten score of the Fallen Angels descended to Mount Harmon to seed daughters of men with mighty hybrid progeny to whom these men offered up blood sacrifice, raising them up as divine seers into the mystery wisdoms of their unseen lords. We will study how they bound us in a beatific dystopia, ensnaring us by smoothly flipped oaths, and ever demand our obedient deference to a hijacked genealogy. NOTE: Genesis has no issues with other people living on the Earth alongside Adam and Eve. The difference is that Adam (Hebrew Adamah; “To Be Red (Blood)”, from Akkadian AD.AMU; “Made of God”) and Eve (Hebrew Chavvah, Akkadian KA.VA; “Vulva (Mother) of the KA (Living)”) were chosen to reign with compassion and with what is now referred to as Princely Service. These are the selfless principles exhaustively laid out in Chapter 6 of the Book of Numbers, the principles that in time would spawn Christianity through its adherents, the ascetic Nazorite Order of Qumrân by the Dead Sea. These are requirements God gave to Moses for those seeking privileged separation for devotional service to God (refer to NOTE: We are about to venture into “dark territory”, into places that until recently I had never dared openly discuss, a vista filled with the weird and the disturbing, with gods, 6-fingered giants, dark priests sacrificing unwilling victims to Saturn, to seeking long life by drinking the blood of children. All real. All verified. Is it this that is so unsettling, or the dark secret oaths that have for eons concealed them? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIDE BAR: The truth of history is seldom as read in our history books. We often chide many ancient stories as simply myth, yet the truth is that this term “myth” just means “a story”. What makes this interesting is that our venerated term “history” is from Middle English, which means exactly the same thing: “a story”. A greater truth is that the ancients recorded history just as fastidiously as we do.
  2. 2. Page 2 of 30 As a student of history, I study history’s origins and the truths hiding behind it. I have written endlessly on it. I could bore you with examples of how history has been bent, twisted and molded to suit the agendas of history’s victors. Yet, the redaction of history’s record falls not just on their heads, but also on its losers. Consider the Dead Sea Scrolls. It wields history penned by losers of a contention for power between two religious/political orders at a Nazorite monastery, a former Hasmonean military fortress that had been built strategically atop the desolate cliffs above Wadi Qumrân to the west, toward Jerusalem, near the fresh water outlet of the Jordan River to the north, toward Jericho, and overlooking the vast Dead Sea that spanned the far horizon, sweeping from the south to the east. These scribes lived in an ascetic Exodus-style commune to farm, tend livestock, trade labor, study and copy sacred texts, and slowly walk prayer stations while porting very heavy pots of Dead Sea water. This water was stored in cisterns for daily baptism after first slowly sifting out small white balls of Manna, which were molded into wafers and eaten with dark wine during the evening Eucharist. They waited quietly until the Manna raptured them in a blazing Shekinah glow about their heads. Then, they not only saw, but spoke with Angels. From those beyond the veil to the Hidden World, they were given prophesies and taught lessons in Mystery Wisdom, and finally mourned when they once again became mortal. NOTE: The Shekinah, the “Dwelling” or “Presence of God” (also called Hebrew “Qodesh ha-Ruwakh”, or “Holy Spirit”), describes the creative nature of God. Unlike teachings stemming from early Christian leaders who abhorred women, these titles are strictly feminine, not masculine. This is also why some strongly associate the Shekinah with Egypt’s goddess Hathor, as a singular Being. The Nazorite were of two orders: the strict Torah-literalist Hebrews, conducting services in Hebrew, and the much more liberal Hellenists, conducting services in Greek. The Hebrews were led by their revered Teacher of Righteousness, and the Hellenists were led by whom the Hebrews titled the Wicked Priest, because he revealed to the laity sacred secrets of Levite Priests. As they debated daily on the prophecies of Daniel and Isaiah, and on Mose's Law, and tried to calculate prophecy timetables, the Hebrew's power waned when a calculated prophecy that held them in authority failed. These Hebrews, who penned their community history, later abandoned Qumrân, migrating east to Iraq and became known as the Gnostic Mandaeans. When Jerusalem fell in 70 CE, the Hellenist Davidic King Followers fled across the world and became known as the Christians. Although scholars adamantly insist that the events of this history took place 100 years before they actually did, the reason they claim so is to deny the obvious, which is verifiable on many different levels, and that is because these Hebrews, even today, herald their Teacher of Righteousness to be John the Baptist, and they call the Hellenist's Wicked Priest Yehoshua ha-Mashiac; Jesus the Christ.
  3. 3. Page 3 of 30 In my tome, “A Gnostic Cycle: Exploring the Origin of Christianity”, I broke down hundreds of facts behind Christian history. The truth is, however, I only revealed the first two layers of discovery, exposing but a portion of the deeper truths. The remainder I felt few people were ready to understand back in 2005, because too often truth is stranger than fiction, and the actual truth of history can often send the mind reeling in disbelief. Since then I peeled more layers back and pen them here and on my Google Plus page at Because victors pen history, we must be wary of intrigues that can twist the facts meted to us by those who claim authority over those facts, typically via a puppet media, where such facts are always twisted, bent and remolded, making those bearing it, especially those of shady intents, appear more heroic and just. Editing is used to hide anything that might not shine good lights on them. Investigators of such distortions are typically mocked as “conspiracy theorists”, projecting onto them false senses of ignorance and tinfoil hats. Yet, they seek only explanations for the thick trail of known conspiracies covering up history's truths. Investigators must therefore imagine what that truth was, and so theories arise because those behind the conspiracies never willingly confess the hidden facts. A great example of this is the Donation of Constantine, now known as the most famous forgery in history, which alone establishes the vast power that the Catholic Church claims. Many of these hidden facts are thankfully concealed only by the thinnest of veils, being nothing more than open secrets. One tiny fact can often reveal everything. Consider for a moment how many so-called conspiracy theories have later been verified to be actual fact, once the truth is finally revealed. Probably the latest examples are the Deep State, the Bilderberg Group, and the New World Order. Without these hidden truths, the facts not hidden can too often make little sense. Other times, these facts are hidden not by conspiracy, but because they were so well known and of such common knowledge that they were not written down; it would have been just stating the obvious. The Mark of Cain is such an example. There was likely no conspiracy to hide what this Mark was; it was just a matter of it being so obvious to everyone of that time. The truth is, this Mark was vital to the survival of those bearing it, and they bore it proudly because it lifted their stature among men to heights seldom imagined by those seeking greatness and power. They were desperately sought out and competition was utterly fierce, sometimes through epic wars, to negotiate the best contracts for their services. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Genesis we learn that a Mark was placed upon Cain that has followed through the generations of his seed. This would mean that this Mark was not just some symbol imprinted on their foreheads as many might assume, coming from millennia of cleverly enhanced tales in attempts to keep these stories interesting. Conversely, It had to be an obvious mark that was sealed into Cain’s very DNA, thus enabling him to pass this prominent Mark on to succeeding generations.
  4. 4. Page 4 of 30 The Bible does not reveal what the Mark of Cain was, like many unsaid things that were either redacted or else so blatantly obvious as to not merit mention. The point is that this Mark identified him and his lineage for all to see. In studying the details of his ancient lineage we are able to establish with certainty what that Mark actually looked like. We will soon expose and explore it in greater detail. Cain’s title was Q’ayin in Hebrew, a title I will hence employ. It means “Acquired”, though this term is much too vague. It is not of receiving a thing, but of scheming to take it. We will break this title down further when we look at its Akkadian roots. Q’ayin, by all appearances a devout tiller of the earth, at one point attacked and killed his shepherd brother Abel (Hebrew Havel, meaning “Breath”) in frustration and jealousy because God favored Abel’s offering of “fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock”, but did not accept his own offered fruits from the soil. Scholars will argue this as allegory for a transition from herdsman to farmer, but it can also be allegory for falling from shepherd service down to regal subjugation. Genesis is truly brimming with countless insightful, instructive, and debatable symbols. Indeed, by this essay's end you might discover a deeper reason for Q’ayin taking the life of Abel, which could be quite startling and awakening. Text analysis shows the Tree of Life can also be allegory, not as a tree giving immortal life, but as a symbol of the Dynastic Kingship God transferred from the Angels to a chosen bloodline of men. When Adam and Eve’s right to choose an heir was abdicated after they partook from the Tree of Knowledge, which can be allegory for the quickening of inner perception that could also lead to evil, ending their Dynasty was the same as losing immortality. The right to lead a dynasty would by default fall to the next in peerage, which was the unborn Q’ayin (we will later learn Q’ayin may have already been conceived; a ploy by the Serpent when he tempted Eve with the Tree of Knowledge, to acquire through deceit Adam’s Royal Line). Even with Q’ayin’s later murder of Abel, yet before the birth of the third son, Seth, Q’ayin would hold senior peerage. As with royals today, the one with the highest peerage at the time of succession bears the right of sovereignty. NOTE: The origin behind our interest in Royal Peerage and Nobility was due to the once-common belief in those with enough Cainite blood having a prescient ability to commune with spirits beyond the Heavenly veil, to intercede on behalf of those of their domain. Peerage follows descent by the Bloodline of Q’ayin. Yet, according to Mesopotamian accounts, it also follows the Bloodline of the wife of KA.IN (Q’ayin), LU.LU.WA (Luluwa), who was said to be a goddess; one of the elohim. For me, this gets a bit foggy, because angels and demons (the Raphaim) were sexless, though the Fallen Angels were said to sire children by the blood of daughters of men. Still, with respect to the odd alien abduction account, this might also go the other way, coinciding with the traditions of Greek gods, a belief paradigm chided as “myth”, even as we call our same belief paradigm “history”.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 30 NOTE: “Royal” means “Divine”, “Shining” and “god/demon-possessed (godly)”. NOTE: Many Bible tales paint Q’ayin as a selfish lout, or he thinking Abel a fool to give God his best sheep when God would have no use for blood or burnt flesh, but there is no proof for such embellishments in scripture or Bible commentary. More, the Hebrew text also seems to show that Abel’s blood might not have simply seeped into the soil. The fact that the earth Q’ayin acquired dominion over swallowed this blood was because Abel’s peerage and legacy were consequently absorbed by his elder brother. Yet, this spilt blood truly blemished the landscape of Q’ayin’s domain. A deeper reason for Q’ayin’s new status, and perhaps why God did not administer the harshest judgment upon him, is something that may hold greater bearing on Q’ayin’s Mark as we further peel back these mysteries. God judged Q’ayin on Abel’s murder, He cursed Q’ayin’s beloved soil to bear him no fruit, and set him to a wandering life (his Bloodline later turned to working great wonders in metal, making those bearing his blood highly valued, and later we will examine such unique craft). To our point, Genesis 4:13-15 states: “Cain said to the Lord, “My punishment is more than I can bear. Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.” But the Lord said to him, “Very well; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIDE BAR: In the Septuagint, Vulgate and Syriac Bibles, the Hebrew for “Very well” in Genesis 4:15 was translated instead to “Not so”. This is my frustration with translation, especially if it is driven by preconception or agenda. We must drill to the source, appraise the source cultural meaning behind words, and analyze translator notes. A tiny example of thousands is in Romans 5:7. There, a cited Hebrew anecdote used the term “rasha”, meaning “wicked”, but rather than translating it to Greek “kakos”, they instead used “agios” (English “holy”, but “righteous” in KJV): “For scarcely for a (righteous) man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.” A broader example are many references to sheep and lambs using the common Greek “erpeton”, used for any “creeping thing” like small four-legged animals, birds, and even cattle (cattle were no bigger than Great Danes until after the Middle Ages), yet it meant goats more than sheep due to an excess of goats in those regions. It can get worse. There are dozens of verses added to the Greek text decades, or even centuries after the originals, and many verses that have never existed AT ALL in any Greek text. For example, John 7:53 through 8:11 relates the story of an adulterous woman brought before Jesus. Though a wonderful story, it did not exist intact until the Vulgate Latin Bible was written in the late fourth century.
  6. 6. Page 6 of 30 There are also 131 double-negatives, mostly as Greek “ooh may”, meaning “not no” and “not not”, to express an emphatic positive, but are all translated to a singular “not”. Among others, it makes Thomas the Apostle an ardent doubter rather than an ardent believer. Consider this direct translation of John 20:25 from Greek to English: “(Told) (then) (him) (the) (other) (disciples) (saw) (them) (Lord) (the) (then) (said) (he) (if) (not) (see) (on) (those) (hands) (him) (the) (marks) (the) (nails) (and) (lay) (these) (fingers) (me) (to) (those) (marks) (the) (nails) (and) (lay) (me) (this) (hand) (to) (the) (side) (him) (not) (no) (believe).” There are over 1700 citations of words that have changed or flipped meaning since penned in 1611 King James English, not counting the same of Greek. Many errors are from poor punctuation. The fact is, Greek punctuation did not exist until the ninth century. Chapters were not used until the sixth century, with but two samples found from the fifth century. Chapters were made where there were simply evident breaks in the sense of the text. Verses did not exist until they were first introduced in 1551 as a means to reference smaller portions of text. NOTE: Thomas was Prince Philip Herod I, the once-senior peerage son of Herod the Great and Mariammee II the Hasmonean. Thomas (meaning “Twin”) was father to Salomé and the former husband to Herodias, his half-sister by Herod. Like Jacob’s twin, Esau, Thomas was denied of his regal inheritance by his half- brother, Herod Antipas, when their shared father divorced Thomas's mother and next wed Malthace the Samaritan, who held greater royal peerage, already mother to Antipas. Herodias then left Thomas for Antipas so to keep the Herod family line of peerage succession strongest. Cynical and bitter, Thomas joined the anti-Antipas ascetics of John the Baptist, who later told him to follow Jesus. NOTE: Koine Greek (Common Greek), from which we get the term “speaking in coin”, was introduced by Alexander the Great to simplify communication across his expansive empire. This policy also significantly contributed to the enormous proliferation of written works, which could be read by all Greek-speaking people. Greek was for centuries the most common language spoken in the ancient world. NOTE: Every phrase in the Hebrew Bible, or any sacred Hebrew text, begins with an obligatory Aleph; the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, or Alephbet. The reason for this was to maintain a concise mathematical form so it cannot be altered without detection, being used to easily determine if the sacred text had been distorted. Interestingly, the opening phrase of Genesis is the ONLY phrase in the entire Hebrew Bible that for some really strange reason does not begin with Aleph. Without the Aleph, this phrase’s mathematical integrity falls apart. In its current form, it reads: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Yet, if the Aleph is reinserted at the start of the phrase, as it is supposed to be, it becomes: “The Father of the Beginnings created the elohim, the heaven, and the earth.” Notice that elohim means not “God”, but “gods” or “angels”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. 7. Page 7 of 30 I find it interesting, in consideration to the vocations of Q’ayin and Abel, that God directed Adam and Eve to eat fruits of the earth, as they and Q’ayin labored to produce, but not the meat of their flocks that Abel tended. It is also curious that God favored the aroma of burned meat and of blood over the fruits of the earth. From the Apocalypse of Saint John the Divine (Greek Apokolupsis, meaning “to reveal”), we learn the Mark of the Beast was a sign identifying those who worship (work-ship; “to labor for”) the Beast out of the sea, who is usually identified as the antichrist (“instead king”). This Mark is equivalent to his name or number, which Revelation 13:18 reports to be encoded 666. The Greek term used for Mark was “charagma”, and was most commonly employed to designate document or coin imprints; a seal. The association with the sea can seem odd, but in those times the sea was often linked to the Lord/Prince of Earth. ruling from “underneath the world”, the AB.ZU or Underworld by Mesopotamian texts. The AB.ZU was the vast sprawl of ancient gold mines found thickly across South Africa, Yet, the Underworld was later commonly identified with the Mediterranean or Red Sea. We will also show what ancient texts, like the Bible, define a Beast as being. Before I present my thoughts on what this Mark of the Beast might be, I would first like to flesh out our backdrop of that question by exploring the Mark of Q’ayin more deeply, which I feel bears great relevance to the Mark of the Beast. From my research, and from others who have endeavored to navigate this often quite confusing labyrinth of inquiry, I conclude that a great bond exists between these seals that lays beyond the fact that both concern those who would justify willful and rebellious disobedience to God through often self-delusive reasoning, such as by flipping the meaning of their defiance, and even the blame for it. Q’ayin’s title was KA.IN in Akkadian, Mesopotamia’s root language, from “KA”, “The Living; Spirit; the Human Soul that survives death”, and “IN”, “a scheme to take a position of power”. The deeper meaning of this title will hold profound portent once you understand what this title truly relates in the story of Genesis. KA.IN was the revered ancestor of the followers of the Cainite religions around the world. At its root, generations after Q’ayin, it first spawned several Dead Sea- focused nations like the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Hivites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Philistines, the Edomites (Herod the Great was an Edomite), and other demon-worshipping, child sacrificing peoples who depended on mystical properties of the Dead Sea waters that was believed able to enhance their spirit sight. To that end, we must first more fully understand exactly what descent from the unique bloodline from Q’ayin represented. NOTE: Mesopotamian KA.IN also is equally expressed as IN.KA (Inca), which yields interesting reflections when studying the blood-drenched Cainite religious practices that were known to take place in the Americas.
  8. 8. Page 8 of 30 These Cainites also included the insidious blood-lusting Amalekites, a nomadic people of the Negev and adjoining desert that were a hereditary enemy of Israel from Exodus times to the early Jewish Monarchy. They descended from Amalek, who took his title from Malek, the demon god he worshipped. He was grandson to Esau by Esau's son Eliphaz and Timna, Eliphaz’s noblewoman-concubine, the half-sister to one of Esau’s chiefs, Lotan, and in fact Eliphaz’s very own daughter through an adulterous relationship with the wife of Sier, Lotan’s father. Esau (meaning “Hairy” or “Rough”), founder of the Edomites and father-in-law to a pharaoh, was the robust, tall, very hairy, red-haired, and likely 6-fingered “twin” brother of Jacob; the sons of Isaac, the son of Abraham. These peculiar genetic traits were also held by Ishmael, son to Abraham by Sarah’s handmaiden, Hagar the Egyptian, who was a present from Pharaoh Thutmosis III. Handmaidens (ministers) were typically a lower-peerage sister, so Hagar, a member of Court (all members of Pharaoh’s Court were of royal stock), might actually be a sister to Pharaoh or to the Queen. I strongly suspect her relationship was to the Queen, part due to Hagar’s emphasized Egyptian title, but mainly because Pharaoh was a foreigner, who married into the Amenhitep Dynasty, which we will also discuss. Esau was not an identical twin, nor would he look to be progeny from his blonde father Isaac. In reading further, it appears that Esau was actually sired by one of the Fallen Angels, who it would seem were trying yet again to hijack God’s plans by usurping the blessing He bestowed on Abraham’s Bloodline by Esau, as they had previously successfully done to Adam using Q’ayin (though the attempt with Esau failed, as it did with Ishmael, their bloodlines still reigned havoc on Israel). Interestingly, Pharaoh was half-brother to Abraham (meaning “Father of Many”, though originally Arian Abrahm: “Mud”) and to Sarah (meaning “Princess”) by different regal mothers from their shared Royal Mesopotamian father, Terah. Pharaoh’s mother would be expected to be Terah’s main, highest-peerage wife, though certainly of higher peerage than Abraham, otherwise Abraham would have been sent to Egypt in order to reinvigorate its diminishing royal bloodline (a country’s royalty has absolutely nothing to do with the nation within which it is contracted, but had everything to do with the value of their blood. Consider the Germanic House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, now called Windsor, that is sovereign in England). Sarah’s mother would seem to be of equitable peerage with Pharaoh, if not perhaps senior to him, though likely by a junior sister to Terah’s main wife. Abraham’s mother would also have high peerage, but apparently lower than both Pharaoh and Sarah. His mother might have bore more common Semitic blood. By the evidence of Pharaoh’s anxious fawning over Sarah, I do suspect that Egypt’s Semitic Queen had especially less regal peerage than Sarah, and, by a clear sense of it, also less than Abraham, which may be why Pharaoh had been sent by Terah after a marriage contract had been sealed, in order to strengthen Egypt’s weakened royal blood, after it had been diluted by a recent prolonged
  9. 9. Page 9 of 30 occupation by Syrian Harkos invaders, where Egypt's bearers of royal blood had been sullied by being mixed with much more common Syrian Semitic stock. Abraham likely had intended for Pharaoh to sire for him Isaac, because Sarah and Pharaoh held the highest regal peerage. It also seems clear that Pharaoh was anxious to seed better stock. Perhaps Abraham and Sarah had abstained from children for this very reason; to give their progeny the highest peerage. Though not of Abraham’s loins, Isaac was of his patriarchy by Sarah, Abraham, and Pharaoh's father, Terah. Because Sarah was wife to Abraham, as one flesh in God’s eyes, and she bore Isaac who Abraham desired of her, then Isaac was a legal son with full rights to inheritance from Abraham. Indeed, royalty originated the rules governing peerage inheritance and marriage contracts, where nations competed to contract bearers of the most senior Q’ayin blood. Even the term “kin” comes from tracking genealogy from Q’ayin. The royal extravagances, its pomp and its vacuities of high life, debauchery, and living beyond reproach came incrementally as offered “perks” to entice each generation of bearers for contract. As we will soon understand, all three siblings would have been INSTANTLY recognized as royals, due to the mysterious, though highly visible Mark of Q’ayin that each of them bore, and so Abraham and Sarah would most certainly have been well received in Court. This trumps objections made by those unaware of their then-evident regal marking, thinking Abraham was literally just some smelly wandering shepherd, claiming such a common man would never have been received at all in Pharaoh’s Court, nor would Pharaoh get all hormonal for Sarah. They would be right if Abraham and Sarah had indeed been of common stock. Pharaoh might not have known of Abraham and Sarah’s marriage, but he would know they were his siblings. There was sense in regal siblings traveling together for protection, but marriage between these two would never be assumed if either Abraham’s royal peerage was low enough, by regal standards, that he would not be seen as an advantageous suitor for Sarah’s valuable blood, or if (!) they were actually full brother and sister, where having children would have been disastrous (Terah, who sealed their marriage, might have had designs on Egypt’s throne, and nay have planned all along for Pharaoh to sire Abraham a son). Respect between all regals, even upon learning of an indelicate deception over Sarah’s marital status, meant that this matter would have been handled most amicably, especially if Abraham and Sara were full brother and sister, thus giving the appearance that Pharaoh had provided them with a kind service. This is unlike how it would have been had Abraham and Sarah not been of ample regal stock. From the Amalekites we get the original horrific legends of vampires. The Amalekites did not even look to be wholly human. This was not just a matter of the Israelites dehumanizing their bitterest enemy to justify cause against them, or that God wanted Joshua, and later King Saul to utterly wipe them out, but they appeared to be hideous large-headed creatures whose heights varied from very
  10. 10. Page 10 of 30 tall to very small. They bore large eyes, oversized canine teeth, sallow flesh, and each hand and foot bore 6 fully functional digits. These strange and dangerous entities were brutal to their captives and they craved the taste of fresh blood. NOTE: To be fair, this 6-digit trait, called Polydactyly, along with at times double- or partial double-rows of teeth, seemed common to many descendants of Q’ayin, just like their natural ability to commune with the spirit world. This included those like Jacob, son of Isaac, Jacob’s second but senior-peerage wife Rachel, his father Isaac, and his mother Rebekah, Rachel’s aunt. Further, double-rows of teeth would also explain why those like Moses, Pharaoh Akhenaten, and many other regals suffered impaired speech. The assumption Moses stuttered because he could not speak Semite well is naive, due to the great intellects bearers of Q’ayin’s blood had. The meaning for all this will become clearer as we continue. Depicted in story, perhaps due to generations steeped in slavish devotion to their dark god Malek (Saturn), Amalekites appeared to be somewhat like Gollum in J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” literary trilogy. Indeed, they are described very much like the sinister crafty demons (meaning “geniuses; wise”) depicted in European art during the Middle Ages. Interestingly, this would also perfectly describe presumed extraterrestrial “grays” of UFO lore, though legendary UFO researchers J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Fabrice Vallée had argued that those creatures, with their vaporous, elusive vessels, were likely not extraterrestrial at all, but rather that they are more likely Earth-based interdimensional demons. Many Cainite nations populated the lands wrapping the entire Dead Sea, to include the great but corrupt intellectual centers of Sodom and Gomorrah, which God smote with fire and brimstone back in the days of Lot, filling the Dead Sea with pitch and setting it to fire, in disdain for their unbridled libertine passions. God had commanded Joshua at the end of their exodus, as they made their way north from the Sinai Peninsula and the eastern side of the Dead Sea, to not just conquer the peoples of Canaan, which extended from Lebanon southward to the “Brook of Egypt” and eastward to the Jordan River Valley, but to utterly annihilate them to their very last man, woman, and child, saving alive nothing. Why not just conquer and subdue the people of Canaan as God commanded His people to do on other campaigns? What was it that God found so abhorrent as to be unforgivable and undeserving of His Grace and Mercy? Many of the giants peopling Canaan, who Joshua’s spies reported that by comparison made themselves appear as grasshoppers, escaped Joshua’s invasion onslaught, which was bolstered by local nations who took up arms with Joshua to be free of their Cainite oppressor’s yoke. The giants and their followers fled on a fleet of great Phoenician ships, sailing west across the Mediterranean Sea to Malta, near Crete and Italy's boot, and then west to Sardinia, a colossal island west of Italy. Due to the cyclopean stone structures found there, these
  11. 11. Page 11 of 30 islands are known to this day as Islands of Giants. They later migrated from Sardinia to sanctuary across Europe, Asia, and even the American continents, taking with them their religion of blood-lust, human sacrifice, cannibalism, their worship of their demonic gods, and imposing it upon all who they conquered. As tales were elaborated, this in time spawned ancient Phoenician legends of La Merica (from the American Indian title Amaruka; “Land of the Plumed Serpent”), and as Avilion in Celtic lore, said to be a pure land beyond the western sea, beneath the Evening Star, filled with fruit trees that never needed tending and inhabitants who were immortal (the reason behind the search for the Fountain of Youth), long before Amerigo Vesspucci began his un-notable expeditions. For example, in Deuteronomy 20:16-18 in God’s discourse to Moses: “But in the cities of these peoples that the Lord your God is giving you for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but you shall devote them to complete destruction, the Hittites and the Amorites, the Canaanites and the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites, as the Lord your God has commanded, that they may not teach you to do according to all their abominable practices that they have done for their gods, and so you sin against the Lord your God.” You can also refer to Samuel 15:2-3, where God commanded King Saul and the Israelites: “Thus says the Lord of hosts, “I have noted what Amalek did to Israel in opposing them on the way when they came up out of Egypt. Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.”” The Mark inherited from Q’ayin was seen mainly in their heads, which consisted of naturally elongated skulls (not made by head boarding or binding, because that cannot increase the size of the brain, which was at least 20% greater than normal), they lacked a saggital suture line that normally extends from the skull crown to its back, they had large canine teeth, larger ears, sometimes double- or partial double-rows of teeth, pale skin, and they had larger, wider blue or blue- green eyes that are set in narrow, extended, almost serpentine and effeminate faces. Their porous, but extremely dense bones were hard like tooth enamel, and permeated by dense webs of powerful red micro-fibers. They also seemed to have exhibited, especially in ancient times, 6 perfectly functional fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot. They also tended to be tall, they continuously grew even taller as they aged, and the number of their days were tremendous. Indeed, from among them, the giant Magog the Scythian Japhethite, famously known as the King of the Giants, was who the Romans later used as their iconic model for Jupiter (Zeus), the king of their council of gods atop Greek Mount Olympus. NOTE: Scythia, where Q’ayin built his center, is the central Eurasian region that all royal blood originated, no matter a land’s native ethnicity. Their gigantism seems not due to pituitary issues because they lived legendary spans and were extremely robust and powerful. Even King Gilgamesh was rumored to be 18 feet tall. One then wonders of Queen Elizabeth II, but Prince Philip is more royal than
  12. 12. Page 12 of 30 her (the reason behind their marriage). Princess Diana had greater peerage than Philip. Indeed, had Diana’s child by Egypt’s Prince Dodi Fayed been allowed to live, it would have possessed far more regal peerage than Prince William, and would have had the full unchallengeable right to assume England’s Royal Crown. The Cainite bloodline has slowly diluted through the need for genetic diversity by breeding with ‘commoners’ (genetically fully human). This went against God’s Will and their promise to Him. According to the Book of Enoch, the sons of the Watchers (Nephilim; sons of Fallen Angels; bene ha-elohim; sons of the gods) promised to God not to breed with the Seed of Man in exchange for taking some of their number aboard the Ark so their hybrid flesh would not perish. Forever scheming, perhaps this was a backup plan, because a great multitude of others, to include a host of their human laborers managed to actually survive the Great Flood by taking sealed (and likely nail-biting) refuge within the great labyrinths of underground cyclopean cities, now only recently being disclosed, or revealed through discovery by ground-penetrating radar, beneath the countless ancient megalithic stone complexes found throughout the world, presumably built in anticipation of the long-expected Great Flood. However, the Nephilim’s hybrid descendants felt compelled to break that ancient vow to God in order to avoid the otherwise dreadful misfortunes of inbreeding within their narrow gene pool, from which crossed eyes, mental-impairment, and hemophilia are common traits. As a result, the former 6 digits of Cainite regals have come to exhibit the typical 5 digits we find today in the descendants from Q’ayin as their angelic blood slowly thinned to become much more common, especially during Christian times. It might be interesting to note that to this day mothers instinctively count their newborn children’s fingers and toes to make sure they did not have 6 digits, this practice coming from a time when this was how one could verify if the child’s father was a man or a god. This can also result from a birth defect, but the ancient children of the Nephilim had 6 perfectly functional fingers and toes. Also, American Indians greet each other by their displaying a flat palm. This was not to show that their fighting hand bore implements of battle, as Europeans displayed, but to demonstrate that they were not one of the cunning 6-fingered Sky People, like the extremely tall Cloudeaters, who might have ventured forth out of the earth from a Kiva, a sacred Stargate, such as the powerful Kiva atop Mount Graham in Southeastern Arizona. For centuries, Indian tribes living in the vicinity of a Kiva would periodically bribed the Sky People with gifts and even sacrifice to keep them from crossing over into this world and bringing ruin. NOTE: I call the people of my native blood Indians to honor the title given them by Christopher Columbus’ personal description of the Caribbean island people. This Genoese man’s coarse Spanish called them “una geste in Dios”, or “a people in God”, not as some reference to the Indus River Valley. Honestly, based upon maps provided him by his Templar sponsors (his navigator and ships were
  13. 13. Page 13 of 30 also Templar, and his father-in-law was a Templar Grand Master), he KNEW it was not India. Besides, Spain was seeking Cipangu; Japan. Columbus described them as “In Dios” because they were very spiritual, and even shared views and traditions coming from both Judaism and Christianity. By the way, did you know that when Columbus sailed in 1492, it was common knowledge to Europeans, for two millennia since Pythagoras proved it, that the Earth was a globe? The Flat- Earth story we have been long taught was in truth simply a made-up literary device inserted centuries later in an 1828 book by Washington Irving, called “A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus”, to make the journey seen more heroic. Even the American Indians knew that the Earth was a globe. Alarmingly, the Vatican had somehow forced or bribed their way past the protest from the San Carlos Apache Tribe, who had passed a resolution declaring that Mount Graham was sacred to them, and they also held the deel to that mountain. Despite the solidarity of protest by other Indian Nations, deceitful entities within the US Government allowed the Vatican to go ahead and construct their Vatican Observatory directly over the top of this dangerous Mount Graham Stargate to the hidden realm of the interdimensional Star People. One is left wondering, perhaps in puzzled bewilderment, why the architects felt it necessary to build atop such portals to Purgatory, just as CERN and the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland had been, and why satanic rituals, complete with truly bizarre and quite elaborate Luciferian fertility pageantry were played out during their opening ceremonies, leaving many spectators wondering what was going on, save those secretly understanding the purpose of these dark demonic religious rites. Genesis 4:1 cites the reason Q’ayin had unique genetics was because Q’ayin was sired by Yahweh. The KJV reads “And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.” Yet, if we disregard translation bloviation and just bluntly translate Hebrew to English, it THEN reads: “Adamah, learning Chavvah his wife became pregnant and bore Q’ayin, declared, You got a man together with Yahweh!” Mesopotamian texts claim KA.IN was sired by the god EN.KI (meaning “Lord of Earth”), the Lord of the AB.ZU, or Underworld (“underneath the earth”), referring to the vast gold mines across South Africa, but later to the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, and which Mesopotamia associated with the Persian Gulf, where EN.KI first tried to extract gold. EN.KI’s symbols were the fish and goat. Mythology likens him to the Greek titan Prometheus and with Neptune. Commentary from the Babylonian Captivity cite Q’ayin’s father to be the Serpent in the Garden (technically, a man- like being with serpentine features), who seduced Eve, and was tied solidly to EN.KI. Also, EN.KI’s younger, though senior-peerage half-brother was EN.LIL (meaning “Lord of Storms”). Mesopotamian texts report EN.KI was frustrated and jealous of EN.LIL’s higher peerage, and felt that he, as elder brother, should be in supreme command. This might be compared to the god Hades and his eternal conflict with Zeus, and how Hades believed that Zeus had tricked him into taking control of the Underworld, and how he should rightfully be the King of the gods.
  14. 14. Page 14 of 30 But this genetic quality was not original strictly to Q’ayin, who was 1/2 god, but it also came from Q’ayin’s wife, Luluwa, who was said to be a full goddess, which would make Q’ayin and her children’s bloodline 3/4 angelic. To my thinking, in analyzing the “rules” of these stories, I tend to sense that Luluwa was perhaps 1/2 goddess, imagining Luluwa as being progeny from an angel and a human mother because I cannot yet work out to my thinking of how she could be a full goddess, Even so, Mesopotamian texts cite that the grandfather of LU.LU.WA was EN.LIL, who had senior peerage to EN.KI, and these texts also cite that her mother was NIN.MA, the half-sister to both EN.LIL and EN.KI. Assuming that logic would make Luluwa at least 3/4 goddess. Regardless of my confusion, in time this unique bloodline, from which all Cainite Kings, Queens, Priests, and Priestesses have descended, was called Royal/Divine Blood, which Middle English called Sangrayle, or, with its French influence, as Sangreal. All royal blood descends directly from the line of Q’ayin. And all royals are proud of it, warts and all. This includes the many among them who obsess in sexual deviance with children and with blood rituals, and too, the recent skeletons exposed from certain closets, such as a Buckingham Palace butler running a child sex ring right from within the palace, or of 10 children from the Kamloops residential school in British Columbia disappearing during a 2013 private picnic with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the outstanding BC warrant for their arrest, and countless lists of other scandals. Indeed, as of November 2013, over 50,000 native children have been tortured, sexually abused, and some murdered at the Catholic-owned Canadian Indian Residential Schools, and this does not include the over ten million Catholic Priest child sex abuse cases that have been documented (refer also to my Google Plus posts on the epidemic of missing people and children, and of the clandestine involvement of royals in such at,,, and Descendants of Q’ayin also had absolutely tremendous intellects (you can even discern this quite easily when meeting any of regal blood today), some with a profoundly genius aptitude for engineering and technological marvels, and their legendarily astute leadership was desperately sought and honored with the utmost fealty and respect by all those who bought contracts for their services. This was also why priests, who were originally also from among the genetically- hybrid descendants of Q’ayin, began to wear their tall miters, priestesses with their “tall” hair, wigs and habits, just like kings and queens with their tall crowns, to highlight and adorn their elongated skulls, and later by those who wanted to simulate or imitate those greatly-coveted heads. They had also been set apart genetically, admonished not to breed with the common people so that the race of Man would remain pure (the origin of why the Jews were to keep their race pure. Though Judaism is not a race, it actually referred to keeping the Human Race
  15. 15. Page 15 of 30 pure within their community of peoples). The descendants of Q’ayin were also to breed only with their own, to keep their blood, their great intellects, and the marks of their head and their hands, which displayed their mark of royal stock, highest in peerage. It was from Q’ayin that we also get the phonetic terms King and Queen. Indeed, the stories of a princess awaiting their prince, or the story that a princess could only marry a prince, and to even be locked away to keep her breeding virtue pure comes from this genetic consideration. So what is the Mark of the Beast? According to the Book of Revelation, it comes down again to a Mark in the head or the hands (the ancients also understood hands to be up to the elbow. Indeed, “clasping hands” was originally the clasping of each other’s forearms or wrists). I have meditated very long and hard on this. Many people in modern times tend to think of this Mark as a barcode, and more recently as a biometric chip beneath the skin. Without this Mark one is unable to buy, trade, or sell anything. They could well be right (for Lisa Haven’s take on it, see her video at However, even these things, such as barcodes and biometric chips, can still be removed, disabled, or pirated, even if the technology were highly advanced, as seems to be evidenced by numerous documented implants being removed from alleged UFO abductees. The idea of a removable or hackable chip or barcode can argue against them being the Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast is supposed to be something that was permanent, indelible, and could NOT be removed once it was taken. It seems also to be something prominent, perhaps just like the Mark of Q’ayin. However, one has to also wonder why such a prominent, permanent, indelible Mark would cause God not to extend His Grace and Mercy upon anyone who received it? After all, in reading the Hebrew and the Christian Bibles, these books are literally stuffed with God’s Grace and Mercy being extended to anyone and everyone, whether they were Jewish, whether they were Christian, or neither of these. No matter how deep into inequity they were steeped, it is taught that they are still redeemable and worthy of receiving Grace and Mercy from God if they but truly changed their hearts and returned repentantly to His fold. So what would cause God NOT to extend Grace and Mercy to someone after they had willfully received this seal? If you understood the story of the times of Noah and the Flood that cleansed the world of great inequity, you must consider what that inequity was. It is hinted at within Genesis. Yet, it is laid out much more clearly in the Book of Enoch, which had been considered part of the Hebrew library 2,000 years ago. Genesis 6:1-6 simply related abridged cliff-note details about events that were commonly known to all people of the time in that biblical region, because they were all intimately familiar with the Book of Enoch (now technically called Ethiopic Enoch or Enoch 1, because there were two later books from Christian times). The Book of Enoch was quoted often by both Jewish and Christian writers, and it was quoted even by Jesus Himself (the best translation of the original source material was done by R. H. Charles, which can be found
  16. 16. Page 16 of 30 freely at such places as Another excellent translation of this original source material is by M. Knibb, with its introduction and abundant expository, though often presumptuous notes by Andy McCracken, and can be found at In Enoch, God refused Grace and Mercy to those willfully corrupting the Seed of Man, those mixing human with non-human flesh; chimeras the ancients identified as Beasts. This identifies the Beast of the Apocalypse as a hybrid human, who is possessed by the Prince of Earth. I imagine that his prophesied “resurrection” will be by him afterward possessing a clone. As in the days of Noah, these Beasts are hybrids by Fallen Angels and humans. They are not brute animals, but of making Man’s flesh no longer that fashioned by God, like the human/angel-hybrid titans called Nephilim, who, after their deaths from the Flood, were then called the Raphaim (Deadites) or Demons (see my posts on Giants, Cloudeaters, and Stargates at,, and Consider genetic manipulation. This is not just of producing different breeds of wolves by bringing to prominence specific traits of a wolf’s very rich gene pool, engendering breeds like a Golden Retriever or a Teacup Chihuahua, or tending the ancient small beaded wheat-like maze to yield robust stalks of corn. Genetic manipulation is altering the DNA blueprint of organisms by replacing genes or editing DNA sequences, creating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This might one day render normally sterile hybrids fertile (consider the Cheetah, which seemss to be a naturally domesticated, genetically identical, though fertile trans- species hybrid of canine and feline). Such manipulation makes the plant or the animal that this manipulation was performed on no longer the plant or the animal that God had designed it to be, a thing that God considered an abomination. GMO food is also less nutritious for the simple fact that the body has a lot of trouble “understanding” how to properly digest it because genetic frequencies no longer vibrate at a rate that previously allowed effective recognition of genetic trigger mechanisms. Thus, nutrients are not efficiently absorbed. It is possible to literally starve to death by stuffing oneself with a diet of only GMO foods. It is the very same principle with Man. Alter his DNA, or alter his genes, and he is no longer truly Man; he is technically non-Human, a chimera, even if the outward appearance is little different. Technically, his DNA would no longer vibrate in resonance with the frequency it was designed to flow with in its many genetically harmonic possibilities of his rich gene pool. A deeper understanding of the new science forming around DNA electrical frequency tells us that DNA might begin not as a molecule, but rather as a wave form. So, perhaps it had, in a way, been in fact “spoken” into existence, much as the more simplistic language of the Bible explained? Refer also to my Google Plus post “New Science: DNA Begins as a Quantum Wave” at
  17. 17. Page 17 of 30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIDE BAR: I LOVE the idea of Darwinism, but no one has yet been able to find a single natural trans-species organism. Honestly, the fossil record should be full of them. Indeed, if natural trans-species migration was possible, it would actually be impossible to find an organism NOT in a trans-species stage, simply because trans-species evolution requires untold millions of intermediate variations. Being that viable variations will be VERY rare, this would actually require TRILLIONS of generations (the past 5,000 years has seen only about 250 human generations). Only genetic engineers hacking DNA are able to cross species boundaries. But has anyone ever wondered why the progeny are always sterile? Might it have to do with DNA harmonic frequencies? Do they require a more intelligent designer? We are composed of 37.2 trillion cells (some say over 200 trillion, which includes the symbiotic bacteria we are co-dependant on), where EACH cell is packed with hundreds of thousands of busy, highly animated, highly mobile, incredibly programmatically-smart electric-powered molecular machines, Each molecular machine is composed of innumerable, but typically thousands of individual proteins that are in turn assembled from up to 21 different proteinogenic amino acids that must link in exacting harmonic sequence, otherwise they do not function or properly conduct their assigned electrical frequency. Each protein must also be assembled by a master binder molecular machine that assembles a single protein based upon the RNA program strip magazine provided it from the DNA strand by transport molecular machines, as other recognizer and retrieval molecular machines collect the requisite amino acids needed by the RNA strip and deliver each one to the assembler in the proper order. The resulting linked string of protein is then folded and rolled in an EXACTING sequence to carry a specific range of electrical impulses or they will not function. This rolling and twisting process alone requires a massive hinged barrel molecular machine to house this process, plus innumerable separate molecular machines that are designed to manage the precise twisting and folding process, which are again programmed from RNA instruction strips of chained molecules that are transcribed, in mirrored form, from the DNA master instruction set. And all this to assemble but a single strand of protein. The amazing thing is that all this activity is actually happening at a scale smaller than the wave band width of visible light, but it is all happening at speeds that are absolutely staggering, Indeed, when you watch an animated simulation of these machines in action, people often think that the animation is sped up, yet the ACTUAL process is up to 10 million times faster than the animation displays, meaning that even if we could see these elements, they would be moving countless times faster than our eyes can possibly follow. All this is programmed by the most complex list of instruction codes imaginable, directing the construction, assembly, and programming of not only the molecular machines that communicate back and forth with each other through latticed layers of electrically-charged liquid-crystal water, but every component of that cell; the ENTIRE complex organism, to include programming basic muscular
  18. 18. Page 18 of 30 behavioral patterns, involuntary functions, and even the programming so that a baby is able to instantly recognize a human face at the moment of birth. NOTE: The idea that molecular machines strictly communicate with each other only through electro-chemical reactions would pollute a cell quickly, considering that these hundreds of thousands of molecular machines are communicating back and forth at an unbelievably blinding speed, that it would quickly die before the cell would have a chance to develop enough to divide and propagate itself. The most fascinating part is that after you use all the DNA sequences that exist in a cell to build and program a complete organism, there is absolutely NO SPARE DNA INFORMATION LEFT OVER. Where is the so-called “junk DNA” we keep hearing about, or the old DNA that we presume no longer is used, such as sequences that manage the operation of aquatic fins and ancient gills? The thing that stunned geneticists the most when they began mapping the DNA and gene sequences of all the sample species, including humans, was that they were startled to find that there was NOTHING left over! The DNA strand for each organism is designed specifically for that organism, and is not able to support any function not already programmed into it (refer to this video exploring the inner life of a single cell at, The chance of even the simplest protein strand accidentally forming during the course of a trillion years is a statistical impossibility. And even if it did, how does that protein sustain itself until millions of other variant or similar proteins form so they can accidentally find each other across the wide universe and somehow accidentally bind in an exacting order and create the DNA strand that would make all that construction possible (additional complex molecular machines are required to even bind most of these countless components), to create even the simplest self-sustaining, self-replicating organism? The odds of this happening by accident are the same as a tornado ripping through a chemistry lab and assembling a human. It will not happen. Not by random chance, anyway, When we see a house, we know it was intelligently designed. When we see an automobile, we know it was intelligently designed. But when we see a human being, we are instead expected to accept that it accidentally assembled into a sentient, self-aware, thinking, dexterous, self-mobile being capable of articulate communication and autonomous thought? Some people, such as my late friend Lloyd Pye, did not believe in evolution because of the intense mechanical complexity of life. He, however, believed “they” did it. But if Outside Intervention did it, then who or what made them? I remember fondly the days when Darwinism actually made sense to me. Sadly, the more layers of discovery you examine and peel back, the more this theory absolutely falls apart. And it was such a nice theory, too… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  19. 19. Page 19 of 30 So, consider that the sign of the times, as Jesus said in Matthew 24:37-39, will be as it was in the days of Noah: “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” I constantly ponder what the Mark of the Beast has to do with the Days of Noah? One also wonders about the prominent Mark to identify it. I keep coming back to the Mark of Q’ayin and how those who bore this Mark were the corrupted Seed of Man, and to those unrepentant, God would not extend His Grace and Mercy. I have to seriously consider that the Mark of the Beast must also have to do with technically making a human into a Beast, as no longer wholly human, such as by editing in foreign DNA by means of things like Gene Therapy. Gene Therapy is typically the transplantation of normal genes into cells to replace missing or defective ones, so it can be used to correct a genetic disorder. However, it can also be used to alter characteristics of a cell or of an entire organism, depending on the function of that cell. Consider a Stem Cell, gestated in bone marrow (this is why cancer there is so devastating), which is an undifferentiated cell the body produces that is capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of that same type, and from them other kinds of cells can arise due to local electrical frequencies of that organism issuing triggers to alter the cell into the type needed for function. But why would anyone ever be tempted to actually commit to altering their DNA, altering the blueprint that makes them who they are as a biological being? Such a choice could be more enticing if it played to petty vanity or to a desperation for life. Consider genetic enhancement therapy that allows someone to seriously boost their IQ to make them more intelligent and make problem-solving simple, to get larger, fuller breasts or even fuller lips, or less wrinkled skin, all without the dangers of defective implants or toxic injections, to enhance men’s testosterone production and muscle definition, to extend the length and girth of a penis, to become taller, change skin color, change eye color, change sex, change the color, thickness, or to regrow hair, to become immune to deadly diseases, to reverse debilitating disorders or the ravages of age, to run faster, be stronger, or to even add animal genes to allow acceptance of organ transplants from that animal without needing to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their life. One must also recognize the fact that these genetic alterations are not reversible. There is absolutely no way to restore oneself to one’s previous genetic makeup; one’s previous harmonic genetic frequency. Genetic alteration has no return path. It is rather like this insane push to allow very young children, say of age 7, whose brains are far from being developed enough to enable them to make long- term decisions (the brain is usually fully developed by age 24), nor are they sexually mature enough, nor have they entered into the hormonal awareness of
  20. 20. Page 20 of 30 their sexuality, to give them the capacity to make an informed choice about their own ultimate sexual identity. Once that choice is made, and requisite hormonal treatments and surgery have been administered, this choice cannot be reversed, which might explain exactly why their suicide rates skyrocket once they mature. It is treacherous to start, anyway, because in youth one tends to first tribally bond with those like them (boys with boys, and girls with girls) until their hormonal development switches on and directs their budding sexual preferences, which are typically different from their more youthful partiality, when each sex thought the other sex had “cooties” (a term first used in a 1917 Military Service Manual, and is likely to have come from the Malayan word “kutu”, meaning “lice”). Those pushing these agendas seem by all evidence to be those who worship the God/Lord/Prince of Earth; the Father of Disobedience; the Beast; the leader of Fallen Angels, who they invoke as Baphomet. In art, Baphomet is a trans-gender, trans-species hybrid. For example, Baphomet is worshipped by Rosicrucians and the 13 degrees above the 33 of the Scottish Rite of the Masonic Lodge. I confess I am a 3rd degree Master Mason. Before I was raised up, I was told I had to believe in God. What I did not realize at that time, until I began to research the higher degrees of the Lodge, is that ultimately, this god, which they signify by a capital “G” (standing for "Geometry", the mathematical science of Architecture and Masonry, and a rendition of the Sun Sign of Venus), and ever admonishing us to “Look to the East” to the Morning Star, is not the God of Abraham, who is the Creator of the Universe, but is heralded as Lucifer; Baphomet; the Architect. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIDE BAR: Baphomet was worshiped by the original Freemasons; Egypt's Levite Priests (not a reference to Jacob’s son Levi). They served under High Priest Semenkhkare (Aaron), Pharaoh Akhenaten’s co-regent. When Pharaoh was exiled to the Sinai, they went with him. Their job was to turn base gold into superconductive high-orbital-spin gold, which has a gravitational attraction of less than zero. This superconductivity allowed it to transfer its anti-gravity property to anything it was applied to, such as cyclopean stones. Scientists working with this exotic matter believe that 44% of its mass exists outside this dimension, in what Mesopotamians and Egyptians called the Hidden World. They believed someone with enough of it in their system could, by Will, even move between these worlds. It is also called ORMUS or ORME; Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. It is found in such things as dark grapes, in USA’s Mohave Desert sands, meteor impacts, atomic explosions, and it densely saturates the Dead Sea and even our very Blood. This quality is also found in other platinum metals, such as iridium, which, in its ORMUS state, and which rudimentary testing mistakes as carbon (as it had been for years), comprises 5% of our brains. This is many times higher than any other Earthly creature, and is certainly higher in descendants of Q’ayin. This ORMUS is what is called the Sorcerer’s Stone, the Food of the Gods, and the Mesopotamians called it SHEM.AN.NA; the highward firestone. It was MFKTZ to the Egyptians and Manna to the Hebrews, both meaning “what is it?”.
  21. 21. Page 21 of 30 When base gold or other platinum metals are transmuted by a powerful electric arc, it forms small fluffy white balls that can drift on the wind like dandelion seeds. Egypt made so much of it that at one time they were even desperately short of gold. They transmuted it at the remote temples of the 18th Amenhotep Dynasty, the Messeh Pharaohs, such as at the Hathor Temple in the south of the Sinai Peninsula atop Mount Horeb (now called Mount Serâbît), also known as the House of Gold, commanded by Jethro, father-in-law to Moses by his daughter, Zipporah, Moses’ second wife, according to the Book of Jasher (this book is older than Exodus. See In that book, Jethro, clearly a royal member of the 18th Dynasty, was the Egyptian Governor of the Sinai and the Semites titled him the Lord of the Mountain. Because these temples billow voluminous choking and metal-putrid smoke and blinding electric arcs day and night, they were placed in high and remote open-air locations, like mountain tops, so not to befoul the air of any local population. These Levite Architects were centered in the city of Mal-lawi (“Land of Levites”), next to Amarna on the Nile. They used wooden staffs to litter each twin winged- sphinx-adorned Ark of Contract. The term Ark came from the non-conductive bark of the sacred arcadia trees, which these boxes were made from. These trees are found in Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, the Judean desert, and the Negev. See These special arks were highly electrically charged and used to transmute gold into the light fluffy superconductive powder of ORMUS. Levites wore special sleeveless black robes with white linen aprons, intricate gold breastplates, jewels, and walked barefoot (see Exodus 28). They also had tassels hanging from their uniforms to drag the ground to keep them from being electrocuted. These uniforms, called archons, meant “architects”. They honored the planet Venus, represented by Egypt’s goddess Hathor, and which the Hebrews called Lucifer because of its brightness, or the Star in the East, or the Child of Dawn, This is often symbolized by the crescent of Venus and a 5-pointed star, and is also associated with the color green, to signify the fertility Venus represented. ORMUS, available by its time-consuming extraction from Dead Sea water or by transmuting very scarce platinum metals, was superior to the charged blood of terrified sacrificial victims, the more potent menstrual blood of sexually-excited Vestal Virgins, and the even more powerful blood of terrified sacrificed children. This ORMUS and blood was called GRA.AL or Ambrosia; the Nectar of Supreme Excellence. Cainite monarchs and priests consumed it, while it was still viable, to augment prescient abilities so to speak past the veil with their gods by expanding their production of DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine; the Spirit Molecule) in the Pineal Gland, which enhances intelligence, it is responsible for any sense of spirituality, it allows us to dream at all, and it repairs telomerase caps on DNA strands to extend lifetimes. But when used by those from the line of Q’ayin, who already produced much more substantial quantities of DMT, the effects were staggering.
  22. 22. Page 22 of 30 ORMUS pressed into bread wafers, or as the conical cakes made for the Priest- King Melchizedek of Canaan (historically, he was its Egyptian Governor) and later by Qumrân’s mystics, extracted from Dead Sea water in a tradition from Melchizedek, and eaten with dark grape wine, was the origin of the flesh and blood sacrificial sacred meal, the Eucharist, by the ascetic Nazorite, pronounced Nazareth, meaning Keepers of the Covenant, at the Qumrân sanctuary above the northwest corner of the Dead Sea. They used Chapter 6 of the Book of Numbers as their guide for separated Christine daily life (a separation from Canitism using Princely Service rather than subjugation), were titled, depending on who they dealt with, as the Poor, the Galileans, the Brethren, the Saints, the Bathers, the Men of Essa (Isaiah), Esseens, the Puritans, the Physicians, the Apron Wearers, the Multitude, the Mysterious Ones, and various other epitaphs. NOTE: Has anyone ever wondered why Moses needed Bezaleel (meaning “In the Shadow of God”) , son of Hur, a master metal smith and chief architect in charge of the work on the Tabernacle, a descendant of the Master Craftsman, Tubal-Cain, fashion the Shew Bread (“Shew” means “Showing”, but more specifically, it means “Shining”), creating it from the golden Cainite calf idol to Baal (El; Malek; Saturn – the planet from which we get the terms Sabbath and Saturday), which Bazaleel had previously cast under orders of the Levite Priest Aaron when Moses was at the temple complex atop Mount Horeb, which Moses then forced the Children of Israel to consume. This substance was no doubt ORMUS, and it is no wonder that the Israelites then witnessed, through their suddenly incredibly heightened spiritual perception as DMT was then raging throughout their brains and expanding them, the might and power of God. You might want to examine more closely the story that relates how Moses had all the gold from the golden calf idol reduced to powder, had it washed in water, and then made his people drink of it in Exodus 32:20, “And he took the calf which they had made, and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and strowed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel drink of it.” If you heat gold, it will melt to a viscous mass and then re-solidify upon cooling. However, by applying an extremely hot electric arc, gold transmutes into the new darling of modern science: exotic matter (refer also to my post, “The Use and Abuse of DMT -- the Spirit Molecule”, at, NOTE: Israel, or Yiśrāʾēl, means “Triumphant with God”. Many critics will absolutely insist that the term Israel derives from the titles of the goddess Isis, and the gods Ra and El. This is a conclusion drawn especially by those who do not venture beyond basic first-level discovery. However, in studying the evolution and origin of these words and the chronological timeline of their usage, this naïve English transliteration by such armchair linguists can only be applied to more modern titles. For example, The title “Isis” is actually a late Greek term derived from Egyptian Aset or Eset (ST, meaning “throne”). Besides, she was not an important goddess or worthy of a temple until Roman times (until then, Saturn – Makek or modern Amen-Ra – was most important, which used Venus and Mars
  23. 23. Page 23 of 30 as the combined pupil of Saturn; the all-seeing eye of EN.KI, as opposed to the younger Jupiter of EN.LIL). Thus, this Isis-Ra-El speculation is rather ridiculous. I suppose this is much like how one might get excited by transliterating English terms like Genesis to Genes-of-Isis, or rearrange the term Disease to Dis-ease. Even further, the association of Saturn with God, where the term EL was a common reference to one’s chief god, comes from a time when, in the ancient past, planets were representatives of gods. Saturn was said to once be the largest visible planet in the northern sky, followed by Venus and Mars, aligned perhaps by collinear orbits of Saturn, a splay-arcing Venus, and red Mars, to look like a giant all-seeing eye on our north polar axis (Jupiter was apparently hidden out of sight beyond Saturn) – clearly the planetary alignments were perhaps far different in the past than they are today. Regardless, ignoring all that for now, by that time EL was a commonly used epitaph, much as how even atheists will say “goodbye”, not really caring that it is a contraction of “God be with ye”, or we, in moments of distress or exasperation, sigh “God!” Refer also to my post on “Open Letters to Advocates of the Electric Universe and Expansion Tectonics Theories” at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have often wondered if the Mark of the Beast actually has to do with demonic possession? Firstly, identifying one “possessed” is quite easy for ordinary people. You can spot the possessed from afar. One thing that makes me nervous about all this is that Flakka (AKA Bath Salts) can mix in water and be sprayed up your nose or into your mouth by force. Its effects are instantaneous, but thankfully not permanent. Believe it or not, it instantly disconnects your mind from your body and you seem to immediately act possessed. Just do a search on YouTube for Bath Salts or Flakka and you will find lots of videos of people high on this stuff and seem possessed by demons. As I always tell people, if you have ever seen anyone high on Flakka, you WILL believe in demonic possession (refer to my post on this at In considering this, I honestly wonder if people are being conditioned to accept the disruption of their natural genetic frequency to better enable possession by foreign entities, Why? Because much as the chemicals found in foods and inoculations have fetus or even animal DNA that can initiate effects like Gene Therapy. They also often contain neuro-toxins like mercury, aluminum, or lead, or contain debilitating toxins like formaldehyde and fluoride, which all can disable or disconnect the mind from the body, and can even cause severely debilitating cavities to form in the brain. All this can make many susceptible people reclusive, or even act as if they were possessed or tormented by disembodied demons. If a soul cannot maintain control of their body, then it can be taken over by one or more entities. Even so, a demon possessing someone cannot remain hidden and pretend at being normal for long, but must vent their nature. They are unable to sustain absolute body command because the human spirit is far more powerful than they, or those who are desperate to rule humanity ever want us to realize.
  24. 24. Page 24 of 30 For this they hate Christians especially. They do not want it known that one can cast them out by invoking the authority of Christ. This might sound out-and-out eye-rolling ludicrous to anyone untested against the thick, oppressive, smoke- shrouded feeling one gets from a demon’s dark presence, which can also trigger in the brain a pungent scent of sulfur or rotting flesh. Having had experience in facing demons, and having grown up in likely the most demon-haunted house in Iowa (thanks in part, oddly, to playing with a presumably innocent Ouija board), I know what I am talking about, and have even been witness to agnostics and even atheists immediately becoming Christian once they have actually witnessed a truly demonically-possessed person (for examples of the demons haunting my childhood home, see my rather verbose post, much like this one, on Globalist Symbolism at Could the Mark of the Beast be a form of Transhumanism? Transhumanism defines the belief that the human race can force-evolve itself beyond its present physical and mental limits using science and technology. Beyond enhanced prosthetics, it is to alter the DNA blueprint of the human form. It is people setting themselves up as God, to alter the human species. It is like taking many people’s absolutely slavish addiction to their smart phones and devices to extreme limits. Without these devices, when families get together for the holidays, they might actually talk to each other instead of just sitting around the dinner table, heads bowed in hushed, reverent silence, and staring at their phones. It is almost as if a great many people already have been genetically altered to automatically raise their phones to their faces whenever a switch in their butts is compressed as they sit down. Worse, brain scans of people staring at phones, staring at televisions, and even playing video games have the very same brain scan patterns as people high on Heroin, registering alarmingly little actual, almost flat neurological activity. The biggest hurtle to Transhumanism is a belief in God, especially via Judaism and Christianity. So what do we now see? We see a growing deluge of attacks on Judaism and Christianity. I find it odd that when one Muslim citizen is killed in a battle zone, it is treated, as it should be, as a great and regrettable tragedy, but if an entire community of Christians in the same zone has its men beheaded, its women raped, and its children sold into sex slavery, hardly a word is said about it in the Main Stream Media, except as one more ho-hum headline dully scrolling on a news screen ticker. You do not see politicians pounding fists on tables and demanding something be done, nor do you see violent paid activists shouting to the heavens about this great injustice and gross violation to human rights as they wail, gnash their teeth, and break store windows to steal electronic products. Yet, if you DO say something, you are always labeled a racist. The term of Racist is tossed so heavily about, to include at those not doing anything racist, that it has now lost all its meaning. Honestly, the entire foundation of racism did not have ANYTHING to do with ethnicity or skin color, but it had EVERYTHING to do with the difference between human and hybrid-human people in the long past.
  25. 25. Page 25 of 30 It is bad enough that world elites (which, at its root, means “of EL”, from which we get the words Elder, Elevate, Elect, and so on, referring to Baal, the Saturnian god of the Cainites, symbolized by a black cube, or its flattened representation as a hexagon or a 6-pointed star), and many stars of stage, music, and screen seem to be possessed through things like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Monarch Mind Control Project to reshape their Will. See my posts on MK-Ultra and Monarch Programming to split the mind, which my study indicates that Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple-Personality Disorder) may be demonic possession, at,, and Leviticus 17:14 states: “The Life of all flesh is in the blood.” The Hebrew word for Life means “The Spirit of the Flesh”. This is the Living Soul that interacts through the complex total-emersion neural interface of the brain, spine, and gut that in turn drives the flesh (note that our gut, which is suspected of performing part of our actual thinking process, possesses far more neurons than the brain and spine combined!). The medium agent, that which enables our interdimensional connectivity to a compatible body, would seem to be the high-spin ORMUS that exists in a state in both this world (56%) and the Hidden World (44%), which fully saturates our neural network and our blood. It is also interesting to note that after death, the body’s blood is no longer viable, as though it had lost something. That something might be its rich ORMUS content. Upon death, this ORMUS becomes immediately undetectable, causing a sudden weight loss of about 24 grams. One wonders why satanic practitioners, all the way back to the Cainites and their demon gods, were obsessed with viable blood, wonton sex and the corruption of God’s creation of Man, which the Fallen Angels refuse so vehemently to serve? Throughout my search for the Mark of the Beast, I have always believed this Mark to be a Nephilim trait, like the Mark of Q’ayin, such as having 6 fingers and elongated skulls. For example, Pharaoh Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti, all of their daughters, and Tutankhamen, Akhenaten’s son by Kiya, his junior wife, Nefertiti’s younger sister. They shared elongated skulls, big ears, large canines, huge, wide bluish/greenish eyes, red or blonde hair, and narrow, extended serpentine and effeminate faces. By the testimony of countless alleged “repeat” alien abductees, it could point to the hybrid children, said to be theirs, presented to them to touch and teach during each frequent abduction. These hybrids appear to be passable as humans, but they do clearly have larger heads and big, wide pale-blue eyes. It would seem that they also possess immense prescient abilities, being able to exert profound mental control of all humans around them who are untrained in blocking them. It would also seem that the “aliens” have already bred many millions of these hybrids. Could this be the Mark of the Beast; these hybrids being the bodies the Raphaim, the Deadites, seek to possess so to exist once again in this physical realm as before the Flood, and in our place by killing us?
  26. 26. Page 26 of 30 This makes me think of the “Fringe” SyFy TV series, with its genetic hybrids and its hidden interdimensional world, crossed to by either extreme technology or extreme prescient capabilities. This is to include the mysterious and prescient trans-human Observers (Watchers), the Men in Black, who observed Mankind virtually unseen. Eventually these Observers, with their advanced biometric technology and their unique, not-quite-human physical appearances, took control of the Earth, making all surviving humans a subservient menial class that they planned to in time exterminate. Yet a scheme was hatched to defeat this plan through the protagonists’ contact Observer, who ultimately chose to serve the needs of the humans, to great, but gladly given sacrifice to himself. One has to wonder what is behind the literally millions of alleged extraterrestrial abduction cases, the deceitful lies these entities always lull their captives with, their acute mind control, their absolute obsession with their victim’s DNA, and their incessant drive to create hybrid offspring with them. Are the Fallen Angels and their demonic progeny trying to create new fleshly bodies so they can once again inhabit flesh upon the Earth, from which God had banished them to the Purgatory of the Hidden World at the time of the Great Flood? The only thing that I had for years wrestled with is that, from all these lines of reasoning, Yehoshua ha-Mashiach (Jesus the Christ, or Joshua the King, if you prefer), the first Priest-King since Melchizedek (Melek-Tsedeq; Michael-Zadok; King of Righteousness) also descended from the Line of Q’ayin by his father and mother, a Royal Davidic King and a Royal Hasmonean Queen, tracing his line through the Messeh Pharaohs (Anointed Kings) of the 18th Amenhotep Dynasty, all the way back to Abraham, and through him all the way back to Q’ayin. Like his brothers and sisters, such as James Justus (Yacob the Righteous) and his sister Yudi, and even the bride companion he was required to take by law, Jesus was likely tall, slender of face, had a slightly elongated skull, large bluish or greenish eyes, and perhaps 6-fingered hands and feet. This might be why he was so instantly recognizable and identifiable, and also so well known to the Romans, even in far-off Rome, because of his visibly obvious pedigree from the gods. Rome’s own emperors, since Julius Caesar, also seemed to be of such genetic ilk, and this may be why the Romans had declared them and their bloodlines as the sons of the gods and of the true line of Kings, some whose pedigrees traced through Sardinia and Malta, the Islands of Giants. This may also be why Jesus seemed to have had such free movement throughout His Roman-occupied land. NOTE: Those who say Jesus was ordinary-looking are at odds with most reports that state that people instantly recognized him, even if they did not know him. So did Jesus truly bear the Mark of Q’ayin? And how did he rise above it? To explore that, we must look back to what took place between Abraham and God, why God changed his name from Abrahm, and why God set him apart from others of Q’ayin descent. I believe it has to do with Abraham abandoning regal
  27. 27. Page 27 of 30 subjugation and taking up selfless Princely Service, principles of commitment that his Line through Jesus enjoined; the ethics of a devoted servant to their people through a democratic government by the people and for the people, but unlike Cainites, never over the people. It was to serve and protect their people at any and all costs. By this creed, a royal did not own the people or the land, but served the people of that land. By the same token, royals were not served by the people, though the people were expected to take up common cause with their sovereign when aid was asked, to fulfill contracts for the service of their royals. Princely Service was the selfless service that the Fallen Angels had vehemently refused to render to Man. The refusal to render that service to those who God had placed in peerage above the Angels was to God abominable. Therefore, perhaps, as in all other transgressions, there might actually be a path back toward redemption for even the most offensive act, for through Abraham a way back to God had been found. He began as lordly Prince Abrahm, a Military General of E.RI.DU in Mesopotamia on a campaign to maintain common cause between Mesopotamia and Egypt, to keep Egypt from falling to Harkos invasion from Syria in the north, as had happened previously, which sullied Egypt’s royal blood, and why Terah had agreed to reinvigorate it by dispatching his senior son to wed the highest-peerage female Amenhotep regent in Egypt and become its Pharaoh with her. It ended as Abraham, the leader of a campaign to Salvation. NOTE: E.RI.DU, “place of going afar”, Iridu, was the likely source of the Egyptian word Habiru, a name for Semitic raiders and nomads, which became Hebrew. Abraham settled down near his kin in the otherwise corrupted and blood- drenched lands of Canaan, near the precious Dead Sea. His family enjoyed complete freedom from harassment by the locals, as well as receiving their absolute respect, because he and Sarah bore the prized Cainite blood. Abraham’s bloodline was blessed because all his Q’ayin descendants down through Jesus bound themselves to the ethics of Princely Service. This is also what made the Children of Israel God’s Chosen People; God had set them apart from all nations to be ruled not by gods through Cainite regals, but by themselves through cooperation. Sadly, with soft living and no trials to test souls, they often lapsed from personal responsibility into laziness, and they would demand to be subjugated by Q’ayins, forgetting yet again that personal responsibility, discipline, devotion, and repentance leads to salvation. Were it that later regal hijackers of that blessed Bloodline remembered these lessons as they became comfortable in their soft and lofty positions, distracted by enticements of glorious power and entrancing technology by those Fallen Angels ever seeking to subjugate us. If rebellious Angels had dared to gamble all, to risk plunging from such dizzying heights to the lowest of the low, all in an effort to gain but a small foothold over Man, who they have endlessly mocked as just stupid and petty fools, one really has to wonder where Man TRULY stands in the sight of God and in His Plan.
  28. 28. Page 28 of 30 Why else would such blindingly glorious angels risk Eternity for what they declare is so very little? We might seem, and maybe are as innocent as they chide, but we did not just get off the turnip truck. If they are truly hell-bent on rising above such foolish and naive beings, we have to dare ask if we truly are as mighty as God says that we are. If that is the case, then what can Fallen Angels really offer us that we should help them tear us down from our rightful place in Heaven? What empty, cheap baubles can they wave in front of our wide and curious eyes to convince us to surrender to them our rightful estate in exchange for living as but lapdogs on a plantation of dystopian apathy? Who is truly the fool? It is curious that demons, like psychic vampires, always seem to feed from death, war, blood and stress. Demons were reported at sites of bloody battles, plagues, and mass murder. The appearance of demons and spirit contacts proliferated after the Civil War and World War I. The appearance of foo fighters, UFOs, and even of small, big-headed and big-eyed “gremlins” were reportedly seen during World War II, the Korean War and the Viet Nam War. The spilling of blood, which holds the Life of all Flesh, gives demon vampires spirit energy, to gain power to enter our world. Why does the New World Order and its related bodies, like the United Nations, the European Union, and radical progressives, push false flags to incite war, to try voraciously to incite conflict with Russia, North Korea, and even Europe by saturating it with volatile non-integrating Cainite worshippers of Venus? Are the Fallen Ones trying to cross over into our world en masse? Worse, since World War I, Nelson Rockefeller pushed for audio frequencies used by radio and later television be retuned from 444Hz to 440Hz. Though a simple key change from A to A-flat, 444Hz is very calming, and is why it is called God’s Frequency. 440Hz is a very agitating frequency that is shown to cause paranoia, fear, stress, and health issues. This is why it is called Satan’s Frequency. This certainly could have something to do with people becoming more stressed after listening to radio and television broadcasts, which are all now tuned to 440Hz. Indeed, the steady audio tone you hear when a television station goes off the air is set to that irritating 440Hz. My feeling is that if these frequencies were tuned back to 444Hz, the world would be a much happier place. Yet, I fear a darker purpose is behind leadership around the world choosing to adopt 440Hz as the World Frequency, and that is so that demons from across the veil can feed off all this stress. If you have doubts about this, search the web for 444HZ or 440HZ to see for yourself exactly what I am talking about. For example, a YouTube video plays them to compare these frequencies at, Is this use of 440Hz a means to feed demons like they were at a smorgasbord? Will their coming be heralded by following an event involving mass bloodshed? Is it this power of our blood that allows them to appear, allowing them to cross over from the Far World? Will they then seek to destroy most of humanity so to spill enough of our blood so to empower the rest of their numbers to cross over?
  29. 29. Page 29 of 30 Honestly, when UFO Disclosure comes, I would not welcome these Deceivers as our “space brothers” until they can answer why they love discord, violence, stress, debased fetishes, and viable blood, and why they absolutely hate and absolutely fear the light in Christian hearts of Jesus, Yehoshua, Yeshua, Essa, or a Christian's favorite epitaph that makes His presence personal to us? NOTE: After reading this essay, please read Bram Stoker's Dracula, or see the Francis Ford Coppola film of that book, and you will see them in a new and very enlightened light. FINAL NOTE: The regal root bloodline was chosen by God in the Garden of Eden, a bloodline that was pristine and not tainted by non-human seed (Akkadian E.DIN, meaning “Water Steppe”, where a steppe is a grassland plain without trees, save those near lakes and rivers). Children born of Adam and Eve held peerage by the order of their births. In respect to that and the fact that Q’ayin was firstborn, the reality remains that Q’ayin was not sired by Adam, but by non- human seed, which diminished the ranking of his blood. Regardless of the fact that he was sired by a god, either the Serpent/EN.KI or by Yahweh Himself, depending on whose books you read, it was still not from the chosen and pristine human bloodline. Even if the seed had been from Yahweh Himself, Q’ayin’s blood would still be tainted. Even with that, because Q’ayin was still the first, and at the time the only child, by default he was the sovereign regent until he came of age, when he could assume that regal post (by traditional royal standards, this was when he was 36-40 years old and he had a bride, typically aged 16-20 years old, who was pregnant and with child for at least 3 months, but who knows what ascension rules were back when lifetimes were so long). When Q’ayin was coming of the age to assume sovereignty, he could do so only if there were no contenders. However, once Abel was born, and even though he was younger, Abel still held senior peerage by the fact of he being the spawn of both Adam and Eve (though they were dethroned, their blood was still the pristine and foundational human bloodline, just as modern competing royal bloodlines, even superseded or abdicated ones, are all still rooted in Q’ayin). and thus he held birthright to it. When Q’ayin murdered Abel, Q’ayin suddenly again had first rights to be sovereign because he once more held senior peerage. Later, when Seth, the next son to Adam and Eve was born, although he, like Abel, now held senior peerage, sovereignty had already been assumed by Q’ayin, and therefore Seth could no longer claim it, except by recourse of war. What this also means is the right of inheritance after the generation of Q’ayin’s sovereignty ended should have then followed the higher-peerage line of Seth. For some strange reason this did not happen. How were we distracted? What smoothly flipped oaths, soft, redefined words or misdirecting lies convinced us to, not give up, but rather ignore our birthright? How did we forget that the Bloodline of Seth is from whence all pristine humans claim ancestry? Does this not make all of Seth the inheritors of TRUE regal ascension? So why do we acquiesce to a hijacked bloodline of those who are chimeras; those who are not wholly human?
  30. 30. Page 30 of 30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Below on the left is a bust of Akhenaten, also called Mosis, the monotheistic Semitic Pharaoh who was exiled in the eastern province of Egypt in southern Sinai near Mount Horeb, along with a vast retinue of followers. The story of Moses has been shown to be strongly based on Akhenaten (see the Domain of Man website: The middle bust is of his Queen, Nefertiti, who joined him in exile and was lovingly called Meri (Beloved) by the Israelites (she was later “forgiven” by Egypt because they desperately needed her regal blood, and so she returned). The last bust is of their daughter Meritaten, who bore the precious and highest-peerage regal Egyptian blood into Canaan. She, and her sisters, was one reason why Seti I (later called Ramesses II) pursued the Israelites after his father, Pa-Ramesses (later called Ramesses I), had let them go. Seti did manage to get the extremely valuable Nefertiti back as his prize, though her daughters did manage to evade him. His pursuit was also to revenge the sudden illness and death of his elderly father that he had good reason to blame on Akhenaten. Later, after Akhenaten organized his forces, he tried to make flight up into Canaan, the land of his ancestors, but Seti blocked his escape at Pe-Kanan (Gaza). There, Seti met Akhenaten at the top of a mountain in face-to-face combat. Seti damaged one of the elderly Akhenaton’s eyes and then quickly slayed him. He left the body of Akhenaten unburied on the mountain to be desecrated by carrion-eaters, to deny him the Afterlife. Seti then had a great many of Akhenaton’s Habiru followers cruelly hacked into pieces. He finally returned to Egypt and ordered all known depictions and records of Akhenaten and his son, Tutankhamen, to be rubbed out. Devotees, however, carefully concealed the crypts of Tutankhamen and, just to be sure, Nefertiti. Get a PDF version of this document at: This document is from my Google Plus post at:

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In this essay we will study similarities that could bookend the Mark of Cain with the Mark of the Beast. To do that, we must establish what that Mark of Cain was, and that his Line survived the Flood. We also ponder the path to their salvation, a path of embracing the ethics of shepherd service founded in the Garden of Eden when our sovereignty passed from Angels to Man; ethics many of the Angels refused to embrace, not realizing the endless torment that choice would reap. We will study how they bound us in a beatific dystopia, ensnaring us by smoothly flipped oaths, and ever demand our obedient deference to a hijacked genealogy.


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