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Informal Learning and Performance Support

Patti Shank, Ph.D.

Dr. Patti Shank is the
president of Learning Peaks,
an internationally recognized
instructional design consulting
firm, and the research director
of the eLearning Guild. Listed
in Who’s Who in Instructional
Technology, Patti is the coauthor of Making Sense of
Online Learning and editor of
The Online Learning Idea Book.
She was an award-winning
contributing editor for Online
Learning Magazine, and her
articles are found in eLearning
Guild publications, Adobe
Resource Center, and Magna
Publication’s Online Classroom.


y favorite, effective uses of mobile and online learning technologies today tend to be performance support (helping
people get work done in the moment) and informal learning
(learning that may not be considered to be learning), because
mobile and ubiquitous online access have made such things possible.
These uses have really changed our lives for the better.
For example, I recently worked with Imogen Casebourne on a mobile
research report, and one of the case studies in the report was about how
the Red Cross has developed mobile applications for people who need
step-by-step emergency help, such as what to do if you have a burn or a
broken bone. Amazing that we can carry this information around in our

Key Lessons

Mobile learning enables
effective performance
support and information


Social media can help people
collaborate on projects and
learn from one another.

I’ve certainly experienced the power of informal and social learning through
social applications such as Twitter. I’m regularly asking people I’ve met on
Twitter for help and vice versa. For example, when I was writing the Salary
Report for The eLearning Guild, I asked a Twitter friend in the United Kingdom to help me think through UK salaries. I also talk to other Twitter friends
regularly about writing and design, and we use web conferencing to help
each other with our projects. We learn from and with each other every day.

“We learn from and with each other every day.”

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