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These are the images that supported my presentation to the British Heart Foundation Heart Runners on the 19th of December 2011

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  • This is a story of my Great North Run adventure and how (by good fortune) I was able to share the messages of the BHF and also double my sponsorship. My intention this morning is to share with you some ideas about how you might make your fundraising activities more enjoyable and also make it really easy for your supporters to give exactly what they want to and when they want to – and it can be very surprising how much people do really want to support you, and how interested they can get in your journey.
  • The Story: Yes you can; well support you; thank you so much.(Notes – this part of the presentation sets up the story which is about runners having their reasons to run; supporters and sponsors having their reason to give; and about how I as a runner did not really fully understand why people really supported me – and then as a result of what happened how I found out). People attach their own meaning – the facts and the stories we tell.
  • Aunty Jeans Cake – What to do? The Dilema – Unhealthy but created with love… What to do?
  • Picture here of the Email addresses and guess the weight of the cake weights – and a picture of the email sent to members on the next slideThis part of the story explains how I collected the email addresses – and played the game - Guess the weight whilst thinking about how you can look after your heart even more – everyone was able to take part – no pressure to give money – opportunity for those who wanted to give to give later on, in their own time, and for their reasons.
  • Here is the email that I sent
  • Picture of BHF web page – The very lovely Ms Nicola Smith and a BHF logo Notes: this part of the story explains how by sending the links to the BHF site all friends were all able to contribute and think about the work of the BHF – contributions were varied. Some said (and this was very humbling) that they were inspired to change; others were grateful for the information; most commented on my diary and fed back loads of ‘good for you’ messages.
  • This part of the presentation explains how I used my Just giving page to update my supporters on the progress of my training… It might feel a bit odd to start to write and share pictures about your training – I felt the same way – yet what I found was that my supporters kept contacting me to say ‘brilliant’ or ‘well done’ . It kept me motivated to keep going (and there were times when I needed a little push) and made the whole experience very valuable in many, many ways.
  • Good luck – (nice picture here of something nice) and please do keep in touch
  • Making it easy to give

    1. 1. MAKING IT EASY TO GIVE David C Roberts BHF November 2011
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