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Saint valentine's Day. The origin of this festivity.


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It is about the origin of Saint Valentine's day. Include some review questions.

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Saint valentine's Day. The origin of this festivity.

  1. 1. Story
  2. 2.  He is associated with a tradition of courtly love since the High Middle Ages.  Christianity venerates him on February 14.  Nobody knows exactly who was him.
  3. 3.  There are three posibilities: a) A Christian executed (3rd century). b) A Christian priest executed (AD 270). c) A Christian who fell in love staying in prison (3rd century).
  4. 4.  A Christian priest executed (AD 270) during the govern of Claudius II because he performed forbidden marriages secretly of roman soldiers.  This happened when the emperor needed a lot of soldiers. Saint Valentine receives a rosary from the Virgin, by David Teniers III
  5. 5.  He was a Roman executed because he was a Christian.  While he was in prison, he fell in love with the daughter of the prison keeper.  He wrote a letter to her, signing it `fromyour valentine´.
  6. 6.  After being exhumed from the cemetery in Via Flaminia, on the initiative of his disciples, St Valentine was carried to Terni.  Today, it is an important destination for couples.
  7. 7.  The origin of this Christian festivity is, as much others, in a pagan festivity known as festival of Lupercalia.  Lupercalia was a Roman festivity celebrated on 15 February.  This festivitiy was christened, like Christmas.
  8. 8. Questions
  9. 9.  In Terni, Italy.
  10. 10.  The daughter of his prison keeper.
  11. 11.  Because the emperor needed a lot of soldiers during wartime.
  12. 12.  Festival of Lupercalia