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What is 20ft


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An unreservedly technical presentation on the 20ft PaaS.

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What is 20ft

  1. 1. What is 20ft?
  2. 2. A toolkit, As simple as possible, For making apps with containers. In a specific location Lots of Compute Power Containers Tiny Apps that tell it what to do
  3. 3. Some things of note Lots of Compute Power Containers (probably SaaS) Multi-tenant IP-per-container Individual Firewalls ZFS Snapshot/rollback containers and volumes HA Proxy Load balancing SSL HTTP2
  4. 4. FROM debian Dynamic/Static COPY ourstuff COPY + Finding config from KV Store + DNS stunts + Mapping volumes for test/prod + Other stuff, I’m sure
  5. 5. Ends up in a mess :( Dynamic and static content end up mashed together Environment variables are a terrible interface Another set of variables for orchestrator (test/prod volume mappings, ports, ip’s) Looks like something that can go wrong so it will.
  6. 6. Tiny Apps Application Only (no boot code) Manage with systemd Command line help Generate SSL keys Pre-boot messing with files Volume mapping Attach tunnels
  7. 7. Simplest. SDK. Ever.
  8. 8. Pre-boot configuration
  9. 9. Connecting Containers
  10. 10. Containers Running as part of a different app I am the database postgresql We are the Webapp rails railsrails
  11. 11. ZFS is your friend
  12. 12. SSH is your friend, too We are the Webapp rails
  13. 13. Even Docs
  14. 14. CLI Also tools for: Volumes Domain names Resources Acct Backup Image Caching
  15. 15. Free Code (BSD) SDK CLI Images Messaging Library AWS abstractions SQL async
  16. 16. 20ft.nzdavep@ https:// Thank You!