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Symbiosis Health marketplace for medical services


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Symbiosis Health is a marketplace for medical services, that makes it easy for consumers to compare prices for needed procedures across many doctors, book online and pay before going to their appointment.

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Symbiosis Health marketplace for medical services

  1. 1. Symbiosis Health is a HIPAA-compliant marketplace for medical services …making it possible for consumers to shop for needed procedures the same way they would for airline tickets
  2. 2. Powerful free-form search based on popularity
  3. 3. Smart search results with benchmarked price comparisons
  4. 4. Symbiosis Health is not a healthcare price transparency tool There are many transparency tools available – both from insurance companies and third parties. But such tools are primarily informational. They haven’t made it possible for consumers to shop for medical services in the same way they shop for non-healthcare products. Consumers need the ability to compare prices across multiple doctors in their area and to actually purchase at the identified price. Symbiosis is a first of its kind fully transaction oriented marketplace, where healthcare providers are free to adjust their prices and consumers make purchases as with any other product. Providers can adjust prices anytime through their online dashboard. This capability allows providers to better adjust for extra capacity in their schedule or to discount inconvenient times or locations.
  5. 5. Search for multiple services at a time Select provider based on price, distance, operating hours and qualifications Rich and informative provider profiles Super simple wizard to schedule the appointment Conveniently process payment before appointment to lock in prices HIPAA compliant notifications
  6. 6. NPI Registry profiles for all healthcare providers have been preloaded into Symbiosis. So a provider can simply claim their account and onboard themselves …with full control over managing their public-facing profile and fee schedules
  7. 7. Symbiosis Health FAQ How can you offer such low prices? Doctors are able to give better prices because they don’t have to deal with the overhead of the insurance company. For them there are no denials or long waiting periods to get compensated. Why do your prices fluctuate? These prices are not estimates. They are exactly what you’ll pay if you book your appointment through Symbiosis. Doctors are able to change their prices as often as they want. One reason for changing prices might be to accommodate their patient load. Why is it better to book appointments through Symbiosis? First, we save you the hassle of trying to reach the doctors office and explain what you need. Second, we make it possible for you to pay before you go and lock-in the price.
  8. 8. Symbiosis Health FAQ (Cont.) When will my credit card or HSA account be charged? We take down your HSA (Health Services Account) or credit card when you schedule the appointment, so that you can lock in the savings. If you need to cancel the appointment, we will immediately issue a refund. (Please note that some doctors may charge a late cancellation fee within 24 hours.) Will I need to pay more at the doctor’s office? Most of the time, no payment is needed at the doctor’s office. But occasionally at your appointment, the doctor may indicate that your diagnosis requires additional services. In such cases, they’ll give you the cost upfront and you can pay the difference at the doctor’s office. Can I request multiple services for a single appointment? Yes. Use the "+" button under the search box to add more services. Do I have to decide now? Not at all. If you register now, you can see what doctors are available and get their prices for needed services. Then you can come back at any time to purchase services and make an appointment.
  9. 9. Compare prices for the needed medical services across multiple doctors in your area, schedule online and pay before you go to the appointment To try it out, go to David Portnoy, CTO