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David Peters Cover Letter & Resume 4-6-15

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David Peters Cover Letter & Resume 4-6-15

  1. 1. David Peters 3 Poe Drive, Medford, NY 11763 NMLS #410122 (631) 415-7972 OBJECTIVES Work Hard, have Fun, make a Difference Attain a position that will allow me to apply my 30 years of managerial, sales, and financial business skills to both the company and myself. Have an opportunity for continued growth and advancement of myself and the company I am employed using procedures outlined below. QUALIFICATIONS Extensive background in sales, management, and customer service. Work with clients to originate loan applications to deliver to operations for approvals of residential mortgage loans. Responsible for sales teams to meet production quotas, and compliance requirements. I was a Producing Sales Manager in both the Residential Mortgage industry and Retail showrooms for the Appliance / Electronics industries. Trained and managed sale's team of multiple loan officers. Made recommendations to increase individual achievement. Implimented the following procedures with Sales Team; • Make one additional phone call to clients when they were ready to pack up and end their work day. (this averaged one to two additional loans per week) • Work one to two evenings when it is most likely to speak with both decision makers in the household to achieve a decision to proceed with the application process. • Turn over files to me with explanations why they were being held up by underwriting to allow the loans to be scheduled to close. This would clear their minds to allow them to concentrate on making new clients and applications. • Create a “To Do” list every night for the next business day to initiate immediate focus when the next business day begun. • Review weekly what individuals and recommendations made with branch reps, to increase referrals from the representatives clients they met with to initiate mortgage referrals. • When speaking with the clients referred by the branch reps, to ask if they had completed the business the branch rep had discussed with them and ask if we could make an appointment with the branch for them. This would strengthen cross sales. • Initiate contests in their branches for most referrals that turned into applications. For example; take the winner and their significant other to dinner. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and as a team to determine area’s necessary for improvement, and recognition. Offer recommendations through proper channels
  2. 2. for possible adjustments and a smoother transition for the company and client. Set expectations with clients by under promising and over delivering. Personal production from $18 million to $26 million from 2003 through 2008. Combined with their own sales skills, and the procedures implemented from the bullet points above, helped my team originate in excess of $200 million and fund over $126 million per year. WORK EXPERIENCE • Mortgage Banker; J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Oct 2012 – January 2014 Selden Branch; Dec. 17th , 2012 – May 31st , 2013.Worked with branch partners to increase referrals to originate $1.6 mm in April, & $2.2 mm in May. • HSBC Bank; Feb 1999 – Sept. 2012 Senior Loan Consultant May 2009 – September 2012 Funded $16 mm in 2009 of which forty percent was derived from Non for Profit Agencies. Responsibilities; Originate mortgage applications, collect documentation for underwriting conditions. Coordinated with underwriters to clear remaining conditions to set closing dates once title was cleared. Maintain contact with the attorneys, realtors, and borrowers for setting date for a clean closing of the loan. AVP/Sales Manager, HSBC Mortgage Corp. February 1999 – May 2009 Office Manager located in Centereach, NY. This office covered the Suffolk County region. Managed ten sales people and increased loan officer’s production from an average of $13,000,000 per salesperson to an average of $17,500,000. Funded 18M to $26M from 2003-2008 in personal production. Showroom Manager @ P.C. Richard & Son 1983 – 1998 Performed all functions necessary to manage a retail showroom. Such as merchandising, training, getting introduced to every sales customer to maximize profitability by selling the best product for the client and explaining the benefits of extended warranties. Consulted in reconstruction of showrooms to create an open floor design. Managed the daily operations of retail showrooms averaging $19 million dollars in profit per year. Increased extended service contract from 5% to 6.5% which was straight profit for the showroom. EDUCATION • Farmingdale College; Architectural Design. • Drafted by the Oakland A’s in the 1980 baseball draft • C.W. Post College; Business Administration • Flaglar College; Business Administration
  3. 3. SUMMARY Thirty years in a corporate retail business structure enables my skills to focus on the relationship between sales and operations. Apply sales techniques necessary to all division of the company to fulfill its particular needs. I carried the competitive drive to succeed in the business world and became successful in any field I chose to work in. Growing up in an athletic and competitive environment instilled in me the ethics of good sportsmanship to work as a team. This created a deep desire to succeed by doing the proper thing for everyone involved. Instill working for one goal with loyalty to the company. ACHIEVEMENTS - 1980 Drafted by the Oakland A’s Baseball Organization - 1984-99’ PC Richard; Went from making deliveries to Store Manager in 3 years - 1999-2012 HSBC Bank; Loan officer for 3 years, Manager for 9 - Funded $18 - $26 million/year from 2003 to 2008